Message to Delaware Las Americas ASPIRA Academy

Thank you for posting online your IRS990 form as required by law. Kilroy has a history of patrolling traditional and charter school websites reviewing compliance to the laws governing Delaware’s public and charter schools and the overall quality of webpages. Las Americas ASPIRA Academy’s webpage is to be commended.

We are well into the information age where the internet is the hub of information for parents students and the community. Schools that are lacking in quality information are a disservice to all. It’s agreeable that many high poverty parents don’t have internet access. However, that should not stop schools for providing world class webpages and Las Americas ASPIRA Academy is heading in that direction. Of all the Delaware charter school my assessment is Las Americas ASPIRA Academy and Newark Charter School have the best webpages in the state. There are charter school webpages that are pathetic and an insult to parents, students and the community and God only knows why the Delaware Department of Education turns a blind-eye.

Kilroy doesn’t patrol webpages as witch-hunt or a game of gotcha and I don’t see myself as a disservice for pointing-out the pathetic. 

There are many controversies regarding charter and traditional public schools however, communications to the students, parents and community should be priority-one. If a school claims to world-class or reaching towards world-class they should operate in the daylight and keep the cards on the table. Las Americas ASPIRA Academy is doing a good job of doing that! I recommend Las Americas ASPIRA Academy bring communications to the next level by digitally recording public sessions of board meetings and posting those sound files online! Las Americas ASPIRA Academy might be criticized by other charter schools and the Delaware Charter Schools Network for such a bold step. And those who are the best do differentiate themselves from others. We’ve seen some charter schools go under and each case they were governed pretty-much in the dark and by persons with ego issues. Pubic schools which charter schools are do belong to the public and should be celebrate. Those closed-minded to transparency are a disservice. 

My good friend Publius is critical of my efforts to see all traditional, votech and charter schools be required to record public session of board meetings. His loyalty to friends who work within charter schools is misguided because he puts protecting those not up to snuff over transparency. He can’t see that transparency is beneficial and keeps leaders focused and centered of what’s important such as children. Publius’s failure to call for Pencader leaders to move out of the dark and be more transparent was part of the reason Pencader became a disgrace and ordered closed. Kilroy is not anti-charter school. In-fact Kilroy supports school choice with charters being part of the choice option. The failures within our public school system is a result of failures of the adults within and state legislators. Do remember, it was parents going across the grain of the system that help deliver charter schools. Charters have been under attack and the Delaware Department of Education’s lack of capacity is damaging the foundation of charters. Personally, I would love to see all schools operate under a federal and state block-grant process. Meeting the standards should be the objective and micromanaging the process to obtaining them is a hindrance for all. The compliance laced grants are nothing more than a means to create administrative jobs whereas more money can go towards classroom needs and reducing class sizes.

From what I see via Las Americas ASPIRA Academy webpage, Las Americas ASPIRA Academy has a good foundation and something worthy to build on! Wilmington Charter School somehow get’s the distinction of being top dog when it comes to Delaware charter schools. However, it artificial because they have become masters at cherry picking students and at the art of counseling-out undesirable students. Charter schools that open their arms to all students are the real heroes and teachers within must adapt to all level of students needs.

Kilroy may be perceived as some-kind of town idiot. However, unlike those righteous non profits like The Delaware Charter Schools Network and Innovate Schools, Kilroy isn’t looking for a paycheck! Kilroy was instrumental is establishing Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee long before H.B.#119 and Kilroy was instrumental is getting Red Clay to record their public session of board meetings and for Christina to do the same. Capital School District followed the lead of Red Clay and Christina. Also. Kilroy was instrumental in securing legislation requiring the Delaware State Board of Education to record their board meetings. I endure the stones thrown at me by the likes of Publius and negativity from the likes of the Delaware Charter Schools Network. Kilroy was proclaimed a misguided parent who spoke-out against DSTP and those 3-tiered diploma. Kilroy did help push for the growth model test. Kilroy busted Red Clay for rubber stamping parents name on their Consolidated Grant Application where Red Clay was given a DE DOE ass-spanking! When a town idiot like Kilroy with a GED and a pocketful of college credits sees the flaws in our education system led by a bunch of PhD’s one must wonder how valued a PhD is.

Keep up the good work Las Americas ASPIRA Academy but always remember to be a leader one must lead not follow! It is innovated leaders within that creates innovated schools. Fearing sunshine is a weakness!    

7 responses to “Message to Delaware Las Americas ASPIRA Academy

  1. Since you are mentioning a couple good ones- I wanted to direct you to Positive Outcomes site- it’s quite impressive with a wealth of information.
    In contrast when I look on a close to them traditional school district site, Lake Forest, I don’t see as much information and absolutely no cboc minutes posted for all of 2013 nor a budget for 2013 let alone 2014 nor an annual report as required by law – yes all school districts have to publish a report its not just a requirement for charters.
    Here is the code reference for local board reports- there are several local board members on this board- make sure your board is following this as well
    Ҥ 1050. Annual report.
    On or before August 15 of each year, the school board of each reorganized school district shall file with the Department of Education a district report as required by § 124A of this title. Such district report shall be a public document and be made available to the citizens of the school district. Each school district is also encouraged to include in such report such additional information as it believes will help its citizens better understand the current conditions, accomplishments, and policies of the school district, as well as the expenditures, revenues and business and financial transactions of the school district for the prior fiscal year, and the need for the improvement and advancement of the schools within the school district.”


