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DE Sec of Education needs to GO !

Reach Academy to stay open for at least another yearWritten by Matthew Albright The News Journal

“While we respect the court’s view that opportunities for all-girl public education may be constitutionally required, we also share the court’s concerns about the lack of good alternatives and we wish that were not the case,” said Secretary of Education Mark Murphy in a statement. “Regardless of gender, we believe the quality of the education is most important and we continue to be concerned with the sustained poor performance at Reach Academy.”

WTF is going on in Dover! I can’t show you what I have! However, our Delaware Secretary of Education joins a Wall Street laced Chiefs for Change! send you donations here “Regular mail: Foundation for Excellence in Education P.O. Box 10691 Tallahassee, FL 32302 “

 Who’s your daddy? The house that Jeb Bush built ! YES IT IS! GO SEE FOR YOURSELF “Chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education”

Our Delaware public schools are getting High Jacked and Bushwhacked at the same time! The idiot Murphy sent his letter to in Dover is CLUELESS! 

Breaking! U.S. District Court favors Reach Academy

Courts give Reach Academy a little CPR! Our state legislators need to engage this issue! Education will continue to be an election issue!

Legislators ! Ask yourselves why did DE DOE take Reach off of probation last school year? Ask yourselves why did DE DOE approve Reach’s request last school year to relocate to a new building because they wanted to better serve students? Legislators ask yourselves why did Markell selected the least qualified person to be Delaware’s Secretary of Education? Three years as a gym teacher, two years as an administrator and grooming by the Vision Network !

Delaware Governor Jack Markell is the self proclaimed Delaware Education Czar! WHY? He apparently ordered the manipulation of Race to The Top four-year federal grant to reserve funding for a fifth-year ! Keep an eye on U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan who “will” soon announce approval of extending the four-year grant to five -year. Not more money but allows Jack to hold back monies needed now to help schools like Reach Academy to pay for all those unneeded positions at DE DOE! They “created” a job for Judas of all things.

Delaware legislators also note DE DOE’s charter school framework is still in development and wasn’t part of the original charter agreement between Reach and DE DOE. Fairly good framework I’ll admit but Murphy and Markell are changing the rules on the fly and require charter schools to dance through the hoops!

Delaware Legislators stop further approval of new charter school applications that have not yet be approved until Markell cleans up his DE DOE mess! We need changes in the DE DOE Charter School Office NOW!

The Delaware Department of Education has become the overreaching arm of federal and state “Markell” intrusion! What about The Smarter Balanced Assessment set to replace DCAS? Legislators when did you approve this? YOU DIDN’T! Murphy is about to roll you under the bus with manipulation of  state education legislation! STOP HIM! Ask for explanation as why parts of The Smarter Balanced Assessment will be scored bu “humans” whereas teachers must wait for results!

As for my former Republican Party! YOU SUCK when it comes to education and “PROTECT” Jack Markell! We need good third-party candidates who have the knowledge about these concerning education matters! Education consumes one-third the state budget ! FYI there is RTTT money to pay for digital recorders for charter schools “Debbie”. Enhancing communication does help with parental involvement and improves local control ! And translates into improving student achievement! Seems like the Speaker of The House doesn’t want parents and the community to have greater “control”.

I have issues with charter schools aka the laws that governs them! I do support charter schools as a right of choice! But why use high poverty schools like Reach who is crawling out from a disaster caused by the former school leader? They need help and guidance and with DE DOE shifting to an authoritarian body not one of support via technical assistance, schools like Reach are being victimized by an out of control and of focus Delaware Department of Education that lack capacity and grits they want to sell others! And OMG! The charter school queen Ms. Hospitality needs to take her skills to Motel 6. Her organization takes fees from charter schools like Reach for “professional services” yet drives a knife in Reach’s back when the need the most help! I made an error in a previous referring to Reach paying membership fees to this organization. The money I was referring to was for professional services! So why is a vendor jamming one on the back of Reach! These so-called non-profits want to reform our school system and our legislators better wake their asses up!

Publius, I support charter schools and DE DOE is doing them more harm than any of my rhetoric.

Reach Lawsuit “filed” against Delaware Department of Education #Edude #NetDe @destateboarded @dedeptofed @Ed_in_De Posted on November 26, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

Yep! Even more Markell data screw-ups! Hang in there only 3 more years of JACK

ACLU calls for probation violations to be thrown out over testing device flaws in Sussex County; Organization claims Sussex testing devices not properly calibrated Written by Sean O’Sullivan The News Journal

The Delaware American Civil Liberties Union is calling on the state Attorney General’s office to throw out as many as 249 probation violations from the past five years because the Department of Correction has not been properly maintaining the machines it has been using to test breath for alcohol consumption.

Richard H. Morse, legal director for the ACLU of Delaware, wrote to State Prosecutor Kathleen Jennings on Dec. 23 asking her to review and possibly overturn all violations related to the “Alco Sensor PBT” device at the Sussex Community Correctional Center in Georgetown since 2009.

Delaware parents, stick to local radio and school websites re: school closures not Ed Czar Markell

State school closings website breaks down during storm Written by Matthew lbright The News Journal

State officials are working to fix problems with a website meant to provide information about school closings after it broke down during Thursday night’s snowstorm.

The site, schoolclosings.delaware.gov, provides a place where public school districts, charter schools and private schools can choose to post that they are closing in the face of inclement weather. Schools have to sign up in advance and get a log-in to the system, which allows them to be listed on the site.

Parents stick to local radio for school closure announcements  and your school district or charter school websites. 

Don’t you think we need to steer parents to their district / school webpages? Sure there a a few charter schools that lag behind but for the most part, district and school webpages are full of useful information. These places should be the go to place for all information. But as far as local radio, it’s been working since the 1950’s re; school closure announcements. 

Governor Jack Markell has made enough mess of Delaware schools and the best thing he can do other than leaving public office is getting the hell out of running local schools. And it does make you wonder, a simple task of communicating school closures being screwed up makes you wonder about the viability of other important data!

Beware of Data Sharing Cheerleaders Offering Webinars