Did Delacrat call Delaware Military Academy war pigs ?

Delaware Military Academy has new school leader / commander

Posted on August 21, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

delacrat, on August 22, 2013 at 11:57 am said: 

The problem with DMA is that it grooms children for war.

Delacrat’s commment was made under another blog posted and you can go there to see further comments

Personally I don’t see Delaware Military Academy as a military indoctrination center for so-called children of war! 

DMA;s Mission Statement 

“The mission of the Delaware Military Academy is to prepare young men and women for their next level of education and to provide them with a foundation that leads to good citizenship.  In addition, we will furnish them with a healthy mental and physical environment with military training as a requisite for a better understanding of the obligations of citizenship and self-discipline and to afford them opportunities for proper social activities and exposure to moral ideas”

Also this “97% of graduates go on to higher education” and “Authorized to nominate eligible cadets for admissions to the U.S. Naval, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Military Academies” I am not sure what part of the 97% re: college are those students going to military academies. However, let’s say 95% go on to traditional college and perhaps some to college ROTC programs. What’s left to enlisted in the military after DMA graduation? In contrast to traditional and other charter schools what part of those graduates enlisted in the military?

FYI to all, if anything grooms children for war it’s video games. How many simulated kills are made via a video games in a child’s lifetime? What is the average age of a child when he makes his first simulated kill?

For the U.S. Military, Video Games Get Serious Jeremy Hsu

Today’s U.S. military recruits enjoy an arsenal of simulators and video games that sharpen their fighting skills and may even protect them from the mental stresses of combat. But experts caution that virtual reality could also help mask the reality of war.

That has not stopped the military from embracing video games to recruit and train a young generation of gamers who typically play commercial games such as “Modern Warfare 2,” which passed $1 billion in sales in January.

“The Army has really taken a hold of gaming technology,” said Marsha Berry, executive producer for the game “America’s Army 3.”

Perhaps DMA might educate their cadets that real war ins’t like video games and in real war death is real not simulated! So if they enlisted they won’t be clueless sheep! So it’s down to being brave like the generations before them !

As to the question of modern ware-fare / war we do have a question irrelevant to DMA. Trying to change tribal societies  in  the middle-east that have been tribal since the begin of their existence for 1000’s of years by a country 227 years old (America) may be a fools journey and provokes hatred towards America and Americans and fuels terrorism may be consider war mongers. Engaging in other’s civil war when not directly attacked is not the responsibility of America. For every action there is a reaction and Syria would be a big mistake!       

DMA does not groom children of war but perhaps Washington does by selling all wars as just when in fact some may not be! 

3 responses to “Did Delacrat call Delaware Military Academy war pigs ?

  1. kilroy,

    The word “pig” does not appear in my nor anyone else’s posts in the article concerning the DMA .


    • kilroysdelaware

      The blog post is a question “Did Delacrat call Delaware Military Academy war pigs ?”

      You said, “The problem with DMA is that it grooms children for war”

      The assumption is, if DMA grooms children for war the negative reference assumes DMA is pro war! But the record stands you did not call DMA war pigs using that term!


  2. lastDEconservative

    For my $00,000.02, many of your blog denizen friends are “iffy,” but delacrat is long past that, and well into “dangerous,” probably borderline psychotic. Congratulations.