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Kilroy has added sidebar interactive logos for Red Clay’s EdTv and OVER the EDGE RADIO. click and enjoy.

EDtv, Delaware’s first 24/7 educational channel, is brought to you by the Red Clay Consolidated School District on Comcast Channel 965. 

Red Clay has built a state-of-the-art communications center at Thomas McKean High School which includes a professional-quality television studio and a new, expanded radio station renamed EDGE to replace one that has been operating at the school for years.​

Students in a communications program at the school are learning about all aspects of broadcasting and will eventually take over much of the production and management functions at the center. Other students in Red Clay, and young people throughout Wilmington and New Castle County, will also have the opportunity to submit videos for broadcast.


Over The EDGE Radio, Delaware’s first 24/7 streaming radio station, is brought to you by the Red Clay Consolidated School District and is produced and run solely by the students.  OTE radio plays in conjunction with EDGE radio on 88.1 FM.  88.1 FM-WMHS is an FCC licensed, low power radio station managed and operated by students at Thomas McKean High School.  The station originated over a decade ago and was originally tag lined “The Boss” because the students are the boss. In Jan. 2013 WMHS  changed to “EDGE Radio” came along with the addition of EDtv to the program to keep alignment among the broadcast outlets. 

WMHS has developed rapidly over the past few years with a major increase of student produced programming to couple with the 24 hour, 7 day a week music playlist.  Student shows include:  News at Noon, The National Sports Report, The Entertainer, The Brent and Jared Show, Women Who Rock, and the Zach and Eric Show.  The music format is currently Oldies/Classic Rock. 

WMHS EDGE Radio is proud to serve the Pike Creek/Wilmington area and appreciates all of our loyal listeners.


Big DE DOE charter changes in the works! Rigor, Grit and capacity on the way !

Delaware poised for new chapter in charter history  WDDE 91.1 FM

By Larry Nagengast  January 10, 2014 

Setting the bar higher for charter schools

Within the Department of Education, changes in the oversight of charter schools are underway. The “performance framework,” a rubric approved in 2012 to set academic, financial and administrative benchmarks for charters, received its first test this year when renewal applications were processed, and the latest group of applicants was the first to use a new application form. In addition, the department’s Charter School Office has a new executive director, Jennifer Nagourney, a lawyer who has big-city experience in managing and overseeing charter schools.

Nagourney, who joined the department in November, is pledging a rigorous approach in the application process, with a goal of preventing the management problems and academic deficiencies that prompted the state Board of Education to vote to shut down the Pencader Business & Finance High School last year and Reach Academy for Girls this year. (Reach officials filed suit in U.S. District Court to overturn the state board’s decision and last week won a reprieve that is expected to keep the school open through June 2015.)

“You need to set a high bar,” Nagourney says. “The best way to avoid problems is by not opening the school in the first place.”

So what is she saying? Future school leaders should have the Teach for America good housekeeping seal on their asses?

“Our organization used to support the startup of mom-and-pop charter schools,” says Debbie Doordan, executive director of Innovative Schools. “Then we took a look at how they were working. Even though those boards had good ideas, it’s really tough [to succeed].” Pencader and Reach are among the schools that at one time received assistance from Innovative Schools —

Local-yokel meets big city-slicker lawyer 🙂 Wouldn’t it make sense for DE DOE to get back to their mission of being partners offering technical assistance rather than Jeb Bush organization want-to-be local political ass-kissing has-been educators organized into money grab circle sucking the $$$$$$ life out of charters? And boy could I connect some dots re: former Reach leadership and you know who!

Back in Dover, Nagourney will face a series of challenges in her assignment at the Department of Education.

She comes to the position with a diverse set of experiences, including four months directing the Philadelphia School District’s charter school policy and accountability office, two years as chief operating officer at a Chicago charter school and three years as a teacher in middle schools in North Carolina. She has a law degree from Indiana University and a master’s from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

Nagourney “brings a great depth of knowledge and experience in education and particularly in the charter world,” says Secretary of Education Mark Murphy. “She will help us strengthen our charter system and support our schools and students.”

