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Delaware’s Positive Outcomes Charter School has a spectacular webpage!

MHS, on August 31, 2013 at 10:43 am said: Since you are mentioning a couple good ones- I wanted to direct you to Positive Outcomes site- it’s quite impressive with a wealth of information.

Thank you MHS, I checked them out and Positive Outcomes website is first class! Folks check it out, Positive Outcomes Charter School.

Hey Moyer parents, tell your school board and leaders to get their heads out of their asses and use Positive Outcomes webpage format! I am telling you, Moyer is on thin ice and if you want to save it demand transparency! We don’t want another Pencader!  

Thank you Positive Outcomes Charter School.

It’s time for Delaware’s teachers union to boycott Markell’s education circus


Week Ahead for Governor Markell

 September 3-6, 2013

“Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:00 p.m.  – Governor Markell will speak at the Common Core Back-to-School Night.  The Governor will join Secretary of Education Mark Murphy at an event for education leaders. It will be attended by representatives from school boards, the State Board of Education, members of the General Assembly, school superintendents as well as the state teachers union.  A team of teachers will run two Common Core-aligned lessons (English and Math) that will allow attendees to see firsthand how the new standards incorporate higher-level thinking and application.  Silver Lake Elementary, 200 E. Cochran Street, Middletown”

Kilroy says:

It’s time for Delaware’s teacher unions to boycott Governor Markell’s education circus! It makes me cringe that some of our union leaders fall in to awestruck when in the presence of Governor Markell and some actually want their picture taken with him! Are you people fucking nuts! Common Core Standards has it’s merits. However, when it’s tied to the Smarter Balanced Assessment tied to teacher evaluations it SUCKS!  It makes no sense union leaders pitch a bitch about the new teacher evaluation system when at the same time they empowered Governor Markell to fuck them! God help the next generation of public school teachers!

Message to Delaware Las Americas ASPIRA Academy

Thank you for posting online your IRS990 form as required by law. Kilroy has a history of patrolling traditional and charter school websites reviewing compliance to the laws governing Delaware’s public and charter schools and the overall quality of webpages. Las Americas ASPIRA Academy’s webpage is to be commended.

We are well into the information age where the internet is the hub of information for parents students and the community. Schools that are lacking in quality information are a disservice to all. It’s agreeable that many high poverty parents don’t have internet access. However, that should not stop schools for providing world class webpages and Las Americas ASPIRA Academy is heading in that direction. Of all the Delaware charter school my assessment is Las Americas ASPIRA Academy and Newark Charter School have the best webpages in the state. There are charter school webpages that are pathetic and an insult to parents, students and the community and God only knows why the Delaware Department of Education turns a blind-eye.

Kilroy doesn’t patrol webpages as witch-hunt or a game of gotcha and I don’t see myself as a disservice for pointing-out the pathetic. 

There are many controversies regarding charter and traditional public schools however, communications to the students, parents and community should be priority-one. If a school claims to world-class or reaching towards world-class they should operate in the daylight and keep the cards on the table. Las Americas ASPIRA Academy is doing a good job of doing that! I recommend Las Americas ASPIRA Academy bring communications to the next level by digitally recording public sessions of board meetings and posting those sound files online! Las Americas ASPIRA Academy might be criticized by other charter schools and the Delaware Charter Schools Network for such a bold step. And those who are the best do differentiate themselves from others. We’ve seen some charter schools go under and each case they were governed pretty-much in the dark and by persons with ego issues. Pubic schools which charter schools are do belong to the public and should be celebrate. Those closed-minded to transparency are a disservice. 

My good friend Publius is critical of my efforts to see all traditional, votech and charter schools be required to record public session of board meetings. His loyalty to friends who work within charter schools is misguided because he puts protecting those not up to snuff over transparency. He can’t see that transparency is beneficial and keeps leaders focused and centered of what’s important such as children. Publius’s failure to call for Pencader leaders to move out of the dark and be more transparent was part of the reason Pencader became a disgrace and ordered closed. Kilroy is not anti-charter school. In-fact Kilroy supports school choice with charters being part of the choice option. The failures within our public school system is a result of failures of the adults within and state legislators. Do remember, it was parents going across the grain of the system that help deliver charter schools. Charters have been under attack and the Delaware Department of Education’s lack of capacity is damaging the foundation of charters. Personally, I would love to see all schools operate under a federal and state block-grant process. Meeting the standards should be the objective and micromanaging the process to obtaining them is a hindrance for all. The compliance laced grants are nothing more than a means to create administrative jobs whereas more money can go towards classroom needs and reducing class sizes.

