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recap re: Norman Oliver show 08/04/2013

A follow up from this post Did Norm Oliver bump his head re: Matthews and Willing Posted on August 3, 2013 by kilroysdelaware 

I was able to view the Normal Oliver Crossfire program on Comcast channel 28. Everyone did a great job. I do want to point out a correction. State Representative John Kowalko commented Red Clay Consolidated School District did not have a Neighborhood School Plan. Though Red Clay crafty legal maneuvers allowed them to put in place a bullshit plan the fact remain, there is a state board approved plan and here is a link  . However, I have serious question as to why the Delaware Department of Education and state legislators didn’t request an impact study when Red Clay added North Star and made changes to Conrad as an all “Choice” school eliminating feeder-patterns that require Conrad neighborhood students to Choice “in” rather than out. Adding school buildings and eliminating feeder-patterns after the plan was approved without a DE DOE impact study leaves questions as to, is Red Clay deviating from approved plan? Look what happen to Conrad after changing to an all Choice magnet school The purging of black students continues at Red Clay’s Conrad magnet school Posted on December 30, 2012 by kilroysdelaware.

Kilroy was very impress with the work Devon Hynson with some new initiatives and working the front-lines advocating for students in “partnership” with the school districts.  Check out blog Delaware Way for this news. Education Voices Public Education Conference Set For 9AM September 7th In Wilmington

On to Mike Matthews! Mike is an amazing person and may have the makings of a “fine” elected public official such as state representative or state senator. I’ve been very hard on Mike because I feel he tiptoes around calling-out Governor Jack Markell the engineer for this social and public education train-wreck. It’s not one of those well it’s the system. The fact remains Governor Jack Markell is the driving force (payback to the likes of Rodel for campaign contributions) and must be held accountable. Most of us know the political hostage games Markell played threatening budget cuts and other punitive regulation changes if the districts and unions didn’t play Race to The Top ball and Common Core Standards ball! Perhaps it’s unfair of me to expect Mike to tactfully call the governor an education cluster-fuck. I am very impressed Mike is standing up to the wrongheaded teacher appraisal system and by doing so he is putting it on the line! When it comes to teaching, Mike is full of passion, creativity and amazing skill what most parents want in a teachers. Like Mike, many teachers hands are politically tied to conform to a corporate robot teaching mentality. Kilroy is pro-labor in the sense of fair due process and decent pay and benefits. As a union leader Mike needs to have some sense of balanced and political tact. So in all fairness, I don’t think it would be nice for Mike to call Governor Markell an education cluster-fuck or call Lt. Governor Matt Denn a Markell lapdog! You’re off the hook Matthews :). Mike, hopefully as a state representative or senator you might show some teeth like big John Kowalko. You’re a rising stars and please keeping shining on the kids and the community. 

Then there is Nancy Willing! Nancy great job hosting the show and pushing the conversation. I was tempted to call in but I think I would have pushed the tone very harsh. I feel the time for talk, collaboration and let’s go along to get alone is long past. How much more dialogue do the Wilmington community and civil rights leaders need to demand change? There is no excuse not to have a traditional city public high school and a middle school for each district in the city. As far as school Choice, the time has come to give city kids preferential Choice transportation that will address some equity issues between the haves and have-nots! The issue of de facto segregation needs to be addressed! As for charter schools with specific interest in serving at-risk, it’s a well engineered agenda to academically segregate blacks from whites. All children need to be in schools with a blend of full offerings such AP. honors, tag and arts. Grouping at-risk students eliminates goal levels and sets the bar low as in meeting the standard! All students must be in an environment that challenges individuals to reach for the stars! Building charter schools downtown Wilmington in office complexes with no playground and sports fields is a “tomb”! Stop warehousing children. The time for talk is over and the time for demand is now! At best reduce the number of districts in Wilmington to two. A downtown mega charter school in a business district is not a neighborhood school.