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WPD to roll-out Delta Force! Lookout homies Big D-Force coming to the hood

Mayor’s new policing plan divides Wilmington into three sectors Officers will be assigned to specific neighborhoods Written by Cris Barrish and Adam Taylor The News Journal

Each sector would be covered by roughly 60 officers overseen by a captain and a lieutenant, and include walking officers and those in cars who will be tasked with getting out of their cruisers to meet people who live and work there. The sectors are roughly the city’s northeast, southeast and western areas.

Supervisors would be held responsible if crime continues to skyrocket in their sectors, said Williams and Bobby Cummings, the police inspector in charge of operations. Police Chief Christine Dunning, whose job appeared in jeopardy last month when Williams said he might change leadership, was not at the meeting but has told the newspaper she supports the new deployment strategy.

HOT Red Clay rumor

UPDATE NO LONGER A RUMOR ELL Plan on the agenda action items!

Just ran into some one kind of in the know at Applebee’s and OMG !! I am being told the board will be voting the ELL component of the district’s Special Ed / ELL inclusion plan at tomorrow night’s board meeting. Do make note, the board met last night at a “special workshop meeting” on “governance” WTF? Board not playing nice in public :). I wonder if this rumor on ELL is true was it discussed last night? Nay couldn’t of because ELL has nothing to do with governance.

Now hang with me! I’ve bitched about this! If you go to boardDocs and try to pull up the board agenda for tomorrow night the 15th a meeting less than 24 hours from now you’ll find “nothing”. A vote on the ELL inclusion must be on the “action items”. HOWEVER ! Get this! When the board tabled the vote on Special Ed / ELL inclusion at December’s regular board meeting a district administrator asked the board how long would the vote be tabled? The board responded “March”. “If” this rumor on ELL vote  is true some backroom shenanigans must be going on! I wonder if a deal was cut with the union for support? Might be a good meeting to attend and bring some popcorn! 

But I warn you, this is a “rumor”. Look at the district’s webpage. The district has four public meetings step-up under, Understanding Red Clay’s Vision for Inclusive Schools on January 22,23,28 & 29. So how is it possible the board can be voting before scheduled public presentations? I think the person providing the rumor may of had a few drinks! I do usually post rumors that are weighted less than 60%! This person was very serious and ask that I’d share it! But again! A Hot rumor!    

Team J Rhee holds huddle! Coach say talk to the hand!

Jenny Jenny Jenny ! You just found out Delaware’s method of leadership doesn’t include empowerment of subordinates! Micomanagement all the way! Talk to the hand! So the “New” Moyer wasn’t give the two-year honeymoon! So Special Ed students and others must suffer one more year to follow political protocol. Putting Moyer on probation now may actually save them. But you know the game! Coach has the ball! Yea I know, too tied up with the Reach mess Coach got you into.

OMG! Is Jenny Rhee going to buy the dog ate our IEP’s re: Moyer

Jenny Rhee you aren’t serious about buying the dog ate our IEP’s and the cat pissed all over some others? Moyer capacity to serve special needs students is “broken”. I found this floating down the hill from Moyer before it ended up in the mosquito farm pond.

Hey Hef! Moyer’s isn’t specifically on the state board’s agenda this week so guess what? You’re going to be told stick to the agenda! Hef if you really love your community step-down and tell “all”. When your term is up nobody will remember you as a state board member! But if you man-up and expose the bullshit you’ll be a hero to the community!

Delaware charter school application timeline is a joke!

No, I am not going crazy sounding as if one minute I hate charter schools and another I support them.

I support charter schools as part of school choice process. What I oppose is segments of the Delaware charter school law and yes “cherry-picking”. I can supprt preferences to the the extent students living in the traditional school district the charter school is located in. On an apples to apples basis sure, give traditional public schools “competition”. Capital funding issues? Sure there is a formula that could work for “all” both traditional and charter. I support charter schools! 

This is a joke:

Delaware Department of Education Charter School Office :New Apps Timeline 2013-2014

Delaware charter schools have progressed way beyond the bullshit notated in this application process. The are enough charter school advocates and organizers in our community to assist potential charter school applicants. The charter school approval and renewal frameworks are in place! If a potential charter school applicant can’t mustard the competency test of completing an application without the DE DOE babysitting than we need to question the applicant process. And I am! 

I see it like this, the application is just that, an application asking question and  for documentation where needed. All applications must be submitted on January 1 or rather first business day in January. DE DOE and a non bias charter application review body reviews the applications and request more information from the applicant if needed. Decision on charter school application be given in December of that given year. Yes a yearlong process!

If DE DOE and the non bias review committee wants to have an application point system structure so be it. However, being all applications must be submitted in January and final decision made in the following December the review process has time to send application back for more information. Surely we must set the number of charter school application perhaps 5 a year or no more that 10. if Publius wants to come in here and cry for more than 10 bring it on.

The point here is we want a charter school application process that takes the time to review and ask questions. I’ve notice after many charter approvals the applicants come back wanting to delay opening for a year! The reason is , they are in a rush to get approvals and haven’t set up a clear path on logistics to opening their charter school per original application. This crap get this application approved we’ll worry about details later is getting old.

