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Delaware’s Positive Outcomes Charter School has a spectacular webpage!

MHS, on August 31, 2013 at 10:43 am said: Since you are mentioning a couple good ones- I wanted to direct you to Positive Outcomes site- it’s quite impressive with a wealth of information.

Thank you MHS, I checked them out and Positive Outcomes website is first class! Folks check it out, Positive Outcomes Charter School.

Hey Moyer parents, tell your school board and leaders to get their heads out of their asses and use Positive Outcomes webpage format! I am telling you, Moyer is on thin ice and if you want to save it demand transparency! We don’t want another Pencader!  

Thank you Positive Outcomes Charter School.

It’s time for Delaware’s teachers union to boycott Markell’s education circus


Week Ahead for Governor Markell

 September 3-6, 2013

“Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:00 p.m.  – Governor Markell will speak at the Common Core Back-to-School Night.  The Governor will join Secretary of Education Mark Murphy at an event for education leaders. It will be attended by representatives from school boards, the State Board of Education, members of the General Assembly, school superintendents as well as the state teachers union.  A team of teachers will run two Common Core-aligned lessons (English and Math) that will allow attendees to see firsthand how the new standards incorporate higher-level thinking and application.  Silver Lake Elementary, 200 E. Cochran Street, Middletown”

Kilroy says:

It’s time for Delaware’s teacher unions to boycott Governor Markell’s education circus! It makes me cringe that some of our union leaders fall in to awestruck when in the presence of Governor Markell and some actually want their picture taken with him! Are you people fucking nuts! Common Core Standards has it’s merits. However, when it’s tied to the Smarter Balanced Assessment tied to teacher evaluations it SUCKS!  It makes no sense union leaders pitch a bitch about the new teacher evaluation system when at the same time they empowered Governor Markell to fuck them! God help the next generation of public school teachers!

Message to Delaware Las Americas ASPIRA Academy

Thank you for posting online your IRS990 form as required by law. Kilroy has a history of patrolling traditional and charter school websites reviewing compliance to the laws governing Delaware’s public and charter schools and the overall quality of webpages. Las Americas ASPIRA Academy’s webpage is to be commended.

We are well into the information age where the internet is the hub of information for parents students and the community. Schools that are lacking in quality information are a disservice to all. It’s agreeable that many high poverty parents don’t have internet access. However, that should not stop schools for providing world class webpages and Las Americas ASPIRA Academy is heading in that direction. Of all the Delaware charter school my assessment is Las Americas ASPIRA Academy and Newark Charter School have the best webpages in the state. There are charter school webpages that are pathetic and an insult to parents, students and the community and God only knows why the Delaware Department of Education turns a blind-eye.

Kilroy doesn’t patrol webpages as witch-hunt or a game of gotcha and I don’t see myself as a disservice for pointing-out the pathetic. 

There are many controversies regarding charter and traditional public schools however, communications to the students, parents and community should be priority-one. If a school claims to world-class or reaching towards world-class they should operate in the daylight and keep the cards on the table. Las Americas ASPIRA Academy is doing a good job of doing that! I recommend Las Americas ASPIRA Academy bring communications to the next level by digitally recording public sessions of board meetings and posting those sound files online! Las Americas ASPIRA Academy might be criticized by other charter schools and the Delaware Charter Schools Network for such a bold step. And those who are the best do differentiate themselves from others. We’ve seen some charter schools go under and each case they were governed pretty-much in the dark and by persons with ego issues. Pubic schools which charter schools are do belong to the public and should be celebrate. Those closed-minded to transparency are a disservice. 

My good friend Publius is critical of my efforts to see all traditional, votech and charter schools be required to record public session of board meetings. His loyalty to friends who work within charter schools is misguided because he puts protecting those not up to snuff over transparency. He can’t see that transparency is beneficial and keeps leaders focused and centered of what’s important such as children. Publius’s failure to call for Pencader leaders to move out of the dark and be more transparent was part of the reason Pencader became a disgrace and ordered closed. Kilroy is not anti-charter school. In-fact Kilroy supports school choice with charters being part of the choice option. The failures within our public school system is a result of failures of the adults within and state legislators. Do remember, it was parents going across the grain of the system that help deliver charter schools. Charters have been under attack and the Delaware Department of Education’s lack of capacity is damaging the foundation of charters. Personally, I would love to see all schools operate under a federal and state block-grant process. Meeting the standards should be the objective and micromanaging the process to obtaining them is a hindrance for all. The compliance laced grants are nothing more than a means to create administrative jobs whereas more money can go towards classroom needs and reducing class sizes.

From what I see via Las Americas ASPIRA Academy webpage, Las Americas ASPIRA Academy has a good foundation and something worthy to build on! Wilmington Charter School somehow get’s the distinction of being top dog when it comes to Delaware charter schools. However, it artificial because they have become masters at cherry picking students and at the art of counseling-out undesirable students. Charter schools that open their arms to all students are the real heroes and teachers within must adapt to all level of students needs.

Kilroy may be perceived as some-kind of town idiot. However, unlike those righteous non profits like The Delaware Charter Schools Network and Innovate Schools, Kilroy isn’t looking for a paycheck! Kilroy was instrumental is establishing Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee long before H.B.#119 and Kilroy was instrumental is getting Red Clay to record their public session of board meetings and for Christina to do the same. Capital School District followed the lead of Red Clay and Christina. Also. Kilroy was instrumental in securing legislation requiring the Delaware State Board of Education to record their board meetings. I endure the stones thrown at me by the likes of Publius and negativity from the likes of the Delaware Charter Schools Network. Kilroy was proclaimed a misguided parent who spoke-out against DSTP and those 3-tiered diploma. Kilroy did help push for the growth model test. Kilroy busted Red Clay for rubber stamping parents name on their Consolidated Grant Application where Red Clay was given a DE DOE ass-spanking! When a town idiot like Kilroy with a GED and a pocketful of college credits sees the flaws in our education system led by a bunch of PhD’s one must wonder how valued a PhD is.

Keep up the good work Las Americas ASPIRA Academy but always remember to be a leader one must lead not follow! It is innovated leaders within that creates innovated schools. Fearing sunshine is a weakness!