It’s time for Delaware’s teachers union to boycott Markell’s education circus


Week Ahead for Governor Markell

 September 3-6, 2013

“Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:00 p.m.  – Governor Markell will speak at the Common Core Back-to-School Night.  The Governor will join Secretary of Education Mark Murphy at an event for education leaders. It will be attended by representatives from school boards, the State Board of Education, members of the General Assembly, school superintendents as well as the state teachers union.  A team of teachers will run two Common Core-aligned lessons (English and Math) that will allow attendees to see firsthand how the new standards incorporate higher-level thinking and application.  Silver Lake Elementary, 200 E. Cochran Street, Middletown”

Kilroy says:

It’s time for Delaware’s teacher unions to boycott Governor Markell’s education circus! It makes me cringe that some of our union leaders fall in to awestruck when in the presence of Governor Markell and some actually want their picture taken with him! Are you people fucking nuts! Common Core Standards has it’s merits. However, when it’s tied to the Smarter Balanced Assessment tied to teacher evaluations it SUCKS!  It makes no sense union leaders pitch a bitch about the new teacher evaluation system when at the same time they empowered Governor Markell to fuck them! God help the next generation of public school teachers!

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