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The amazing Cornel West! Pay attention Darius J Brown

“Don’t be an echo be a voice” Cornel West

“You have to be courageous to be a free thinker to think critically against the grain” Cornel West  

When will Wilmington produce a new leader! A leader who will refuse to drink with the status qou and to resist the rewiring by the likes of Rodel and those seeking profit off poverty through the Wall Street education ponzi scheme in the belly of a Trojan Horse! A leader who will not be a stable-hand to that Trojan Horse and to it’s Jockey Governor Jack Markell.

In three year when President Obama completes his term as president the high that feeds the pride for many will fade. Who will be the voice of the community? Who will raise and unify the fragmented voice of Wilmington? Who will carry Hick’s Anderson’s torch that burns so low? Who will lead others out of the darkness to the light? Who will have the courage to walk in Merv’s office and bang on his desk and say, “enough is enough get it right in Warner or give up Warner”

Brothers kill brothers because fathers don’t know how to be fathers! Little sisters have babies because mothers don’t teach them how to be ladies. Some claiming to be civil rights leaders fail to lead because they are too busy chasing greenbacks. A community can’t get up until it wakes-up. Who will make that wake-up call?  

Kaufman’s Reardon analogy missed the mark!

Education can resuscitate the American dream Written by Ted Kaufman

Reardon goes on to say “It boils down to this: The academic gap is widening because rich students are increasingly entering kindergarten much better prepared to succeed in school than middle-class students. This difference in preparation persists through elementary and high school.”

But in comes prekindergarten to ready all student for kindergarten. Well what Wall Street wants you to believe and unions aren’t going to oppose it because adding one more grade level creates union jobs and more money for Wall Street for supplies and materials.

The correlation between educational achievement and economic opportunity will grow even stronger in the years ahead, when competition in the global economy will depend more and more on a highly educated workforce. We can’t afford as a country not to invest in increased spending that includes preschool education for all children.

So individuals working on assembly-lines need a college education? Beyond being able to operate a computer individuals in service industries will need a college education to be more effective in customer service skills? Wait there it is “preschool” and I love all the code-talking to justify it.  

I just love all the new courage to do what’s right in education and finally make the commitment! BULLSHIT! When our society shows the courage to end social promotion then we will begin to address the achievement gap and failures within the public schools system.

Perhaps No Child Left Behind was on to something but got it wrong even in name. Perhaps it should have been called No Child Undeserved. We watched Chapter 1 evolve into Title 1 a supplemental reading and math grant that many say was underfunded. So what part of supplemental is underfunded? The there was the debate of school-wide or pullout targeted assistance Title 1 programming. School-wide seemed to win-out because targeted assistance was labeled racially identifiable programming because when it was time for reading many of the black children gto up and exited the room to go to another classroom, Title 1. Kilroy was served back in 1964 and 1965 by a Title 1 pullout program. When it was time for me to go to the reading specialist funded by Title 1 a black male school mate joined me. There were five children in my home and my dad was a forklift driver at DuPont and my mom worked part-time in a sub shop. So I guess we were poor! The original intent of President Johnson “war on poverty” was to close the achievement gap. What was interesting was, during the 50’s and 60’s the middle-class expanded. But it wasn’t due to education but more to do with a crippled manufacturing base in Europe and the far-east due to World War II leveling manufacturing infrastructure. As for minorities being contained to poverty in great numbers, racial discrimination in the workforce was the greatest barrier. The white establishment did a great job of sending a message to blacks that even with an education you’re not welcomed here.. Also, the demand in the job market was for unskilled and semi-skilled labor all to go through OJT to the specific needs of the manufacturer. I remember the the want ad, No Experience Necessary Will Train! A high school diploma was you ticket to a decent living. Then in comes the “global market”.

We need a “highly educated” workforce now! Yep code for forget about the return of manufacturing in America at the levels once seen. The code talking is saying, moms and dads, send your children to college and don’t worry we’ll help you with a low interest student loan but read the fine print, payable not matter what and excluded for bankruptcy.  Now look on the back of a college diploma and hold it up to the light! See that! “no guarantees there will be a job for you”. What now?

In comes the college to career buzz words! Red Clay “will” prepare every child for college or a career! Now who decides which student will receive a course tract in college or career? As far as I see it, career means job of any sort! This new college or career makes it all sound like every student will go to college or had a “trade”.  

Social promotion is more damaging to children than anything! We need make sure we get these kids out of public school by the age 18 or 19 to the extreme. That what I think is the backroom whispers. Sure emotionally children left behind will be stigmatize. I’ve been there and it hurts. We’ve seen it over and over with strong student achievement in third-grade testing data only to see it slump at middle school and again at 10th grade. Innovation is not going to save failing students where intervention is needed and in most cases you’ll see deficiency in reading skills. Reading is the crawling before you walk in terms of education. This is where we are failing! What good is science, social studies or even math if a student can’t read at grade level?

There seems to be so much compassion for failing students as not to stigmatize them by holding them back. But once through the door with a shallow empty high school diploma where even community colleges question! What good did it serve by pushing students that parents and /or the system failed? So now we’ll see more pre-k programs and then we’ll hear children aren’t ready for pre-k. Rather that double the number of teachers by adding pre-k, perhaps we need to add more reading specialist at the kindergarten level. Perhaps we shouldn’t call it kindergarten and call it Level 1 Reading. Yea I know a day of reading and language skills how boring! But something has to give! What percentage of children taking Chinese will use that language in the workforce? 1%. I wonder in China are they pushing English on Chinese students tell ing them you will need to compete in the global market or perhaps, you won’t need English because China will rule the world and American’s must kiss our ass?

Well who knows! Perhaps Governor Denn will set his education reform agenda in motion that calls for reading teachers in birthing rooms at local hospitals.

Ending social promotion will send a message that the bar is being set for students and teachers from day one AND intervention services is a K-12 program.