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WTF? Charter school Queen says Newark Charter “good”

Student population growing in Delaware Public, private, charter all see bigger numbers Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

More than a third of this year’s growth comes in the number of students attending charter schools. Despite making up less than 10 percent of the student population, charters added about 640 more students over last year despite the closure of Pencader Charter High School, which had 411 students.

Newark Charter accounted for most of that growth by adding a high school and a whopping 413 students, growing the school by almost a third.

Kendall Massett, director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, said the growth at Newark Charter is good but expected, since the school had already been approved for the expansion.

A better measure of demand for charters, she says, is wait lists. And based on current figures, demand is strong – Newark Charter, for example, is up to 3,000 applications.

Massett said she’s looking for even bigger growth next year. Although Reach Academy for Girls is slated to close, five more charters are set to open in the fall.

“It’s an exciting time, and I’m even more excited about next year,” she said.

Putting all the charter school debate aside, Newark Charter School is great! As far as the enrollment comment “as expected” re: Newark Charter School’s expansion, it would of never of have if NCS wasn’t great! 

Now the debate! Sounds like no remorse on her part for driving one in the back of Reach. A little Kilroy correction here, Reach Didn’t pay the Charter Schools Network of Delaware members dues this year. The checkbook notation was for professional services. However, one would think a vendor getting paid for professional services wouldn’t engage in public comments demeaning their customers. Reach is getting screwed by DE DOE and from what I see DCSN is holding the flashlight while they are doing it. Why is DCSN on the DE DOE charter school review committee even as a non voting member? Shouldn’t there be balanced from traditional school district having a representative on this committee or even DSEA. The claims charters are all about collaboration that will help traditional public school be stronger is BULLSHIT. DCSN is way too bias to the charter school movement and more charters translates to more revenue for DCSN. 

Once we end the charter school cherry picking and exclusion of Wilmington’s poor minorities in their own school district by a racial DMZ called the 5 mile attendance radius, we’ll see how great charters are.

From what I see, Wilmington’s mega charter center housed in the commercial district of Wilmington is nothing more than an interment camp for Wilmington’s poor minorities. Just remember when the elitist help build Delaware public schools the created black and white school whereas they how the power to call for an end of segregation. Now we’re seeing the same with the charter schools system. One system for the haves and another for the have-nots. Fueling a de fact segregation system is just as bad as supporting segregation itself. Should all schools have equal amenities? I am not sure the hotel model of running schools is best suited for children where you have your first and second-class! In my opinion, all children should be first-class and not subjected to economy class schools.