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Happy 5000th Kilroy blog post!

Yep we’re at the 5000th blog post since starting in 2006 at Blogspot as Kilroy Was Here and called it quits December 2007. I made a quick bounce back as The Revenge of Kilroy moving  to WordPress then settling in as Kilroy’s Delaware May 2008. I trashed and burned Kilory’s at Blogspot and Revenge of Kilroy and refocused.

This is what Jason said at the 2007 Kilroy funeral

jason330 says:

This is timeless no matter what happens:

Parents who have children in school, please get involved with your school and child’s education. Even quality teachers can only do so much with limited resources. Don’t send your child to school thinking it the teacher’s job to educate them. It’s your job to be the teacher’s partner and work with your child at home to reinforce the days lesson. You are your child’s first teacher.

I would add that it is also your job to be the teacher’s partner regarding discipline. And d don’t let the only time you show up at school be when your kid gets suspended and don’t be there to claim that your child is innocent.

Steve Newton said this:

In the meantime: Kilroy needs to stay here. If you believe in what John was doing, step up to the damn plate and become a Kilroy (or a Kil-rette). The reason that “Kilroy” became the graffiti of choice in the World War II is that Kilroy was everywhere. Kilroy couldn’t be killed or silenced because Kilroy was potentially EVERYONE.

Jason Delaware Liberal, Mike Matthews Down With Absolutes and Dana Garrett at Delaware Watch really inspired me to become a blogger. Matthews trashed and burned his blog because he had to join the real world! Jason stayed put as he was the real world and Dana still lurks among us but not as a blogger! Dana is amazing and I knew him and work with him when he was a grad student. It was a trip watching him match wits with juvenile delinquents at a treatment center we both worked at.  

It does get tough with my limited writing skills but I make no bones that I have a GED and a pocketful of college credits. I was served by Title 1 back in 1964-65. I served on may committees local and state and yep a school PTA president (go figure Publius) However,  it was never about me but about voice. I feel no matter what station you hold in life you have a voice and it should be equal. The poorest of poor parent should have equal voice.  

One thing that I find amazing is, with all the PhD’s calling the shots in education, I can only wonder why things are so fucked up!

Honestly, I hate blogging! I have a much bigger and better story to tell. However, perseverance prevails and I will finish this mission!

The verbal obscenities you may see here is nothing compared the the obscenities of the system and politicians like Jack Markell. My words may be obscene but people like Jack’s agenda are far more obscene and damaging.


Here we go S.B.#161 & impact

For those of you who can remember and Publius who was just a kid.

Back during the DSTP years starting with roll-out 1998 (Delaware Student Testing Program aka Dave Sokola Tricked Parents) there was a component that planned on holding 20% of teachers pay against the DSTP.

Educator Accountability for Student Improvement

Recognizing that effective teaches and administrators are critical to our children’s education, Delaware’s Educator Accountability legislation (Senate Bill 260) ensures that teaches and adminstrators are motivated to help students meet Delaware’s standards. Beginning in 2002, at least 20 percent of an educator’s performance evaluation will be tied directly to student improvement — teachers and administrators who fail to measure up can be dismissed. The legislation also establishes a new, more rigorous licensure and certification system requiring teachers and administrators to meet increased professional development requirements and teach in their area of expertise.

From Governor Minner’s 2005 State of the State Speech:

As I said last week, we must complete the process of education reform that was begun more than a decade ago. Now that schools and students are being held accountable for their performance, it is time for teachers to be held accountable as well.

I will work with the educators of our state to finally design a system that is fair, but we cannot delay any longer. I plan to have a teacher accountability system in place in time for the start of the 2005-2006 school year.

It never happened! There was a backdoor deal to delay teacher accountability prior to the 2004 Election. Bill Lee 167.008 votes . Ruth Ann Minner 185,548 votes. It wasn’t quite a landslide for Minner. And FYI there was some backroom chatter with the Lee’s camp with labor 😉 There was deep concerns a certain individual (board member) was going to be next Sec of Ed. However, all was cleared up and that person wasn’t even qualfied by law to be Sec of Ed. Minner cut the deal and deal was delivered! Teacher accountability plan kicked down the road. Teachers felt being held to a one test tell all like DSTP wasn’t fair! They said, we want a growth model test and we’ll be glad to be held accountable to student growth. 2006 Delaware was granted a pilot growth model test by USDOE FYI Jack Markell has nothing to do with this plan. The growth model was the foundation of DCAS and DCAS was in the pipeline in 2007 but was delayed due to funding. Jack Markell will stick his flag in it but the fact is, Jack had nothing to do with ending DSTP and replacing with DCAS. However, the fact remains, teachers say hold us accountable for student growth. Now in come the Common Core Standards and yet another alignment of the curriculum and standards.

