Big Merv from Red Clay code talking via News Journal! Matthews out of the dog house :)

Children are more than just numbers on some chart Written by Mervin B. Daugherty

Over the last few months, it has been very noticeable that public scrutiny surrounding education has increased. We hear all too often how our test scores are low in comparison to our international competitors, how our teachers lack the training to make significant impact on student achievement, and how our students are missing the academic tenacity to attain their greatest potential. Searching for answers, community members and leaders issue blame rather than solutions or insults rather than praise.

Merv, with a PhD on would think you could spell Markell (leaders) and Rodel (community)! Then there is the Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murhpy with State Representative Darryl Scott in tow joining ranks with Jeb Bush’s stealth organization Chiefs for Change. But  wait old fox, weren’t you part of the Race to The Top Delaware Delta Force that went to Washington, D.C. with Skipper? Shame shame! Is this editorial code for saying I am sorry 🙂 

Dwight Eisenhower once said, “The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions.”

And Confucius say, man who go to be with itchy butt wakes up with stinky finger. 

I urge everyone in 2014 to become an active participant in public education. The time is NOW to recognize the good work of those in the field of education. The time is NOW to collaborate with legislators, school district personnel and community leaders to develop solutions. The time is NOW to focus on the positive work being accomplished in public education and to replicate those accomplishments.

Every day, countless teachers and administrators come to work carefully planning the best way to deliver their content in a pedagogically sound manner.

“The time is NOW to recognize the good work of those in the field of education’. Well you first Merv ! It’s Red Clay teacher contract year LOL :). OMG if you give Red Clay teachers a raise charter school teachers in Red Clay will also get one. Local charters follow Red Clay’s pay scale. What unions work even for charters 🙂

They do so in the context of tremendous technological innovation, remarkable student differentiation and unbelievable pressure. They do not make excuses. They prepare to teach with eagerness and unflinching commitment. Often times, schools are called upon to cure society’s ills as legislators and community members divert blame.

You lost me Merv! I thought we were talking about Race to The Top Wall Street ponize scheme with Governor Markell being the Delaware gatekeeper! And hello Merv! Bingo! Teachers jobs are to teach not be social-workers or “absent” parents for children. Great to have wraparound services in our schools but they should not be funded with local education tax-dollars. They should be funded 100% with state dollars under health and social services. But we know there are many caring teachers who go beyond responsibilities of educators. 

Yes, we can always do more to improve and will continue to reach great expectations. We will continue to find and utilize effective strategies. However, let us always remember the powerful success occurring each day in the lives of students because of the educators they interact with throughout their school day. As stated by Joshua Marine, “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Well I challenge you to stay out of Dover and off the phone with Markell. If you want to do more, visit your schools not Dover and keep that jack-ass Murphy out of our schools selling his Rodel bullshit! Be bold and honest about some of the wrongheaded Markell agenda that is self-serving to him. But most of all,  keep your ego in check and lead by pride in yourself and others. 

Together, and only together, we can reach our goals for every child.

And always remember, true leaders and the most effective leaders are born not created in a Wall Street Frankenstein Lab like the Rodel Vision lobotomy factory. Prime example re: Rodel, Secretary of Education Mark Murphy. The man is like Mr. Magoo without his corporate script in his back pocket. Kind of odd coach was in and out of front-line education in 5 year re: St. Mary’s County Maryland. He was out of the town like a man caught with his pants down!  

We can never reach goals for every child is someone is calculating profit margin, dividends and more ways to divert funding needed for lower class sizes to Wall Street education related consultants like Joel Klein. And WTF ??????? Jeb Bush ,  Delaware State Rep. Darryl Scott and Sec of Ed Mark Murphy aligning themselves with Jeb Bush! Shit , the Wall Street poison moving through the hall of Dover! Look for Scott to get a bump in PAC money! Damn! Where are the morals in Dover! First Debbie and now Darryl!       


6 responses to “Big Merv from Red Clay code talking via News Journal! Matthews out of the dog house :)

  1. Merv – if you actually did the best for the kids and those who teach them you wouldn’t have to write propaganda pieces to try to shift blame


    • kilroysdelaware

      Come on Arthur! The editorial is code talking! It’s a tank you for a yes vote for ELL Middle and three more yes votes equals 4%,3%, and 3% on that contract 😉


  2. Didn’t Merv go to DC to rally for RTTT?

    Is he having buyers remorse?


  3. Rep. Kim Williams

    I do read the blogs but I do not make it a habit to comment, but tonight I am because I am so disappointed. What I would say to Dr. Daugherty is how about Red Clay keep the promises that were made to parents, teachers, and community members. We all want what is best for all kids. During the January school board meeting, the board voted on an action item concerning ELL Middle School students. The action item would transition all ELL students back to their attendance zone for the school next year. My issue is the board voted on this action item before the March date that was promised at the December School Board Meeting. The parents, teachers and community members were all promised informational meetings on Understanding Red Clay’s Vision for Inclusive Schools. These meetings were to be held at all schools in Red Clay before the board revisited voting on the two phases–what happened? The recording of the December board meeting clearly states they tabled both Phases until March. If you listen to the January board meeting, the Inclusive Plan was discussed at the retreat on Monday, January 13th. The Inclusive Plan was not listed on the agenda for the retreat. The only item listed on the agenda for the board retreat was basic governances. Red Clay on the main page of their website, stated: “At its December meeting, board members tabled a vote on the plan with instruction to hold additional public meetings. A tentative date of March was set for the board to revisit the proposal.” This message was still posted on Red Clay’s website at 6:30 pm on the night of the January board meeting. How would middle school ELL parents even know this was an action item on the board’s agenda for the January meeting, when it was clearly posted on the website that this action item would not be revisited until March? If you listen to the January board meeting, the board is extremely confused as to what they are voting on and when the decision was made to move this Action Item forward?


  4. lastDEconservative

    It’s not enough that highly compensated government employment means never having to say you’re sorry. It’s not enough to fail comprehensively and regularly without consequence. It’s not enough that I have to pay for your diminished time of employment but for your extended period of retirement (meaning building up a second plan).

    I have to have my nose rubbed in it too?