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Red Clay CFO fires referendum warning shot! Deficit Spending!

Red Clay’s last successful Operation Referendum was in 2008, six years ago! CFO informs the board that this year it’s official, Red Clay is no in deficit spending. Also, the board will need to increase the tuition tax for special ed / ELL. FYI state doesn’t fund all of special ed /ELL, meaning local taxpayers bear the brunt of $$$. Sounds like if inclusion plan may need unique financial tracking.

 “$2,000,000.00 Race to The Top funds will be gone next year”. Kilroy say’s O well, looks like we need to release some of those employees paid by the RTTT “grant”. No one should have expected those jobs be forever. RTI teacher may be gone also! Another $2,000,000.00 gone! 

From what I hear, it looks like a new $$$$$$$$$$ recession coming next year! Looks like Markell is out of magic Jack drop to your knees funding! 

Fisker !! CFO said talked to the county about Fisker’s school taxes and later rather like years the district may get the money! Lawyers involved in this issue. Also, CFO said preliminary budget was set based on 99% of projected tax revenues. So lack of Fisker owed taxes won’t alter approved budget. I am glad Red Clay is engaged in trying to get Fisker / new owners to obligate the debt to our local schools.     

Red Clay December’s board meeting recording is now available #netde #edude @dedeptofed @destateboarded

Parents, teachers and students speak-out in regards to Red Clay’s Special & ELL Ed inclusion plan. The district has provided information support their plan. Now the community is weighing in.

Here is a link to Red Clay’s  “Academic Success for All: Red Clay’s Plan for Inclusive Instruction–Moving More Inclusively”

Here is a link to the audio recording of Red Clay’s December’s board meeting. Many comments from parents. community and teachers.  

Red Clay’s school board was asked to take action at this board meeting and here is the response; 

“It is recommended that the Board of Education approve the restructuring of: Richardson Park Learning Center, The Central School and the Meadowood Program in a two-phase staged implementation plan. PHASE 1: Secondary – 1) The Central School students transition to their home school for the 2014-2015 school year. 2) The ELL Middle School feeder is eliminated and the students transition to their home school for the 2014-15 school year. 3) 7th grade ELL students have the opportunity to remain in their existing school until the end of their 8th grade year. PHASE 2: Elementary/Meadowood – 1) Elementary ELL program, Richardson Park Learning Center, and Medadowood Program educated in their home school in the 2015-16 school year. 2) Meadowood and RPLC Kindergarten students educated in their home school for the 2015-16 school year. 3) Meadowood 6th and 7th grade studeants have the opportunity to remain in their existing building until the transition to 9th grade. 4) Red Clay special needs pre-school students educated at Warner, RPLC, or Meadowood buldings based on the program closest to their home for the 2015-16 school year”.
Motion Tabled

It’s apparent the district administration will present it’s case again ask the board for support.

Hockessin Community News grills Red Clay re: Inclusive initiative

‘Inclusion’ is about improving student achievement, admin says District will not “save money” by closing special needs magnet schools By Wm. Shawn Weigel
shawn.weigel@doverpost.com @HCN_Shawn\
Posted Jan. 9, 2014 @ 10:54 am

Inclusion of a student into his or her home neighborhood school is not only the letter of the law, Broomall said, it’s also in the best interests of the district’s students.

Then why is the district building new schools in the suburbs on the basis of the neighborhood “law” but yet have not accommodated Red Clay’s  Wilmington middle and high school students with traditional middle school and high school buildings? Will Wilmington’s Special ED and ELL middle and high school student go to inclusive programs in their neighborhoods.

Folks I am going to be clear here, Hugh Broomall has an open door policy with Kilroy and I respect that and him. The issue at hand is way bigger that both he and I. My debate is with Red Clay’s policies and direction.  

Folks the Hockessin Community News / Shawn Weigel’s article is very good and inviting re: debate. Please read the entire article here………

The biggest hang-up for me is, all special ed students will be impacted and it appears the value of the parent as advocates for their children has been diminished. Placing a special needs child in an inclusive program should be the decision of the IEP team in which parents are “team members”. A Red Clay school board vote could change the value of that team member called parent! I don’t oppose the inclusive aka mainstreaming of special needs students  and I think it has merit! However, that decision should be made via the IEP team and that is in the interest of the student.