From what I see via Las Americas ASPIRA Academy webpage, Las Americas ASPIRA Academy has a good foundation and something worthy to build on! Wilmington Charter School somehow get’s the distinction of being top dog when it comes to Delaware charter schools. However, it artificial because they have become masters at cherry picking students and at the art of counseling-out undesirable students. Charter schools that open their arms to all students are the real heroes and teachers within must adapt to all level of students needs.

Kilroy may be perceived as some-kind of town idiot. However, unlike those righteous non profits like The Delaware Charter Schools Network and Innovate Schools, Kilroy isn’t looking for a paycheck! Kilroy was instrumental is establishing Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee long before H.B.#119 and Kilroy was instrumental is getting Red Clay to record their public session of board meetings and for Christina to do the same. Capital School District followed the lead of Red Clay and Christina. Also. Kilroy was instrumental in securing legislation requiring the Delaware State Board of Education to record their board meetings. I endure the stones thrown at me by the likes of Publius and negativity from the likes of the Delaware Charter Schools Network. Kilroy was proclaimed a misguided parent who spoke-out against DSTP and those 3-tiered diploma. Kilroy did help push for the growth model test. Kilroy busted Red Clay for rubber stamping parents name on their Consolidated Grant Application where Red Clay was given a DE DOE ass-spanking! When a town idiot like Kilroy with a GED and a pocketful of college credits sees the flaws in our education system led by a bunch of PhD’s one must wonder how valued a PhD is.

Keep up the good work Las Americas ASPIRA Academy but always remember to be a leader one must lead not follow! It is innovated leaders within that creates innovated schools. Fearing sunshine is a weakness!    

Dr. Merv is correct on the BHC’s but we need a firewall

Daugherty, Albury: Children’s increased access to mental health services a blessing Written by Mervin Daugherty and Jandy Albury 

A year ago, the Red Clay Consolidated School District was fortunate to be chosen as one of three districts statewide to receive additional assistance for our students in addressing their mental, emotional and behavioral needs.

Along with our district, the Behavioral Health Consultant program was being piloted in the Capital and Colonial school districts. This is the pilot referenced in Monday’s front page article in The News Journal titled “Behavioral health program at schools sets more ambitious goals in state rollout.”

Behavioral Health Consultants are licensed mental health professionals who provide a variety of services which include: suicide risk assessment, trauma and substance use screening, individual and family counseling, behavioral health consultation for school staff, and the ability to link youth to other services they need. This program is a proactive approach to identifying and addressing issues that can lead to youth acting out before they actually do.

Sounds wonderful Merv and Kilroy supports the program!

Middle school can be a difficult time in a child’s life. They are growing up and experiencing a variety of emotions and new challenges not faced in elementary school. They are more susceptible to peer pressure; issues like bullying and family conflict tend to increase.

I believe many of the underlying mental-health related concerns aren’t related to “middle school”, I believe other than direct diagnoses of a mental-health disorders, stress and depression are associated with family issues such a parent in jail, divorce, death of a parent or sibling, family income and so on! However, we must be thankful this program is offered at a young age.

Our BHC has been an outstanding resource for students. She has helped our children with a variety of issues: bullying, depression, ADHD, child trauma, and family issues.

Yep I agree! 

Our BHC also works closely with the families. While she says “the children are my heart,” she also feels equally as proud when she can help connect a family to services they didn’t know existed or would be able to access.

And passion is needed working with kids carrying so much emotional baggage. 

What has been particularly beneficial is that students can receive short-term counseling in school and receive referrals to other school-based services or to community providers for longer term treatment when needed.

And there it is, partnership with organization outside the school. whereas not requiring the school and teachers to go it alone!  

We were excited when Gov. Markell made it a priority at the beginning of the year to support 30 BHCs in the budget and ensure every middle-school student has access to this important service.

As a result of the state’s commitment to this goal, we will add another specialist to assist the other middle schools in our district. In a time when everyone is asked to do more with less, and services are consistently being cut, it is gratifying to know our state leaders understood that investing in this program was an investment in these children and our state’s future.

