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Why can’t parents and students get the same fed interest rates as banks? @chrisCoons @johnCarneyDE @senatorCarper

Current Federal Discount rate is 0.75%

“What it means: The interest rate at which an eligible financial institution may borrow funds directly from a Federal Reserve bank. Banks whose reserves dip below the reserve requirement set by the Federal Reserve’s board of governors use that money to correct their shortage. The board of directors of each reserve bank sets the discount rate every 14 days. It’s considered the last resort for banks, which usually borrow from each other.”

Federal Student Loans:

Direct Subsidized Loans (Undergraduate Students) Fixed  at 3.86%

Direct PLUS Loans (Parents and Graduate or Professional Students) Fixed at 6.41%

When banks file bankruptcy, CEO’s and boards walk away from federal loan obligations.

When parents or students file bankruptcy, parents and students can’t walk away from federal loan obligations.

So as you hear tn the video, The United States Department of education profits from students loans and though they reduce the need for other funding, student loans are their bread and butter. Pushing students to go to college with help of Uncle Sam isn’t a win win for students. If a college grad can’t find work in field of study and forced to take a lesser paying position he or she is still obligated to loan payments. Arne Duncan still reaps the profits! Before Obama federal student and parent loans were offered via of private lending companies aka banks! Laws were passed to return control of student loans back to the federal government aka The United States Department of Education. Arne Duncan wanted to “cut out the middle man”. Now he’s the man !

In my opinion, if a student or parent pays student loans on time each month, at the end of the year all but 1% should be credited back to their loan via reduction in loan principle. This would be a great incentive for people to repay their loans.

Our government screwed up causing the great recession, loss of homes, loss of jobs. loss in value of stock investment, loss in value of 401k’s and now victimize our children and grandchildren with unjust student loan debt via unnecessary interest rates. Duncan is nothing more than a Chicago loan shark!

Repayment strategies for your student loans By: Kelley Holland | Special to CNBC

The magnitude of student loans outstanding is staggering. Some 70 percent of the college students who graduated in 2012 from nonprofit schools were carrying student loan debt, according to the Project on Student Debt. In aggregate, students owe an estimated $1.2 trillion on their loans, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, making student loans the largest form of consumer debt other than mortgages.

Delaware public school teachers get off your knees

Teachers and union leaders, the time has come to get off your knees and stand up for your profession as professional teachers.

Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy has decided to join Chiefs for Change 

A Message from The Chief

As educators, we have the opportunity to affect the lives of children, and with that opportunity comes a responsibility to ensure that our efforts lead them to develop aspirations and achieve their greatest potential. Delaware is committed to transformational change to improve outcomes and achievements for our students, and for the educators that work with them every day. The guiding principles of Chiefs for Change – revolving around excellence, accountability, high standards, and quality options for our students – are directly aligned to the principles that have been guiding our work in Delaware. I call on educators and administrators to challenge themselves, and to reflect on what is working, and what needs improvement in their efforts to drive the success of their students. I demand the same of myself, and this affiliation provides an opportunity for reflection on the work we’re doing in Delaware, and poses a challenge to continuously improve and not lose sight of the end goal: ensuring success for all of our children.

See the Chiefs for Change website Donate link button and click it! You are now here, “Regular mail: Foundation for Excellence in Education P.O. Box 10691 Tallahassee, FL 32302”. Now go to this website Foundation for Excellence in Education and click Board Corner  You’ll see the Chairman’s Letter. Folks the chairman of this organization is Jeb Bush! Yep George Bush’s brother and for sure a capitalist friend of Jack Markell.

Go see this at Transparent Christina: 


Read the letter:

Just as with our efforts, some of which you support and others not, there are elements of the organizations efforts which may differ from ours but that does not diminish the value Delaware and Mark can receive from associating with the organization and leaders who share our desire to transform our education system to provide our children the best possible education.

Darryl M. Scott
State Representative – 31st District 

Chairman House Education Committee

Teachers. by law you are not allow to strike! Now my question is why are you kissing Sec of Ed Mark Murphy’s ass! I say to you, boycott and public event this man attends! If he comes to your school and wants to sell his Jeb Bush, Jack Markell and Arne Duncan bullshit walk out! The time for going along to get along has past!  

Go to Transparent Christina one more time:


 “We’ve gone from using the term Common Core State Standards to Maryland College and Career Ready Standards,” Lowery said.

Teachers get you heads out of your asses! The time is now!