UPDATE 2:40 P.M.

As many of you know I do throw some stones. However, many of you don’t know I do work in the background. So here is a response to one of my E-mails and my message comes down to trust factors! Change is hard and we have every right to be suspicious in an education system that seems to change everyday and is deeply embroiled in political agenda and personal agendas like Governor Markell’s. Personally I have no doubt Red Clay’s move on this inclusive change came from a push from outside or perhaps just catching up with a trend. As a parents we need that “trust factor” and assurances of no added disruption to the classrooms and the teachers doing their jobs. If Red Clay doesn’t get it right you can bet parents will be yelling for more charter schools which aren’t necessarily the answer. It’s easy for the district to sell theory and insist we have passion for an inclusive program but the “trust” factor isn’t an easy sell. Agian, shout-out to Hockessin Community News for keeping involved in this issues. Publius don’t forget, it’s your turn to pick up the tab in the Green Room 🙂  

Our message has consistently been that the district will offer a continuum of services within each of our schools. A student’s IEP will direct the services and supports the student will receive.

Not every student with disabilities should be in a regular education classroom for the whole day. For example, if a student’s IEP indicates he/she is able to learn in a regular education classroom for 60% of the time, that is what the school district will accommodate.

Additionally, there will be students who are not able to participate in the regular education classroom at all during a school day. Those students will be educated in a separate classroom within their school. The goal for those students will be to advance on meeting their IEP benchmarks and eventually transition to a less restrictive setting in their home school.
There were a lot of questions from the community during our meetings. Those questions and the answers are posted on our web page. http://www.edline.net/pages/RedClay/Inclusion_Q_A

Lizzie bitch-slaps DE DOE & DE Sec of Ed

Sec. Murphy Threatens that Reach Lawsuit Could Bring Down US DOE! 5 JAN 2014 By Elizabeth Scheinberg / Children & Educators First

The department just can’t learn – which is mildly ironic as DOE claims Reach’s students aren’t being taught.  Regardless, buried in the briefings filed just days before federal Judge Leonard P. Stark gave Reach another year to operate, the department stayed true to form when it slipped in the following Bully Card:

inBloom and Data Mining: A Common Core Cousin

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Does Red Clay school board have the legal right to override IEP’s?

The IDEA statute and implementing regulations emphasize the requirement to educate children with disabilities in regular classes with their nondisabled peers:

“While the Act and regulations recognize that IEP teams must make individualized decisions about the special education … IDEA’s strong preference that, to the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities be educated in regular classes with their nondisabled peers with appropriate supplementary aids and services.”

When Red Clay’s “school board” votes to honor the superintendent’s request to mainstream all Special Ed students they must assume all legal ramifications that follows. A favorable vote to the superintendent’s request will devalue parental rights protect under the IEP process. Parents who would not prefer their special needs child be mainstreamed will have no say rendering their voice and rights protected under the IEP process null an void! Red Clay board members please think very hard about your actions that “will” devalue parents who need you the most! While inclusion may be beneficial to many special needs students there will be some who will not benefit and will be “harmed”. The district goal and policy should be inclusion when deemed appropriate by the IEP team. Should Red Clay school board members with students in Red Clay be prohibited from attending their child’s teacher parent conferences? Though not the same but how would you like your rights as parents devalued? Working with the district and the superintendent to a point of not micromanaging is desirable. However, there must be a time you grasp the reality the super works for you! Not the other way around! If you vote to support the super pleased vote to amend the district’s budget for legal fees. You’ll need it to defened yourselves from lawsuits by parents and groups of parent in class action lawsuits.

Charter School of Wilmington fails to meet state standards re: Financial

Delaware Financial Performance Framework Report The Charter School of Wilmingtonsee page 5 & 6

*2012-2013 ratings could not be completed as the school’s audited financial statements were not submitted to the Charter School Office by the October 1 deadline. Schools not complying with the audit deadline will receive an overall rating of “Does Not Meet.”

Charter School of Wilmington is the only charter school listed on this report “not” complying with DE DOE financial reporting regulations. So DE DOE and the state board of education just walks away with notation Charter School Wilmington claims their dog ate their homework assignment! 

Red Clay School “board” is the charter school authorizing and oversight agent for Charter School of Wilmington  and should take notice and “action”.