Chicago ????? The home of Arne Duncan’s Helen’s Restaurant backroom charter school deals 🙂

In addition to handling the review of the eight new charter applications, Nagourney will oversee the first awards from the new Charter School Performance Fund created last year by the General Assembly. Grants totaling up to $5 million may be made to high-performing charter schools that want to expand their offerings and to schools serving high percentages of high-need students. Schools may apply for the grants in February; awards will be announced on May 31, Nagourney says.

Under state law, charter schools cannot secure funding through state bond issues for construction and renovation projects, but grants made from the performance fund can be used for these purposes. “That’s going to be very helpful,” says Kendall Massett, executive director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, a charter advocacy organization.

Let me get this right! The grassroots charter organizers from way back buried deep in the Red Clay anti-desegregation movement said, let us have our charter schools and we can saved the state money because we can do better with less now needs money? So now charters get some $$$ infusion and get to keep excess transportation funding whereas traditional public school must give it back! And don’t have to got to referendum before applying for low interest bond money! Let’s not forget the impact of when property is converted to charter schools as they are excluded from paying local school tax. TFB for the traditional public school district losing that tax revenue. Give it time and the landlord of the mega charter school will get a wavier on paying local school taxes to the district. So with loss in local school tax revenues throughout a given district with charter schools within what is the real financial impact on the school districts ?

Meanwhile back on the ranch Delaware Secretary of Education aligns himself with Chiefs for Change a Jeb Bush stealth organization with the blessing of the chair of the Delaware house education committee. WTF is going on in this state! If George Bush’s NCLB was so bad why in the hell is Murphy jumping in bed with Jeb Bush?

Hopefully the new DE DOE big city-slicker lawyer has some sense and purge the Rodel clones out of DE DOE.

One thing for sure, when Markell leaves office in three years there will be a major house cleaning at DE DOE.

Education Weeks picks up Transparent Christina’s DE Sec Ed Murphy bitch-slapping #NetDE #Edude

Education Week

Del. Chief Murphy Justifies Joining Chiefs for Change: ‘Driven By a Desire to Learn’ By Andrew Ujifusa on January 9, 2014 2:24 PM

Roughly three weeks ago, Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy announced that he had joined Chiefs for Change, an affiliate of the Foundation for Excellence in Education that advocates for school choice, accountability for schools and teachers based on test scores, and virtual education, among other policies. Murphy, who became Delaware’s secretary in 2012, said the principles of the group, which had lost a few members recently including former Florida boss Tony Bennett, matched his priorities for Delaware.

But apparently, some in Murphy’s state haven’t responded with total enthusiasm to his decision to join the sometimes controversial group. On Jan. 7, John Young, a member of the school board for the Christina school district in Delaware, posted on his blog Transparent Christinaa Dec. 23 letter from Murphy to state Rep. Darryl Scott explaining his rationale for joining the group. (Murphy’s spokeswoman, Alison May, confirmed to me the authenticity of the letter, which you can read in full below.) Read more here ……


DE Sec of Education needs to GO ! Posted on January 4, 2014 by kilroysdelaware

WTF is going on in Dover! I can’t show you what I have! However, our Delaware Secretary of Education joins a Wall Street laced Chiefs for Change! send you donations here “Regular mail: Foundation for Excellence in Education P.O. Box 10691 Tallahassee, FL 32302 “

 Who’s your daddy? The house that Jeb Bush built ! YES IT IS! GO SEE FOR YOURSELF “Chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education”

Our Delaware public schools are getting High Jacked and Bushwhacked at the same time! The idiot Murphy sent his letter to in Dover is CLUELESS!

Who in the Hell does Nancy Willing think she is?

Now that I have your attention 🙂 I just want to give a shout-out to Nancy Willing and to remind everyone who visits Kilroy’s Delaware to make sure to check out Nancy Willing’s blog Delaware Way. Delaware Way has a nice blog homepage layout. Nancy has a niche for environmental and land issues mixed with political issues and jumps-in on many of the education issues. And do visit all my blog friends listed on Kilroy’s Blogroll.