What gives with Appoquinimink High teacher exodus ?

What gives with 12 teachers resigning Appoquinimink high school with 5 being from the math department?

I was doing my review of school district webpages and notice 12 teachers turned in their resignations and we’re not talking VTs, they quit! 

Also what gives with holding back on the investigation Appoquinimink Education Association possible embezzlement?  Another scandal swept under the rug? 

5 responses to “What gives with Appoquinimink High teacher exodus ?

  1. Pigeon on the Green

    The principal is a huge problem. Obtuse on a good day, simply clueless on others. We expect her at DOE anyday now.


    • who ever wrote this- know that you made my day. Actually made my night because I scratch my head often looking for any evidence that anyone at DOE has a clue. Without exception- I have not found one person that understands what first year teachers take for granted.. colloboration, team work and hard work rules the day. They are about parties, barbecues, condolences for one another and usless the rest of the time. Thanks


  2. My feeling is it is coming out. Scan the retirements and you will have a name jump out as it ties directly to the now former treasurer. Money embezzled totals over 50k and that should NEVER be swept away. Regardless of age or motive there should be a public exposure and punishment given that matches the crime. On top of that the exodus is disturbing as is the amount of nepotism and hiring of friends, regardless of credentials. If you see that admin can bend/break rules then what hope do you have as a teacher there. Appo has a history of having a big broom stored in the closet and likes to brush away perceived problems and simply overlooking the hard work and terrific job that most of their teachers do!


  3. Doesn’t the Appo Supt have very little teaching experience, very little building experience and had absolutely no district level experience before taking this position?? Sad, since the previous Supt was such a good leader. The Appo High Asst Principal also seems to have a questionable past. The good news is that other district are getting some pretty darn good teachers! Good for them!