Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

Moyer preparing Hollywood production for DE Sec of ED Murphy and his band of clones

DE DOE is making a Moyer house-call this coming Thursday and Moyer with it’s school leader being paid by K12.inc is setting the Hollywood stage!

Hey Hef! Why in the hell is DE DOE giving Moyer an advance notices to get their books in order?

Hey Hef! Did you see the letter Murphy sent a certain state legislator?  

Hey Hef! Did you see that police report Moyer claimed to file re: “the theft by a finance person”? 10 Adam 12 tells me none was filed. If true what is the penalty for lying to DE DOE officials who in-turned past the lie to Hef and other state board members?

When I put read this up for real, Markell will be looking for some new folks at DE DOE and will be read in the face!