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Delaware WTF ? 1 Special Ed teacher to 71 Special Ed Students Re: Moyer Academy @arneduncan @MelodyMusgrove

The attached spreadsheet is from Moyer’s 2013-2014 profile. Per Moyer’s website Moyer has 1 Special Ed Teacher and 3 Paraprofessionals. Per DEEDS the Special Ed teacher listed on Moyer’s Website is list as a Stubb’s teacher! One Para listed as a Bayard Para, one as Moyer Para listed as Specialist; Student Relation, credentials pending, one listed as Moyer Para and one not listed.


So one Special Ed Teacher! WTF! Folks how does one special ed teacher keep up with 71 IEP’s? And let’s not forget those required “transitional plans” for students 15 years and older in addition to their IEP’s. Almost forgot, how does one special ed teacher teach in addition to all the paperwork?

Come on Hef, check the hubbub out! Wait????? So how are the allocation being made by the state on special ed student / teacher formulas? We paying for more teachers that receiving?

Yet no grounds for an audit ! Right Water Boy?  

Come on Jenny Rhee! Let’s get real! So it is loyalty to Jack Markell or loyalty to our special needs students! Yea sure, it’s for the kids! Publius, honestly, can you believe this mess? 

Will Jenny Rhee play 7 card no peek with Moyer & their stealth K12 government ?

I hope when Jenny Rhee’s DE DOE Charter Delta Force makes another visit to Moyer next week they’ll put the cards on the table! You know, those IEP’s and concerns with Special Ed funding! Since Delaware’s Water Boy has been put in deep freeze via the Delaware Political Star Chamber the USDOE OIG might like to see what was left in the dumpster! F’ing idiots that don’t shred the shit before it goes out to trash! Yea, I am going to tip my hand re: stuff going into the trash that should have been shredded.  Hey Water Boy! WFT ???????? Can’t play the card, we’re short on staff all the time! And FYI, parents are part of the IEP team and modifying IEP’s and back-dating for inspection is illegal. Hey Water Boy, check those time sheets and follow the money.