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Delaware teachers are not responsible for dysfunctional familes

Behavioral health program at schools sets more ambitious goals in state rollout Written by Kelly April Tyrrell and Esteban Parra

This year, the state is looking to hire 30 licensed professionals, such as social workers and mental health counselors, to serve as middle school behavioral health consultants in each district. Some schools will get their own, and some will share.

A request for proposals to do the hiring is out now through Sept. 12, using part of the $2.8 million in funds made available to DSCYF by the General Assembly.

The project places behavioral health consultants in Delaware middle schools to provide everything from suicide risk assessment to substance abuse and trauma screening. They also refer families to agencies or organizations like Duffy’s Hope, which can provide a constructive outlet for youth.

FYI middle school intervention might be a little too late for many students. We need to get real with school guidance counselors and have two in schools with high frequencies of behavior issues! One trained counselor serving as a crisis interventionist and the other as an academic, career and college preparation counselor. However, “anything” that brings more mental-health professionals in our schools is welcomed! But please don’t put these people under the authority or direct supervision of school districts, charters and school principals. Also let’s not forget about the “Division of Child Mental Health Services”. And  then there is the “Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services”. When talking about collaboration these organizations need to collaborate with the schools and each other. If we’re going to get serious about “wraparound” services let’s do it!

The time to stop blaming teachers for failures within the family and community is now! Children from dysfunctional families and their parents aren’t singing praise the Lord, Race to The Top is here to save us or the Smarter Balanced Assessment will cure all! YOU CAN’T TEACH CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT WILLING TO LEARN AND WITH PARENTS WHO DON’T GIVE A RAT’s ASS!