Delaware Senator Sokola bitch-slaps Delaware Rep. Kowalko

Senator David Sokola has some nerve attacking State Representative John Kowalko in his News Journal hit piece..

Many forget or might not know Senator Sokola is the godfather of DSTP the former standardized student test that was flawed from day! Remember those 3-tiered diplomas grading student based on one test like sides of beef in the supermarket. The Basic Diploma was destined to at- risk struggling minority children. As for speical ed students Sokola took the position those students should take grade-level assessments with limited accommodations. As far as charter schools, Sokola was one of Newark Charters original board members. Rather than support all of public education his personal choice to join the Newark Charter School Board signified the beginning of his bias for charter schools and less support for traditional public schools. Sokola worked in shadows helping Newark Charter secure a conduit loan through the county. Sokola was the stick in the mud holding Delaware back from advancing student assessment to a growth model plan. For the life on me, I don’t understand why Senator Sokola is the Chairman of the Delaware Senate Education Committee. That leadership belongs to a no-bias leader, not one manipulating others to support charter schools. The process at best is skewed!

“Therefore it was troubling for us as Senate Education Committee members to read a recent opinion piece by one of our colleagues entitled “Lawmakers flunk charter reform test.”  

Sokola is referring to state representative Kowalko. Kowalko calls it as he sees it and was right-on! Sokola is bent out of shape because the egg on his face dripped down to the crack of his ass! And you can bet Sokola worked on Rep Hudson to get her to kick H.B. #23 under the bus after passing house education committee. Sokola doesn’t want no parts of recording school board meetings especially for charter’s. 

Senator Sokola is and always has been on the corporate bandwagon that allows the likes of Rodel to have a major say in Delaware public school reform. Pretty sad Dave, business has a greater voice in education reform than parents.

Senator Sokola sits on  the sidelines as DE DOE losses all capacity to effectively approve charter and provide oversight to charter schools. Some charter schools fail because they lack clear transparency and don’t even follow some of the laws supporting transparency. Sokola sees this as growing pains.

Senator Sokola questions his legislative colleague Rep Kowalko is his News Journal hit price and I hope Kowalko is allowed the NJ space to respond! 

The charter school law is a mess because Senator Sokola is a Jack Markell lapdog protecting his campaign corporate investors and special interest! 

19 responses to “Delaware Senator Sokola bitch-slaps Delaware Rep. Kowalko

  1. Here’s all you need to know about Sokola’s take on charters:

    “I believe any changes to the Charter School system need to be made in an open, transparent and inclusive manner, such as the Governor’s Charter School Working Group, that includes a wide range of stakeholder groups.”

    – Senator Sokola from his 2013campaign profile in the News Journal.

    This at the very time the group was meeting behind closed doors.


  2. Sokola made personal phone calls to charter supporters asking them to join the work group. I know at least one who declined after a lovely conversation with him. His hands were all over that work group.


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    Oh. Blogs. 🙂 What would we ever do without you.
    (It be really cool if your love child band could do a cover and you could post it.. lol. ) Imagine a pro-educational demonstration with everyone playing it on their smart phone…


  4. lastDEconservative

    I’m confused here Kilroy. If your ever-the-innocent preening prince of obfuscatory bombast Kowalko went first, and criticized your nemesis Sokola with NJ ink, and Sokola replied …

    … why isn’t the headline the other way ’round; or why isn’t your question whether the NJ will award BOTH combatants a second round of public blather? At this two minutes, both have had a column, neither accomplished a damned thing (as observed from an ability to discern) as legislators or as ink slingers. How long do you propose they continue? Ten rounds?

    Wouldn’t you rather that ink go to a column by, oh, say, yours truly?


  5. Give a dime to the educrat
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  6. His hands were all over that work group.

    I knew Sokola clearly took advantage of that misbegotten group to advance the charter lobby’s agenda, but I wasn’t aware of the extent to which he intentionally engineered it.


    • “I knew Sokola clearly took advantage of that misbegotten group to advance the charter lobby’s agenda, but I wasn’t aware of the extent to which he intentionally engineered it.” – What, exactly, is the charter lobby’s agenda?


  7. I Ain’t no Sokola lapdog!
    I Ain’t no Sokola lapdog!


  8. Is it summit time yet Kilroy? I’m gettin juiced wid these tunes, and wanna keep going.


  9. Pigeon on the Green

    Dave Sokola is on a good day is mildly smart an easily led which in turn makes him very arrogant. The Delaware General Assembly is the modern version of send in the clowns. At JFC they come in so unprepared we text each other in the hearings and laugh at them.


    • Pigeon, that’s not a proprietary practice. School board meetings work the same way. Sometimes, the texting is so furious that those without feel a little left out…


  10. “Senator Sokola is and always has been on the corporate bandwagon”… just like Kowalko is a puppet for the DSEA.


    • Is that why the DSEA and John seem to be on the opposite side of policy endorsements?


    • Keep sucking from the DSEA teet John… maybe they will refund your fees.


    • Greg,

      Do you pay attention? The DSEA wildly supported and REPEATED support for Sokola’s charter disaster.

      They are your friend, not mine.

      Get your facts straight. You’re the one who’s sucking it, pal.


  11. Joanne Christian

    There was a time when Sen. Sokola was really and truly GREAT for education. I’m just sorry this chapter in his legislative career will doom his legacy to “No friend to education….”. I really hope he can go back and make the correction–because honestly readers, he really tried and did make a difference positively, in the 90’s and ’00s. I know, I know my memory goes long—because I’ve been on this stuff FOREVER. But don’t ask me a darn thing about transportation, or the gaming commission!!!


    • lastDEconservative

      “There was a time when Sen. Sokola was really and truly GREAT for education.”

      Hmm. Never knew him to believe that other than government could (SHOULD) provide “education” to our most valuable and most vulnerable. Learn something every day, that’s my motto.

      I go back with him to the very early 90s, when he would help arrange public use of public parks’ space for kids to play soccer. Gummint guy for life.


    • Joanne, for those of us with only short-term DE ed. memory–can you provide more detail on when & how Sokola was good for public education? I’m genuinely interested. He’s my state senator, and appears to be a walking public ed. catastrophe these days. What went wrong?


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