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Moyer voting on action items at their annual retreat !!

Damn this shit is getting crazy! The Moyer board of directors held a what looks like a three day annual retreat (some say out of state??) but what the hell are they doing voting on action items. The property is question was sold at Sheriff Sale to Reinvestment Fund, Inc on 07/09/2013 for $1,300,000.00. Moyer’s board retreat started 07/10/2013 and looks like until 07/12/2013 a Friday!  And these retreat minutes goes on about something about lending Moyer $2,100,000,00 at a 5.3% interest rate. Moyer’s board references the building /school having an assest value of $6.1 million dollars. But how could K12.Inc sell the building school to Moyer if Reinvestment Fund, Inc ownes it per county records?

Where is the Delaware Department of Education Moyer’s authorizing and oversight agent in all of this? Why wasn’t the Delaware State Board of Education advised of this sale or pending sale? But agian, this event was an Annual Retreat! The public wasn’t given notice of pending action items! So Charters “are” public schools? WTF! SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!! K12.Inc ??? I wonder do you think Govenor Markell owns stock in this for profit company. I doubt you remember this Kilroy post  Riffs in Wilmington City Council reveals more / Moyer BS Posted on August 26, 2011 by kilroysdelaware.  Well it doesn’t matter the fix is in and all these concerns just get swept under the DE DOE rug and Debbie won’t do shit ! But Kilroy and others know there will be a Moyer bailout like Pencader recevied! Go back to sleep little town Delaware! 

Facilities Plan – Dr. Curry
Currently, Moyer is leasing all three buildings at 600 to 611 East 17th Street:
1. The monthly rent for the building is $25,000.
2. The building is in the process of changing owners with the sale to be confirmed by Delaware Superior Court on August 19, 2013.
3. It is assumed that, once the sale is finalized, the new owners will allow Moyer to continue to rent the property, however under a rental agreement, the school could be evicted at the whim of the new owners.

The following information was offered as discussion points for approving the purchase of the property that Moyer Academy is currently leasing:

1. K12 will lend Moyer the $2.1 million to purchase the building at an interest rate of 5.3%, below the market rate for commercial loans. Dr. Curry already has K12’s promissory note in his possession.

2. The assessed value of the property that the Academy occupies is $6.1 million.
3. The monthly payment if the Moyer were to purchase the building would be $14,150, more than $10,000 per month less than the current lease payment.
4. Purchase would only be made when:
a. All liens on the property had been wiped away
b. Moyer’s real estate attorney reviewed the transaction and approved it.
5. Moyer would commit to paying off the loan:
a. Within the specified term of 5 years
b. Or if the contract with K12 is terminated.

A motion was presented to agree to move forward with the purchase of the property, based on the terms as disclosed, with K12 as the lender and with the only requirements being that Moyer repay the loan if K12 leaves, and with Moyer’s Property Attorney’s assurances that there are no liens on the property and that Moyer will hold clear title. Unanimously Approved

Moyer’s annual retreat reveals. “theft at the school by the “finance person” #Netde #edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed @greg_lavelle

Maurice Moyer Academy Annual Retreat 

Fixing Our Board Meetings to Strengthen Our Board – Action Items (pages 4 & 5) #4 (7) The Moyer Board will:

7. Check to see if the theft at the school by the “finance person” is covered by the insurance policy and the school was made whole Dr. Stephenson

So when was the Delaware State Board of Education going to be informed? Is DE DOE doing an audit? Was the AG’s office contacted? Was the state auditor’s office contacted? Is Governor Markell protecting someone? Somebody at DE DOE needs to go! Hey USDOE-OIG over here! 

Hey Hef are you blind in one eye and can’t see out the other

Moyer getting in deep! USOIG might have a look-see!

When federal money is in the mix the feds do get concerned! Hey Hef, it’s not going to look good during an election cycle! Hey coach it’s not going to be good press! Does someone have green ink on their hands? Wait until you see the agreement! 

Lt. Governor Denn stumps for his program that continues to grow the chasm between “winners and losers” by using competition in education to distribute resources.

Moyer saga continues! Leadership changes?

(Rumored) Word has it Moyer’s school leader has been relieved and replaced with current Curriculum Director! Again rumored! However, the Titanic already hit the iceberg and water is pouring in! 

Moyer parent leaders please push to get the cards on the table and update webpage a.s.a.p. and PLEASE demand school board meetings (public sessions) be recorded and put online within five days of meetings. Recordings are not official minutes and are means to enhance communication and parental involvement! Save Moyer now and don’t wait until it’s too late! I was there for Moyer when the state was ready to close Moyer a few years ago and I am telling you, the ship is sinking! Plug the leaks and put the building sales agreement out for all to seek! FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! I am not your enemy as your enemies are within! 