As for the charter school argument:

I honestly think Delaware is at a point with charter schools to know what works and what doesn’t. What we know is “cherry picking” based on intelligence that is socially immoral and goes against the promise of fair and equitable education guaranteed all. It borderline class discrimination and like in many cases African-Americas are at the end of the food chain. What I am crazy? Look at all the charter schools serving black children! Gee when white grand-daddy built our public schools was he so generous he build ones for whites and ones for blacks aka colored schools. These same people had the political power to question and end segregation in Delaware. However, they fueled it! So what do have today? Charter schools that attract white students and charter schools that attract black students. Specific interest for at-risk students is nothing more than code for “black”. Yes there are at-risk students of all colors! Why no preferences of such used for traditional public schools?  Because, if there were there wouldn’t be a need for schools like Charter School of Wilmington! We could have honors level traditional high schools, traditional high schools for at-risk students and the same model for middle and elementary schools.

We need clear school Choice in that level of service to fit the needs of “individual” students be met. We don’t need charter schools doing criminal type background checks using lack of student achievement as some kind of criminal rap-sheet. Why ask if an charter school student applicant has an IEP? Gee so we can serve them better! Bullshit! You don’t formulate IEP’s prior to acceptance! It’s nothing more that sorting tool to gauge the percentage of special ed students.

We do need charter schools and perhaps convert some under-performing traditional schools to charter. Warner is failing and rotating the building administration is getting to an old never ending game.

Will the Delaware charter school ownership of state legislators keep H.B. 23 down?

Last year H.B. 23 cleared the House Education Committee and it’s sponsor refused to bring it to a full House vote. The bill received pushed back from charter school advocates which worried the bill’s sponsor a charter school supported and former member of a charter school board (Pencader’s original school board) so much she decided to disown H.B. #23 and allow the Speaker of the House force it to the House Approbation Committee aka a slick desk drawer veto.

Political survival comes before what is morally right for many state legislators. Our public school system is in near shambles because politics prevail in Dover. Never in the history of Delaware have democrat and republican elected officials been so aligned with misguided public school reform agendas. For many they have no choice because many of Delaware business leaders are on board with Governor Markell’s education reform plan that allows great federal influence in local control of our public schools and greater opportunities for Wall Street profiteers. Real transparency is the last thing Governor Markell and charter school organizers want in this state.

This is the heart and soul of H.B. #23

This bill requires that all public meetings of the boards of education of traditional public school districts, vo-tech school districts, and public meetings of charter schools’ boards of directors be digitally recorded and made available to the public on the districts’ and charter schools’ websites within seven business days. The recordings will not be considered the official board minutes.

Prior to the introduction of  H.B. #23 Christina, Red Clay and Capital school districts voluntarily recorded the public session of their board meetings. Also, legislation was passed requiring the Delaware State Board of Education to record the public sessions of their meeting.

After H.B. #23 was abandoned by it’s sponsor and surrendered to the Speaker of The House diverting a full House vote Brandywine and Colonial school districts joined the other school districts in recording their board meetings. Actually every school district in New Castle County with the exception of NCC Votech and Appoquinimink record the public session of their board meetings. 

In-spite charter school closures by the state and charters being put on probation, no charter school seems willing to record the public session of their board meetings. Charter schools operate under Delaware corporate law and are required to follow laws governing public schools. Go figure! Moyer Charter schools makes a questionable land /building deal in absence of full public view and to date refuses to follow the law that requires the posting of monthly financial statements at the end of each month. It appears they play the corporate card, we’ll do what we want. I am convinced Pencader may be still open if their board meetings were recorded. Pencader Frank’s biggest mistake was not recording board meetings and instead he pulled the window shades further down. 

Charter schools fear transparency and sets limits to the voice of their parents and sees community concerns interference with their corporate style autonomy. As we see with the mega charter school building in Wilmington, high power business leaders are involved in charter schools. And let’s not forget Senator Chris Coons’ upcoming private no press visit to this building. So much for charters being “public” schools!  The Longwood Foundation is $$$$$$$$$ fueling the charter school movement and their political “voice” is equally powerful. The democrats may own Dover but the big private money bags of Delaware are mostly Republicans and when you put the two on the same side of an agenda like Governor Markell’s education wrecking-ball transparency is the last thing they’ll support.

I honestly believed the key legislators I asked to support the call for H.B #23 were true believers in transparency and real local control of our public schools. There is the big lie and Delaware Republican leaders should be ashamed of themselves. Their hands are so deep in charter school formation and protection they become a disgrace the foundation of their existence. We need a 3rd party wake up call for the Delaware GOP.

Delaware traditional public schools will continue to erode under the political tide of the corporate charter school agenda. When all the so-called lifeboats ferry students from traditional schools to charter schools what will be left behind is the most neediest children and the most severe handicap children. And the end game for charter schools is the full circle of life! What goes around comes around! We’ll see more charter closure and laws allowing charter organizations to have multiple charter schools. On the sideline with be politicians lining up like a game of craps. 

I know one thing, Dover is full of career politicians claiming to represent open transparent governor. Many have no intentions to ever support such a concept. We need some bold citizens to break the ground for 3rd party representation to break the immoral grid lock of the corporate puppets serving in public office.

As far as transparency of school boards! We’ll get there one by one! Moyer if you really want to survive open your windows Rev Curry! Purge the devil from within! He who looks the other way as the serpent plays in God’s glorious garden will succumb to the serpent’s venom. Brother Anthony was delivered this message long ago and now the venom dwells in his soul. Praying to God will not make those missing IEP’s to appear! Praying to God won’t fill the gap in those incomplete IEP’s! Kissing the hand of Murphy or the ass of Markell will not save Moyer! Being a responsible steward of the people and their children is the only just path! Open your windows brother and feel the warmth in your soul! I do not call for the closure of Moyer that closure will come from the tainted has of the brothers within. We can’t have children become responsible leaders in our community if the leaders in their lives now aren’t responsible themselves.