  2. You say Kilroy may be perceived as a town idiot. Actually not even close to true. That distinction falls on Publius.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Publius is just confused and thinks charters are corporations and can operate like Wall Street scum!


  3. Off your meds, Kilroy? Difficult to follow between “Do remember, it was parents going across the grain of the system that help deliver charter schools. ” and calling charter supporters racist and to blame for re-segregating. Or are those parents the racists you so often attack.


    • kilroysdelaware

      I’ve said it many time over, I support charter school as another choice for parents and students! It doesn’t mean parents who use this choice are racist but the fact remains, many grassroots parents who helped move charters and write the charter law are racist and yes were in the heart of Red Clay! Were all the passengers riding on the bus Rosa Parks took her stand racist? Was the driver? Are all children of the KKK racist ? When the DuPont family helped public schools building ones for white and one for black make them racist? “In 1919, Pierre joined the State Board of Education of Delaware, and in the same year, he formed the Delaware School Auxiliary Association to improve school facilities and build new schools From 1919 to 1927, Delaware built more than 120 schools,with Pierre donating more than $5 million, largely for the construction of schools for AfricanAmerican children”. The rule and law governed segregation,Was Pierre a racist? Are his descendants? Wait look how the Longwood Foundation helps fund charter schools! Are they funding de facto segregation? I have issue with the charter school law and those who help craft into the seeds of de facto segregation and charter schools that use prior student achievement for admission.

      “Do remember, it was parents going across the grain of the system that help deliver charter schools” yep I said that!

      “Each one of us has our own reasons for supporting or opposing charter schools. Many are personal but some can be based on our own philosophy of what is best for our children” Guest 12/22/2012.

      What I said wasn’t in the context of race but wanting a better education or rather believing they’ll get a better education. Now are you saying is race is part of that philosophy it’s acceptable and the taxpayers should provide funding?

      I support charter schools as choice but don’t support the current charter school law. I support parents who make the charter choice based on whats best for them academically and seeking safer schools, But I don’t support parents making that choice because they want to limit their child’s exposure to black children. The taxpayers should not be funding de facto segregation. We don’t need charter schools as we need all public schools proving choices and services within to meet all students needs.


    • Kilroy, check your own quotes. You have repeatedly called those who founded charters racist, more often in recent posts. You are responsible for those blanket statements. If you don’t want them thrown back at you, choose your phrasing more carefully
      I stand by my earlier account. I think there is an element of racism on both sides of this issue. I have little doubt that some who support charters think it limits contact with minority students. I also have little doubt that some who oppose charters fear that their children will become the minority in their TPS. Laying re-segregation at the foot of charters, as you so often do, fails to improve anything. NSA was going to result in that demographic change whether or not charters existed. Schools will often be racially identifiable based on geography for the foreseeable future. Charters are not changing that.
      Based on your claim, “I have issue with the charter school law and those who help craft into the seeds of de facto segregation and charter schools that use prior student achievement for admission.”, your hatred seems to be focused on CSW. The blanket statements cause more damage than they repair. You have a certain responsibility with your posts if you hope this site will actually improve the education system in Delaware.


    • kilroysdelaware

      It’s all in how one wants to interpret it! I never said all parents who send their children to charter schools are racist! Some of the charter grassroots parents are racist to the extreme.

      “The blanket statements cause more damage than they repair” Not to repair just trying to clarify for you that I am no anti charter schools and did say all charter parents are racist.

      “You have a certain responsibility with your posts if you hope this site will actually improve the education system in Delaware”

      I provide a virtual kitchen table for all to come and vent, engage and debate! Something cannot be sugarcoated! The fact remains some of the grassroots charter parents were driven by race! Though even some the new generation of parents may have negative racial views the majority want the best education for their children. The charter reformers did everything they could to bash TSP to justify the need for charters. Do you see TPS loading up buses handing out scripts to kids promoting TSP on the greens of legislative hall! There would be an outrage if TSP wasted transportation funds to bus kids to Dover to promote TPS! .

      “Laying re-segregation at the foot of charters, as you so often do, fails to improve anything. NSA was going to result in that demographic change whether or not charters existed.”

      Some charter are near 100% African-American and apparently by choice! And some TSP are near 100% African-American by district choice! But in Red Clay force busing still exist one way out of Wilmington to middle and high schools. Many are bused to Dickinson when in fact A.I. High is closer and A.I.High is expand their building to accommodate choice students when in fact student within A.I’s feeder pattern would fill it! CSW of Wilmington is using so called surplus space yet with the passage of NSA one would thing that space isn’t no longer surplus!

      The charter and NSA issues are deep and the fact remains de facto segregation is taking place and “some” charter play the enrollment preferences in a way it impacts racial balance! In respects to NSA one would think charter school would have to comply and give first and guaranteed preference to those closest to the school. In Newark Charter defense their 5 mile radius does that.

      Governor Markell himself raised concerns with re-segregation via charters and skimming and creaming of students.So is he safe because he is more tactful and I question the root cause associated with the grassroots charter parents?