So what do you do when you find out your brother is really your sister?

A few years back my brother 7 year older than me informs me he is a transgender! Ignorance on my side I said, “so you are a cross dresser?” The response was no! More ignorance on my side, “so does this mean you’re gay?” The response was no! From there I was educated! 

My brother now sister is 66 years old. Back in the day of our youth such a conversation would have been taboo. Looking back, my father seemed so hard on my brother and I did witness some major whippings and once with a two-foot rubber hose! I remember one time back when the Beatles came on the scene my brother purchased a Beatle-wig. My mom slapped if off the side of his head! I was like damn, he was only having fun. Nothing was ever said or done when I let my hair grow out to the point my nick name became hippie, much more better than the name monkey my brother gave me. I  got that nicknamed because I wanted a real monkey! Looking back I have a hunch my dad was trying to beat the girl out of my brother! My brother informed me my parents would take him to the doctors with their  concerns and the doctor started some-kind of treatments that apparently failed (in my parents eye’s). So my brother went through life with this secret and my parents never said a word.

My brother joined the Army when he was 17 or 18 and I went off to Korea! After his tour of duty he settled on the west-coast and it was then he was able to express himself as a transgender. He moved on to Chicago and in conversation I told him, I remembered some letters and pictures he sent mom. I remember asking who was that ( in the picture) and my mom would say, that’s your brother’s roommate! I remember some of the letters stating my brother was doing stage performances! I didn’t think nothing of it because my brother was born a natural clown and was always entertaining. So we’ll stop here with the personal stuff.

So my brother is a transgender! Well I guessed he lucked out in having a brother who has no prejudice against anyone’s sexual identity or preference and I fully understand gays and now transgenders didn’t choose their sexual identity. Some people would refer to them as freaks of nature but I say the diversity of mankind was by God’s design and perhaps a means to test the human species to measure their real intelligence. Perhaps the reason we can’t find intelligent life on other planets is because God stepped back and said, O shit what have I done! Humans are worst than wild animals having no respect for each other and mother Earth that sustains their lives!

One thing for sure is my mother loved my brother unconditionally and keeping his transgender identity a secret to the day she died was not out any sense of shame but out of love to protect him from others. My brother became quite successful at whatever he did and always had a sense of community. His well now “her” biggest success is this Charlotte: Covington heads home transformed Carolinas News Notes Author: Lainey Millen. Now I don’t question my new sister as a Transgender but damn a Democrat!!!. But then again I look back at my many years a Republican (now former Republican) I am embarrassed because my Republican party felt their anti-gay and surely anti-transgender views were God’s calling! The Delaware Republican party has some hard working members who are gay and those gays somehow feel they need to be low-key! The real concerns of the world are far beyond one’s sexual identity or preference and those judgmental of these humans don’t know the real God! Does anyone know God’s sexual identity? America was built on the foundation of equal rights and personal freedoms! I am not bias to my brother being transgender because he is my brother! sorry I meant sister! I support human rights and respect the “fact” that when God created man in his/her’s image it came in diversity. 

And please don’t anyone come in here and comment your so brave to support your new sister! But do share in the fact that our world and county is in distress as is mother Earth and not as a result of one’s sexual identity or preference! Countries go to war with “God on their side” or “in the name of God” and that’s clear bullshit! War is and always has been about greed and flawed egos! So my brother is now my sister! Well I guess I don’t have to be worried about being a social outcast! Kilroy is already a social outcast. OMG! I can hear Publius laughing his ass off ! Wait Publius could be a girl! But don’t worry Publius no matter if you are gay , Bi or transgender, you are always welcome here! Damn Kilroy still loves you even if you are misguided pro-charter school reformer! OMG!!!!!!! And then there is Sarah crying one minute and laughing another as she read this 😉 

Obama need not have personal talks with Iran until Iran respects the rights of Israel

Sure let U.S. diplomats have talks with Iran on their nuke program but President Obama need not personally engage Iran until Iran respects the rights of Israel’s existence. 

Obviously Obama abandon the line in the sand doctrine but to shift to Mr. Rogers “won’t you be my neighbor” put the nation of Israel at greater risk. 

If we can’t make peace with Cuba how in the hell are we going to do it with Iran.  

Israel missed the opportunity for Operation Opera 2.0 and should have taken it!  

