DE Sec Ed Murphy becomes treasurer of school funding

Innovation in the classroom awarded grant money By Amy Cherry

Murphy says they’re not just handing out money and walking away.

“We give funding to people who we think are going to do great work for kids, and then we make a real commitment to learn from it, and frankly, hold ourselves accountable to outcomes,” says Murphy.

So where is the publish framework for this competitive grant? Who determines the winners and losers?

Other winners have developed innovative initiatives centering around the state’s implementation of the Common Core standards. 

So drop to your common core knees and hold you hand out! 

7 responses to “DE Sec Ed Murphy becomes treasurer of school funding

  1. CSD’s $$ ?


    • Guessing based on Murphy’s propensity to distort and make up lies about CSD and our participation in state programs as a pretext to withhold funding, i’d guess ZERO.


  2. Based on Murphy’s history of failing to hold his own department accountable – just look at PZ and FOCUS schools – I predict this will be yet another epic DOE failure.

    I thank god everyday that Murphy disqualified CSD from Race to the Top!


  3. This is normal behavior though. Power always tries to divide opposition with handouts. The ultimate question remains, is this good for our children? If the children suffer despite of these handouts, than we as a big gob of society, lost. But if every child gains, than they are good things to celebrate. The secret is to stay focused on what is best for every child, in every district, in every county. The math will always be clear. If two children benefit, yet ten lose, the result of this action will be a negative number.


    • lastDEconservative

      Then by definition, the result is a negative. Only a very very very few (of “every”) will even be EXPOSED to the POSSIBILITY of a gain by this hollow, meaningless, therefore evil largesse. Only a very very very few of those (if any) will “benefit.”

      Same $#!&, different day. Fifth generation of dumbed down citizens now living through same $#!&, different day, as a matter of fact.

      And the great unwashed, unable to discern, those for whom history is a blind spot, succumb to the entreaties of government and their willing (by failing to challenge, ever) accomplices in the media to cheer, to applaud this “new” day dawning, where the answers to the great questions of time are just now at hand.

      What a sad state of affairs.