It’s not that I don’t support teachers and fair evaluations. But the game of rallying parents against standardized test and Common Core Standards to undermine Component V and then support Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment as long as teachers jobs aren’t on the line is sinful. I can rant forever! However, it comes down to this, if Common Core Standards are bad for teachers they should be bad for students.

I am all for district level assessments and local control not this Wall Street agenda. But save the teachers and leave students and parents in the Wall Street trap demonstrates the kool-aid factory is alive and well in Delaware. Chirstina’s John Young has his critics but at least he see the negative impact Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment has on teachers and students. Young went toe to toe with Dover on the Marcia Lyles Glasgow PZ change-up game! He did that to support his “teachers” who agreed to one thing and was being delivered something else.

Folks, I’ve been involved in the issues for nearly 20 years and I know the education-political code-talking. The recent articles in the News Journal by leading educators is code-talking. What’s going on on Red Clay with the inclusion agenda is filled with code-talking! The ELL Middle vote was a down-payment for three more yes votes! It’s all in the code-talking if you listen. You’ll see come March! And 2014 is a Red Clay contract year! Don’t piss off the boss or you’ll be put in timeout! Play ball perhaps contract talks will yield fruit. Don’t foget, referendum code-taking has begun! Tell me who are the best cheerleaders?

Self-preservation is understandable. However, using children and parents as zombies full of kool-aid is shameful! Lets be clear, when you hear the code-taking it’s for the kids don’t always believe it.

Charter schools have their wicket political laced agendas. So from the big picture it’s down to who is telling bigger lies to parent! The lifeboats going to charter schools might not really bring many students to safety. However, when traditional teachers save themselves first as they throw children overboard re: the Wall Street ponzi scheme jumping into shaky lifeboats might be worth the risk. As for the young man saying I love you all, there comes a time when painted in the corner he must show his true colors.

Accountability via transparency is all about the kids! Schools don’t belong to charter organizations or unions! They belong to the people and those who hold the doors and windows closed are pitiful.

Breaking News ! Rep Darryl Scott trying to shake the Jeb Bush Cooties! Sokola to the rescue !

47th General Assembly Senate Bill # 161

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Scott


{ NONE…}

Introduced on :


Long Title:



This bill provides the option for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to develop alternative educator evaluation systems for all educators, including novice teachers and specialists, pursuant to the requirement in this section. The bill only addresses 1270(f) and is narrowly-tailored to address only that provision concerning an LEA’s ability to apply for a waiver to the provisions of DPAS-II under the conditions outlined.

Current Status:

Senate Education Committee   On   01/16/2014

So one minute State Representative Darryl Scott sends a letter to fellow legislators to support DE Sec of Ed Mark Murphy joining Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change and then next goes 180 on aggressive change that was to hold teachers accountable!

Does this mean Govenor Markell won’t get his Race to The Top funding extended to a 5th year? 

Publius I am starting to see the charter light! Just think former Charter School of Newark Board Member “Senator David Sokola” going belly up! Well one thing for sure, we should see the end to Teach for America in traditional schools.

So now just the kids and parents will suffer under Common Core Standards and being setup for The Smarter Balanced Assessment whipping post! More code-talking folks! This legislation is to shut up teachers from bashing Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment! Now they’ll be on board! So ironic! Teachers will be on board as children and parents are thrown overboard! Charter school life boats to the rescue! U.S.S. Publius put to the wind! Lower  them lifeboats! Captain’s Mast for Ensign Soloka.    

FYI Senator Sokola is chairperson of the Delaware Senate Education Committee and Rep Scott Chairperson of the Delaware House Education Committee.

Sokola and Hudson opens liquor stores 8 a.m.! Gee Debbie can’t we wait until the school buses are back at the yard? @MADDonline

147th General Assembly
House Bill # 156

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Hudson & Sen. Sokola


Reps. Miro, Mitchell, Osienski, Spiegelman; Sen. Townsend

Introduced on :


Long Title:



This bill continues the process of updating the Liquor Control Act to make it more modern and consumer-friendly. Section 1 and 2 allow package stores to open at 8:00 a.m., instead of 9:00 a.m. on days other than Sundays. Section 3 allows package stores to open at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays instead of noon. All of these changes reflect consumer demand for more convenient shopping hours.