All we are is dust in the wind and sad to say charter review results will be the same!

Delaware charter school panel begins to delve into selective admissions; Set up by lawmakersto study admission rules Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

The group is tasked with studying the selective enrollment practices that charter, magnet and vo-tech schools put in place when accepting students. It is expected to deliver a report to lawmakers early next year.

Some defenders of traditional public schools argue selective enrollments allow schools to pick and choose students, siphoning the “best and brightest” kids from traditional schools and leaving students with learning disabilities, low incomes and other disadvantages in the lurch.

But officials at the schools argue that selective enrollment is necessary to maintain their specialized missions.

Jimmy Oslen couldn’t take time to cite one official? 

Susan Francis, president of the Delaware School Boards Association, said she hoped the group also would address the impacts charters, vo-techs and magnets have on traditional feeder-pattern schools.

“Quite frankly, some of the concerns that came up in a meeting last night are about the advertising and the outreach and the solicitation that these schools are doing,” Francis said. “We don’t have to address them tonight, but my members want to make sure we talk about this.”

This is the same Susan Francis that said this in regards to requiring all school boards traditional, votech and charters to record their public sessions of school board meetings, “Susan Francis, executive director of the Delaware School Boards Association, said her group is worried about the costs of new equipment and overtime for paying support staff to do the recordings. She also said her group isn’t necessarily opposed to the bill”. Much of the problems with charter schools including admission stem from lack of transparency and her middle of the road position on recording board meetings doesn’t give me any confidence in her role on this group. She relies on charter school advertisement aka communication to state her position of concern but doesn’t see recording board meetings in helping keeping all cards on the table?

Hats off to the state legislators who pushed this issue to a formal working group. But rest assure the charter school’s own $$$$$$ working groups will fend of any attack to their status quo. 

My position is, if charter schools are public schools the doors for all student must swing the same way, Also, all schools should have education services to meet the needs of students that include, honors, TAG, AP and intervention services for struggling students. Admissions to charters should be open to all with a transparent lottery. But I wonder, will Ms Francis raise concern with the cost of such transparency?

Good luck committee! But we know nothing is binding and as long as the charter school reformers own so many Republican and Democrat state legislators real fairness and equity to all students will never be! 

Capital School District tells Gov Markell F-you!

Capital school district balks at Delaware teacher-evaluation system They don’t like linkage of teacher ratings to student test scores Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

The Capital School Board is pushing back against the state’s teacher evaluation system, marking another protest among local school boards against tying teacher ratings to student test scores.

School board members say they don’t believe the system is fair to teachers, so they can’t justify using it to rate their employees.

“It seems to us that the concerns that are voiced to DoE are falling on deaf ears, so we felt that we had to take some action and start the conversation,” Capital School Board President Matthew J. Lindell said.

Following the Moyer $$$$$ mortgage / sale trail

Go here for complete county details 

Instr: 201309060058803



Rec: 9/6/2013 4:05:19 PM

Type: DEE









Legal: * PrpId: 2602940028 AdrNum: 610 AdrStr: E 17TH ST WILMINGTON



Instr: 201309160060480

Rec: 9/16/2013 12:14:28 PM

Type: DEE







Legal: * PrpId: 2602940028 AdrNum: 610 AdrStr: E 17TH ST Cty: WILMINGTON

So it “appears” the Moyer property ( will call it that) was owned by Reinvestment II LLC and went to sheriff sale and was purchased through the sheriff sale by Reinvestment Fund Inc and they (Reinvestment Fund Inc.) “apparently” made a $$$$$$$$$ deal with Moyer to purchase the building and Reinvestment Fund Inc holds the mortgage note??? 

However it is clearly noted Reinvestment Fund Inc purchased via Sheriff sale the build for $1,300,000.00 and Moyer per the News Journal purchased the same property for about $2,000,000.00 about $700,000.00 over Reinvestment Fund Inc. purchased at the sheriff sale in July. So what is the terms of the so-called mortgage agreement? When did the board vote and approved this transaction? Why wasn’t this information share with the Delaware State School Board at it’s September meeting?

Many question here and no transparency to board approval and sale/mortgage agreement! Why? 

What Moyer purchased building for 2 million? Somebody please tell the county? @destateboarded @dedeptofed @greg_lavelle #edude #netDe

Moyer Academy clears one hurdle with purchase of Wilmington building; Delaware charter school still needs a charter renewal Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

The New Moyer Academy charter school has inked a deal to buy its building, a move school leaders hope will put to rest concerns among some state officials that the school’s finances are not in order.

