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Kilroy’s love child strikes gold!

Kilroy’s oldest aka love child and his Mrs. are Lux Divon living among those modern day hippies 🙂 in Austin , TX.  Papa is very impressed with their latest album. Might be some good stuff for next years’s Fire Fly

Renaming Colonial’s Southern Elementary School Connor Elementary School would be a good thing

Schools are important part of our community and lives. Seeing schools names not connected to those who contributed to the betterment of education and community is such a waste. Colonial Southern Elementary School’s name is very impersonal and needs to be renamed. Naming a school after an individual is one of the highest honor a community can give back to those who gave so much. A friend asked me, “who would be a good candidate for such a honor.” I gave it some thought and said, former Senator Robert Connor. But I stepped-back and said, his wife Dori Connor who went on to fill his is senate seat after his passing would also make a good candidate. My friend said. why not rename the school after both Bob and Dori? I was wow! Great idea but can they name a school after two people? I thought about and agreed, sure, the school could be name Connor Elementary School and the school’s history could explain and preserve how the school was renamed.  

Some folks might be critical of naming a school after politicians but Bob and Dori Connor were beyond that! Dori was gifted in the arts (music) and served the Colonial School District as a music teacher and gave private lessons within the community. Bob served nearly three decades and Dori over a decade being elected after Bob’s passing. That’s 40 years of service as an elected officials for this husband and wife. This couple made a positive impacted on the community from the arts. environment, veteran affairs, education, the disabled, healthcare for the aging and nearly all aspects of issues impacting our quality of life.

We as society must take timeout to honor such service and people! Renaming Colonial’s Southern Elementary School to Connor Elementary School would honor this couple who served their faith, community and each other. But more importantly serve as a reminder to the community, the existence of quality of life for all must come from individuals and couples willing to give of themselves and hopefully be an inspiration to others to continue such missions.