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Only in Delaware! Copeland attacks B. Biden as Longhurst & Poore campaign via state E-mails

From: Rep. Valerie Longhurst & Sen. Nicole Poore 


Date: Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 11:45 AM

You are cordially invited to a reception in honor of

State Senator Nicole Poore & House Majority Leader Valerie J. Longhurst

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Hosted by Gary & Betsy Patterson 41 Park Dr., Dover DE 19901

[http://www2.myngp.com/Uploads/157/images/democrat.jpg] Contribution: $100/person

Checks can be sent to: Friends of Nicole Poore 315 Wheatsheaf Dr. New Castle, DE 19720 Friends of Valerie Longhurst P.O. Box 326 Delaware City, DE 19706

I am not going to reveal sources but for a fact this E-mail went out to E-mail addresses ending in de.us!

Though it appears the origin E-mail address is personal. However, it was sent to state E-mails ending in de.us.. Shouldn’t that be illegal?

So as Charlie Copland hammers away at Beau Biden over the Veasey report in regards to Markell’s campaign shenanigans as Rep. Longhurst & Sen. Poore crosses the line soliciting campaign contributions.  

Is DE DOE & State Board of Ed lying to state legislators re: Moyer’s “theft by fiance person” #netDE #Edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed

Maurice Moyer Academy Annual Retreat; 7. page 5

 “Check to see if the theft at the school by the “finance person” is covered by the insurance policy and the school was made whole Dr. Stephenson”

To date the public’s knowledge of the concern of a theft reported to Moyer’s School board “July 2013” has been here at Kilroy’s and via state board of education audio files. When questioned by the state board of education DE DOE charter school representatives said they would get back to the board with requested information. They did and the information provided the board was “the theft was reported”. And something to the effect it was a computer.

Folks something is fishy with this theft issue! If the theft was a computer one would thing the board would be concerned about any “data” or “information” on the computer’s hard-drive ! You’d would think they would want the computer back rather then financial compensation from their insurance company. Personally, I think there is more to the story and perhaps no just a computer. Does any state legislators have the courage to ask for copy of a police report? Did any state board of education member? What about the Delaware Secretary of Education Mr. Mark Murphy? He takes part in all state board of education meetings! The public has the right to know! There was an apparent “crime” committed!      

Is Moyer being protected by Governor Markell due to Markell’s association with K12.inc the apparent stealth government of the New Maurice J Academy? Hey Hef, is there any truth to Moyer’s school leader’s salary being paid by K12?

Folks don’t expect any information to be released by the Delaware Department of Education’s dog and pony show taking place at Moyer this Thursday! Moyer was given time to cover their ass before the inspection of some “speical” conerns. 

And the GOP response? Most-likely, sorry due to various members engaged in charter schools, looking for lease agreement and are extremely bias to charter schools, we have a conflict of interest whereas we can’t comment!

Message to Red Clay school board members re: Special Ed Inclusion

Dear Red Clay school board members:

Certainly we don’t want to alienate any student because of their disability! However, there will be special ed students victimized by this all or none district plan. Special ed students should be integrated when appropriate within the scope of their IEP. The districts notion it’s for the students’ best interest isn’t so. However, I have a greater concern beyond that.

The district agenda is setting the stage for a district wide policy. I must point-out in regards to Red Clay charter schools, Red Clay has over and over proclaimed charter schools chartered by Red Clay “are” Red Clay schools. The district went as far as getting their way with DE DOE to included those charter school’s data within district-wide data. Therefore, if Red Clay proclaims schools like Charter School of Wilmington are by design and it the case of CSW, Red Clay was part of the formulating body of the charter application and planned on the heels of the failed Red Clay Phoenix program at the Red Clay Wilmington campus. What I am getting at is, CSW was by design by a Red Clay district-wide plan as is Cab and Conrad magnet schools. A district-wide special ed inclusion plan must include Charter School of Wilmington, Conrad and Cab. As far as DMA and DCPA charter schools it debatable! Those two charter school charters by Red Clay didn’t have hands on involvement by Red Clay but were part of a Red Clay long-term strategy.

I am hear to tell you board members, the stage is set for some legal challenges via civil rights violations. The district can’t proclaim their plans for special ed inclusion is on a non-discriminatory based district-wide plan. Carving out Charter School of Wilmington, Cab and Conrad shouldn’t be legal. As far as the charter school law, I must go back to Red Clay position Charter School of Wilmington “is” a Red Clay school. The Red Clay supers struts around with CSW feather in his hat can’t have his ice cream and cake too. The board must call for modification of CSW “Red Clay charter” to be required to take their share of special ed students equal to the average of special ed high school students in the district. and that must apply to Cab and Conrad. How can you say the plan is district-wide if not all Red Clay schools are part of the plan. Collectively, parents of Red Clay special ed students can seek an injunction on a class action suit and should be able to gain support and legal counsel by the federal government as the concerns raises serious questions in regards to IDEA. Also, if any suit were to be filed I would think it be appropriate to name DE DOE and the Delaware Secretary of Education as defendants. DE DOE cannot be sitting on the sidelines allowing Red Clay’s plans to take place. DE DOE has a legal obligation to protect all children from discrimination.