Curry said Moyer purchased its building for about $2 million. The school took out a loan that the board hopes to pay off within three years.

So why does the county records show Sale Amount $10.00? When did Moyer’s board approved this purchase? Reinvestment Fund , Inc just purchased the building in a sheriff Sale 07/09/2013 for 1.3 million dollars and Moyer is listed by the county as purchasing it on 09/11/2013 for the Sale Amount of $10.00. However, if Moyer purchased the building for $2 million dollars that would makes $700,000.00 profit for Reinvestment Fund, Inc. after holding the building for 2 months. Who reaps the profits? Also, DE DOE Charter Office has one of it’s employees on Moyer’s Citizen Budget Oversight Committee so why is DE DOE in the dark on the detail? Is someone on the inside getting a cut? Why wasn’t this news presented to the Delaware State Board of Education during their September meeting after Moyer’s purchase list by the county?

Taxpayer’s money is being used for this real estate transaction and there is enough gray areas to warranted an investigation by the State Auditor. Hopefully the News Journal has the fortitude to do a complete media investigation. Don’t you love their article title re: “Moyer clears one hurdle with purchase of Wilmington building.” Many questions remain before that hurdle is cleared.

Transparency folks! Lack of it will bring a charter school down just like with Pencader!   

Moyer buys their building 09/11/2013 for “Sale Amount of $10.00” @destateboarded @dedeptofed @greg_lavelle

Remember this post Was Moyer charter school building sold in sheriff sale? #netDe #edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed Posted on July 10, 2013 by kilroysdelaware.

So it looks like property was purchased in a sheriff sale to Reinvestment Fund, Inc.  07/09/2013 and handed over to Moyer for $10.00 on 09/11/2013. Secretary of Education Murphy, when did Moyer’s board of directors approve this transaction? And should DE DOE have been advised and noted on the Charter School update at the Delaware State Board of Education meeting in September after the property transfer? They were on retreat in July and according to September’s board agenda. Approval of June Meeting & July Retreat minutes”  Therefore there appears to be no August 2013 board meeting or that meeting’s minutes would be up for approval. So when did the board meet to approve a property transfer of 09/11/2013? Don’t tell me they did so out of public view and without notice! Also, why isn’t there any reference to this property transaction on their September 2013 agenda! Anyhow, great news for Moyer who pruchased their building for “$10.00” on 09/11/2013! No mortgage payments or rent payments! Surely Moyer had “$10.00” to complete this “Sale Amount”

Sales History

Owner Deed Current Owner? Multi? Sale Date Sale Amount


0 0



Not Available



1360 127






20080221 0011685






20100720 0037524






20130906 0058803






20130916 0060480





On the positive side I’ll give Moyer 5 Gold Stars for detailed retreat minutes with goals held in July 2013 

Wow Moyer is trying to impress me:

Moyer Administration is responsible for:
a. Getting the web site up to date and keep it up to date including:
b. Making sure it is accurate.
c. Updating all board members to ensure they are current.
d. Adding email addresses for all board members.
e. Putting all agendas on the web site when they are issued.
f. Putting all meeting notes on the web site.
g. Putting the IRS 990 Form on the web site – MS. WONGUS is to provide.
h. Moyer is to tell the board who is responsible for updating the web site.
i. Letting parents know in mailings, by putting announcements up on the school bulletin board and in local libraries.


A Moyer Credit Card
A motion was presented to provide a credit card for Moyer Academy to use for purchases with the understanding that:
1. Internal controls and spending parameters will be established prior to the acquisition of such a card.
2. An investigation and comparison will be made between the State of Delaware issued card (all rebates belong to the State) and the American Express card in which points belong to the holder and make a recommendation based on the findings of the investigation and comparison will be made to the board for its approval.


To the board and parents of Moyer tough times are ahead and transparency is the key to navigating these deep waters. If there is nothing to hide then put it out there! Please don’t follow Penader’s path! Please! Save you school and keep the cards on the table! And be brave and be the first charter school in Delaware to record public sessions of board meeting and put online for all to hear!

News Journal’s Lois Lane bitchslaps two Delaware bloggers

A ‘plea’ for better, less ‘boring’ education blogging -Posted on September 24, 2013 by Nichole Dobo

Education blogs, and advocates, sometimes can take a debate and make it personal. Ad hominem attacks. Heroes and crooks.

A plea has emerged from a blogger: Please, can we debate the issues without assuming the worst of the other side? It would be more productive and not so boring, he said.

Nichole says:

I saw two things tonight on local Delaware blogs that made me toss this this debate out to you.

