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Why does Markell want to raise taxes on gasoline and motor verticals not alcohol and cigarettes ?

What is it with Governor Markell? He’ll raise gasoline taxes, motor vehicle fees and tolls but not acholol and cigarette taxes! I forgot, tolls and motor vehicle fees don’t have lobbyists.

Now what about Marijuana? Legalize it save a fortune in police funding, courts and free up some beds in jails for real criminals. We already set up sobriety check points. If the driver says “what” like six times after be ask, he’s high, lock him up! Or if there is potato chips scattered all over the front seat odds are he’s high! Pot heads don’t speed and damn local mechanics can make a fortune in replacing break shoes or pads. Could be a job creator Jack!

Asking state workers to kick in an additional $20.00 dollars a month for healthcare. There’s the capital funding for charter schools.

How about a spring fair and Markell can sit in one of the dunking booths and charge 5 dollar a ball to try and dunk him. Arm wrestling with Matt Denn! Nay he’d win every time!

Wait! Shit!!!! Auction Delaware tag number 1 with starting bid at 1 million dollars. I know a crazy Italian family who would go for it.

Plenty of ways to make money! Hold a raffle! Dinner with Markell. How about a raffle for tutoring service for your child with Sec if Ed Murphy? Kavips can help! Kids can pull his finger for $5.00 a pull.

The DSEA acts like a victim of abuse sometimes. #netDE #eduDE

Is Governor Markell singing block grants for public schools after he destroyed them? #netde #edude

Wise to give teachers some flexibility, News Journal Jan. 26, 2014 5:30 PM

The governor said, “In fact, we have one of the most rigid funding systems in the country. This leaves little room for school leaders – those who know our students best – to innovate, create a vision, and pursue it.”

He’s right. Everything has a slot. A mindset that allows so much for this and so much for that is too confining.

The governor proposed giving some leaders the ability to spend state money implementing their own improvement plans.

“We should track their choices, measure the results, and see how we can best provide greater flexibility to more schools. It is time to give those school leaders more flexibility to make a different in our kids’ education.

This has great potential. Of course, all public money must be safeguarded and accounted for. But flexibility within intelligent guidelines could only help improve the program. After all, we expect leaders to lead, not just fill in the blanks on some bureaucratic form.

Safeguarding and accounting for state money doesn’t seem like a priority for Governor Markell and Lt. Governor Matt Denn. Moyer Academy for example refuses to post monthly financial required by Lt. Gov Denn’s championed H.B.#119 which became law. Denn sits back with his thumb up his ass and plays powerless Lt. Governor. Moyer reports a “theft by finance person” and the state board of education has to pull teeth while the state auditor looks the other way due to lack of department funding. DE DOE reports the theft was “just” computers and the theft had been reported to the police end of story. Yet nothing was ever reported by the media. So who was arrested ? Tells us Matt Denn! What about the data on those computers? FYI computers could have been stolen because they contain evidence.

We cannot effectively safeguard public funding going to our school until we have legislators who have the courage to pass stronger transparency laws. Rep Hudson supported a mission to do that but gave in to inter political pressure from the charter school organizers. No money the excuse is! Yet millions were shift from traditional public schools to charters. Kind of interesting Debbie, after H.B.#23 was introduced and moved favorably out of house education committee two more major school district voluntarily records their board meeting bringing the total to 5 schools district. FYI DE DOE can fund H.B.#23 with Title 1 funding as part of the “statewide Plan Title 1 Sec 1111 (d) (1)(2) Parental Involvement. Also, lets not forget the 12 million unspent Race to The Top funding. Surely enhancing parental and community involvement is part of RTTT goals. There seems to be enough money for Secretary of Education Mark Murphy to pay association fees via his joining Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change, travel funding to participate in those events and loss of productivity in doing his job in Delaware. Delaware Republicans can really play the game how they are for transparency but getting them to deliver proves the reality is they don’t give a damn. The time has come to purge many D’s and R’s in Dover!

As far as financial flexibility I support federal and state block grants to our public schools. Surely a formula based on number of students, percentage of poverty and special ed can be formulated. The end game should be student performance and sure used the standardized test. But also end the state teacher witch hunt and let the local districts and charters hammer out teacher accountability. Failure of a school is the result of failure of a system. Teachers are only part of the system. The change should be in the local district teacher labor contracts and allow labor to protect ineffective and unsatisfactory teachers needs to end. But again the same local flexibility to school finance should be given to holding teachers accountable and firing them when not. There should be no VT for teachers rated ineffective. Unsatisfactory teacher should be put on probation. Also, traditional public schools should be ordered closed on the same basis as charter. The districts have the resources to change building staff however, how many failed school improvement plans must parents endure? I say no more that one and after that two year window close the school. Put it out to bid for charter. As for charter schools order closed, all students within should received the option of school vouchers equal to that charter’s per student funding stream. Certainly we can’t convert charters back to traditional schools. So use “school” performance ratings against the school not individuals within. The bottom line is, if the school fails so do all within! If it doesn’t all stay employed! Yes give school complete flexibility!