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Delaware’s governor sent to hospital due to botched enema re: Common Core Standards #netDE #edude

Sell: Delaware teachers are fully supporting Common Core John Sell is Delaware’s 2013 Teacher of the Year. He now is assistant principal at Sussex Technical High School.

As students prepare to return to school later this month, teachers also are readying for the new academic year. And this year, they are entering their classrooms with an important tool: clearer, more rigorous and more focused standards for mathematics and English language arts.

Gee, it sounds like like the Jack Markell kool-aid has passed through the digestive system for some and have masturbated the brain cell receptors.  Just what students needed, more rigorous standards replacing less rigorous standards they failed to meet. Now the question is, are the changes in standards more reflective of addressing teaching standards or academic standards relevant to academic subject content.  

Adopted by Delaware’s State Board of Education in August 2010 and being implemented across the state this year, the research-based Common Core State Standards were developed by a coalition of education and business leaders, parents and other experts from across the country in a yearslong effort that drew bipartisan support.

What a fucking joke! FYI, the state board adopted the “national common core standards” because they HAD TOO! Do you honestly think  Delaware’s first education czar Governor Jack Markell would “allow” the board to reject it! There has never been national common core standard and the research-based data is inconclusive in determining the effectiveness on “teaching” and “learning”.

In fact, teachers, including the National Education Association and Delaware State Education Association, have lauded the standards in part because they provide educators with manageable curriculum goals while preserving teachers’ professional judgment in planning the best instructional strategy to meet their students’ needs. That is an important point worth restating: classroom curriculum, which includes materials and lesson plans, remains a local decision.

As long as the adopted standards that will drive the Smarter Balanced Assessment test aka a nationalized standardized test don’t migrated into teacher evaluation impacting their employment will teacher “laud” the standards.

In fact, in an October 2012 survey by EPE Research Center, 76 percent of the teachers agreed Common Core State Standards will help them improve their own instruction and classroom practice. And 87 percent reported they already either fully or partially integrated the new standards into their classroom instruction.

Is this the same survey many teachers were reluctant to participate in where the timeline window for responses was extended? Also, one would think teachers would have integrated these standards or any standards required by their districts!  

Delaware has always had academic standards. The Common Core State Standards are different in that they are more rigorous and in that they are aligned with those in almost every other state across the country. That is important because it means that a child in Claymont will receive just as rigorous an education as a peer in Clayton and the bar for what is proficient in Delaware is just as high as in California. The standards ensure that all students, no matter what school they attend, are being taught what they need to know to be prepared for college or career.

What the Fuck! The state already has state standards associated with DSTP and now DACS, The problem in the past with Delaware was, the cluster-fucks in Dover supported by state legislators like Senator Dave Sokola rolled out the DSTP when the standards and curriculum weren’t aligned.  DSTP was the test to be used to hold 20% of teachers pay to student DSTP performance / meeting the standards.  The “common core standards” isn’t really about preparing students for college as it’s more about setting the bricks and mortar to formulate a national standardized teacher evaluation system that will hold teachers “jobs” accountable. But meantime back on the ranch nothing has been don’t to effectively hold parents accountable for their children’s lack of preparedness and social behaviors negatively impacting their education and that of their fellow classmates.

The Common Core State Standards – available for public review online at www.corestandards.org – emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving, leading students to think more deeply about fewer topics. In the classroom, this might mean a kindergartner will learn to use a combination of drawing, dictating and writing to describe an event and then describe his or her reactions to it. A fifth-grader will learn to graph points in the 2-D coordinate plane to solve problems. More examples are available on the website.

So going from teacher of the year where I assume and individual approach of teaching outside the box within the parameters of the standards and curriculum now makes one the poster-child for the national common core standards? Pay attention future want-to-be teachers of the year! Let’s get those bumper-sticker that read I Love CCSS on back of your cars. Those who dare speaking-out against the CCSS and it’s evil sister The Smarter Balanced Assessment can forget about being teacher of the year! 

In short, the standards do not tell teachers how to teach. They outline what students should be learning in a grade and will help us ensure that every Delaware student graduates well prepared for college or career.

Kilory translation = no matter which end your mouth or ass you stick the enema hose in the results will be the same!

When you take the word “standards” and you attach it to national common core standards you have two different beast! Delaware has always had effective standards and the so-called failures in Delaware’s education system are a result of intrusion by the business round-table and a few rich white guys who have nothing else to do with their money. Politicians like Governor Markell who put control of Delaware public schools up for sale to the like of Rodel and personal career goals have caused grave damage to the foundation of our state education system. Markell is a master when in comes to this wrongheaded education reform agenda! He even has many Delaware Republican kissing his ass! When Delaware Republican legislators pull their legislation that will add greater transparency you know we’ve hit an all time low! It’s pretty sad when local Republicans guards the door of transparency while Jack Markell runs in wrongheaded agenda.