This is pathetic! The only person who needs to purchase acholol  8 in the morning is a DRUNK! What the hell are these people thinking in Dover? “All of these changes reflect consumer demand for more convenient shopping hours! Don’t you think the police have enough problems in the A.M. than to deal with more drunks?

Markell and Murphy Reward The Rich; Take Away From The Poor


The Academic Achievement Award is to be given to the schools with large portions of low income and poverty children, who have excelled in closing he achievement gap.

This year it goes to the Charter School of Wilmington. Why? To keep the wealth among the wealthy? To keep the money white? Who knows?

Here are the stats for Charter School of Wilmington…..

Charter School of Wilmington

And here are the overall average stats for the state of Delaware….

Delaware Student Statistics

Exactly the same, right?

The reward is $50,000 and the Chief of Change by making this choice is saying, that high poverty schools do not need the money until they first perform, and if such money were ever placed there it would be wasted.  Only rich, wealthy, affluent administrators actually know how to “properly” use money, and only the crisp top echelon can ever be trusted to administer it.

There are 60 Afro Americans in Wilmington…

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Charter Schools: They Stab It With Their Steely Knives, But They Just Can’t Kill The Beast


Those concerned about education in Delaware all read Kilroy’s of Delaware, one of the most informed clearing houses in Delaware’s entire educational spectrum.  If you are in the education biz and don’t read it, there is a word for you: ill-informed.

Therefore most human beings involved with education in the state of Delaware, will recognized this oft repeated phrase which keeps re-occurring. …

“Make no mistake, I’m in favor of charter schools” and recognize that he goes on to expose all their wrong doings.  Truth is, if it weren’t for charter schools, he’s have little to discuss…  For charter schools do not work.  They certainly do not work in Delaware.  Remember, Charter schools are not a brand new phenomena with which we are undergoing experimentation..  We’ve been  experimenting with them over 20 years.  Charter Schools create problems; not fix them.

Quickly some will point out successes… If you…

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Does this mean DSEA supports the Common Core Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment

Common Core may delay evaluation tie-in with teacher evaluations; Common Core may delay evaluation tie-in Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

With the state set to move to a new statewide test, teachers could see that test temporarily removed from their evaluations next year.

Delaware is moving away from the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System, a state-created test, to the Smarter Balanced Assessment, a test created to fit the Common Core State Standards.

The change between tests could make it difficult for the state to set goals for how much students’ scores are expected to grow. So the state is asking the federal Department of Education for permission to remove the test from teachers’ evaluations for next year only.

“We’re not backing away from consequences tied to the evaluation system,” Deputy Secretary David Blowman told the state Board of Education. “After months, this is the way we figured out we could manage the transition on a one-year basis.

As real advocates struggle to keep the intrusive overreaching arms of the Wall Street ponzi scheme Race to The Top Trojan Horse supported by the United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Delaware Governor Jack Markell the issue, DSEA shifts the message of intrusion on children, parents and local control to save themselves.

The News Journal’s article suggest teachers are more concern with impact on themselves and suggest they support this wrongheaded change by the fact there is no DSEA opposition to Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment noted.

On the local side in Red Clay, Mr. Matthews questions the Common Core Standards beyond teacher evaluations. Where is the disconnect between Dover and to the local level channeling through teacher organizations?

So here again the ed code-talking goes on. Teachers seem to be saying through this NJ article, screw the children, parents and local control but don’t screw us. Now I question Red Clay’s teacher alignment with the ELL parents and wonder if it was caring for those parents and children or more about self-preservation? Well that question will be answered at Red Clay March school board meetings. Vegas bookies has it as a district administration win.

As far as the Delaware Department of Education! Deputy Secretary of Education Mr Blowman blows the big one and is yet another pace of evidence that structural failure does exist at the Delaware Department of Education. Why now! Why now does DE DOE see this issue of Component V of the teacher elevation system ? And where is Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy? Hiding with Governor Markell? So kick the can down the road and to the next election cycle. I guess Mark Murphy won’t be getting Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change rookie of the year award. Surely a big disappointment for State Rep Darryl Scott.

With this obvious failure in leadership one would think someone will get fired at the top like Sec of Ed Murphy! How could he not see this coming! He fought it all the way saying all was fine! A big lie I am telling you!

Governor Markell talks all this courage and the need to get it right in education reform and no comment to the News Journal! Looks the the big chief at the News Journal put in an editorial firewall protecting Governor Markell and now Sec of Ed Murphy. HOWEVER, Jimmy Olsen piece leaving out real issues of Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment may have been an intentional in efforts to bring attacks on the “union”. Sad but very tactful Jimmy! Shield Markell and Murphy and set up the public stoning of teachers.