The first Delaware-based blog item I read compared an upcoming state education community meeting to the tragic bombing of Pearl Harbor. (It was meant as hyperbole, I think, because it said Germans did the bombing.) Here’s a photo of the blog I saw tonight.

Mike O owns this one @ The Seventh Type

Nichole says:

The second blog comment made some assumptions, and attacks, on education writers and editors. (I’m conflicted here, of course, but I believe many journalists do try to do what’s right and aren’t acting maliciously.)

I am “assuming” this is Kilroy post NJ’s Jimmy Olsen bitch-slaps parents re: Helicopter parents Posted on September 24, 2013 by kilroysdelaware 

I’m not linking over to these posts I mention because the point of this isn’t for me to flame, finger-wag or send others over to attack. And I’m not judging the merits of the larger education policy points each blogger was making. That’s not my job as a reporter. Also: I’m not perfect either. Writing, and putting yourself out there to be judged by the public for the successes and failures of it, isn’t easy stuff. –

So your sparing us from attack! LOL! Nicole you are more perfect than many in your profession because you show real emotion. As I said, in contrast to Jimmy Olsen you are three dimensional and he two dimensional. Perhaps it’s because he is a greenhorn. Surely it suck sometimes being puppets to editors whom I am told actually comes up with the title of the reporter’s articles. No sure if this is true or not but that’s what I am being told. And also, there is a clear distinction being being a reporter and a journalist! Kilroy is neither! Just some dumb-ass with a GED and a pocketful of college credits who was very engaged in a system that wanted to pour the kool-aid! I Don’t need to list all the shit I’ve done!    

Now did Jimmy Olsen come up with this article title ? “Too much pressure on students? Online access to school assignments, grades can lead to ‘helicopter parents”.

It points the figure at many parents who want to stay engaged in their child’s education! Aren’t we in a data driven education environment? Ins’t their a competition in the global economy? To be a helicopter parent requires parents to be obsessed with all aspects of their child’s life, not just academics. Why try to confuse or make parents feel bad? But God for bid we turn the tables on the News Journal it’s a sin! 

Maybe we can be passionate and thoughtful without always assuming the worst of so-called enemies. Maybe not. You tell me. 

My blog title lines can be offensive and to the point in my opinion and FYI, in Kilroy’s case the reason I hand out little nick names like Lois Lane, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen is not make it personal and understand there is a “person” behind being a reporter! Jimmy did me dirty on the school board recording piece and spooked two sponsoring legislation. But that’s OK! But to ask me to call and me pour my feelings and emotions out in regards to the issue AFTER it was suggested by a key legislator for Jimmy call me AND yet not one word from my position in his article! To me Jimmy sucks but I am sure Matt is a cool person and from where I sit we’re talking two different people! Also, though Kilroy throws his barbs, Kilroy makes sure when quoting something from any media source that he notates the reporter.

Historically many citizens see the News Journal as someone they can turn to for help! I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “call the News Journal” when someone is getting screwed by the system or poor service from a merchant. Many times the News Journal comes through for these desperate people! 

As far as online etiquette, look at the shit comments people leave on the News Journal’s interactive comment section. 

It is what it is! The media folks have all the space and time to report on education issues, raise concern with wrongheaded agendas or be a puppet for the likes of Rodel and Jack Markell! Yep reporters have to take a non bias position either way because of professional responsibility. Yet they can be manipulated by their editors ( for the sake of a paycheck) to lean to support the Markell education agenda deep seeded in the Race to The Top Wall Street ponzi scheme.

Sorry to say people like Mike O and Kilroy only have a small soap box and at times have to use a bit of shock and awl marketing skill to hook people in! And you know what? If people do like what we have to say or offer they can go fuck themselves and guess what we don’t have corporate sponsors or advertiser to answers to! We work for free and to provide a virtual kitchen table for people to say what they want! Publius has just as much rights as anyone else.  If they call Kilroy a mother fucker so be it. However if they came on here and called you one I’d removed the comment and put them on moderation. Kilroy does have morals! 

If you take the verbal attacks to you or the News Journal serious perhaps you’re in t he wrong profession! As for me blogging sucks but like you I feel I have a job to do! And let’s not forget about Jack Markell who seems to thinks he can walk on water when it comes to education reform and those who question are naysayers! Now isn’t Rodel sponsoring another Vision 2015 summit soon? Gee I’ll bet they get a story-line and space in the editorial section to masturbate all over themselves.

And if the second unnamed blogger you were referring to wasn’t me forget everything I just said! Not!