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Breaking News! Colonial School District goes audio recordings Re: board meetings

Colonial School District now digitally records their public sessions of board meetings and puts online for all to hear. Congratulations Colonial and a shout-out to board member Melodie Spotts for her perseverance to help this cause. (2013-2014 Board Meeting Recordings)

So Red Clay, Christina, Capital, Brandywine and now Colonial school districts volunteered to enhance their communications to the public. We can’t get the overreaching intrusive arms of Washington and Dover out of our local schools until we decide to better engage in local control. These recordings to some seem petty.However, the naysayer are the obstructionist to real local control.

Hopefully Colonial’s courage will give state Representative Debbie Hudson courage to get House Bill #23 out of the grips of the Speaker of The House and bring to a full house vote! H.B.#23 would require all public, votech and charter school boards to record their public session meeting and put online for all to hear. We’ll get the job done even if we have to elected state new legislators! 

Markell’s 5th year Race to The Top code talking

What happens after ‘Race to the Top’ goes away?

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Our View; News Journal

What would you do if you only had a short time to spend it?

This entire article is crap and just a seed planting the move to extend spending Race to The Top funds over 5 years not the 4 the federal grant requires. Like I said, Markell had free run of the News Journal to run his agenda AND the Delaware Republicans sit-by as if they are in on it

Like I said:

Markell manipulates RTTT $$ to keep DE DOE RTTT administrators on the job one more year Posted on December 27, 2013 by kilroysdelaware