Now here is my concern! I am concern the BHC’s will end up being employees of the district where the districts get their noses in the work of the BHC’s rather than letting these professional have the latitude to do their jobs as trained! Also, local “school taxpayers” shouldn’t be on the hook to fund this program. Yes the BHC’s are valuable but we need not incorporate there positions within district position. It doesn’t appear this will happen but with Markell who knows! We need a firewall between the BHC’s and government to allow the BHC’s freedom to do their jobs without being micromanaged!

Now were back to this previous Kilroy post Delaware teachers are not responsible for dysfunctional familes Posted on August 26, 2013 by kilroysdelaware.

It obvious mental-health issues impact students ability to function in school and be successful. And let’s not kid ourselves, the are many kids coming from dysfunctional families where parenting skills are limited. BHC’s will have their hands full dealing with the effects (students behavior issues) but addressing the causes associated with a dysfunctional family may be a tall order! Some will view this outreach going to far into a student’s home which could in fact create legal concerns for parents in regards to neglect or abuse. BHC’s are prohibited just like teachers from turning a blind-eye of possible abuse issues. So for sure abuse and neglect will be reported as should be. 

The classroom teachers can at best assist BHC’s in behavior modification plans but at the end of the day the fact remains, the student’s mental health status impacts student achievement.  The new teacher evaluation system based on student achievement does not factor in student mental health behavior issues that has a negative impact on his or her academic performance! The bottom line is, were holding teachers accountable for the students mental health and issues related to dysfunctional family! Do we now hold BHC’s accountable for lack of academic process for students they treat?

There is a major blame game going on in education and teachers are the main target! Obviously the call for BHC’s is a result of teachers observations and concerns. And let’s not forget the mental health status of our teachers doing a stressful job at the same time Markell puts one in their backs with a wrongheaded evaluation system.

Merv, move the ball further and be more conscious of the mental health impact on teachers associated with an epidemic of student behavior issues going on in our schools. Yes it’s about the kids. But all working within are about the kids and teachers needs support not this witch-hunt driven by the likes of Rodel and the Wall Street ponzi scheme.       


DE Gov Markell charter task force shaping up! End results de facto segregation will continue!

UPDATE 08/31/2013, the News Journal was referring to HB#90 but negelected to note it! There is a task force under SB#147 with the same required reporting date. Kilroy had a brain fart and went into a rant about all the bullshit! My opinion is we need a task froce to reexamine the charter school law and address all the bullshit within and level the playing feild between charter and traditonal public schools! And yes H.B# is a good start! Lois Lane please come home!  

Charter task force leaders named Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

State Rep. Kim Williams and state Sen. Nicole Poore will be chairwomen of a task force that will look at charter school enrollment preferences, Gov. Jack Markell’s office says.

WTF are you talking about Jimmy Olsen? The task force was created by legislation Senate Bill 147 “This bill encourages the sharing of best practices by requiring that charter schools include innovation information in their annual reports and that the Secretary of Education report on how successes at charter schools can be implemented throughout Delaware’s public education system.  It further establishes a “Committee for Promoting Charter-District Collaboration” to consider the current state of collaboration between public charter schools and traditional public schools and to develop recommendations for strengthening such collaboration” FAR BEYOND ENROLLMENT PREFERENCES! However, I URGE the task force to address the discriminatory admission practice that allows charter schools to cherry pick and “skim students” as Markell calls it. And what about re-segregation via charters 

The task force was created by a new law passed in this spring’s legislative session to look at what charters are allowed to ask students for in their applications. The group is charged with producing recommendations by Jan. 30 of next year, according to Markell spokeswoman Cathy Rossi

Dear task force, here are my recommendations,

Revamp DE DOE Charter School Office starting with removing current leaders. The current bunch are nothing more than cluster-fucks catering to the likes of Rodel and reformers who don’t give a rat’s ass about traditional public school. 

Enrollment preferences, end the specific interest clause that discriminates against at-risk student! All public schools should be required to open it’s doors to all students and not lockout the most neediest students. School reform was meant to address the concerns associated with the achievement gap not separate high achieving students from low achieving students! All schools should have the ability to provided education services to all level of students regardless of current achievement levels. 

As far as this so-called collaboration between charters and traditional schools, it’s bullshit! The assumption charters are better than traditional schools is false! One would think charters do take what works from traditional school and add the charter concepts which in many cases goes right back to student enrollment preferences. How can Dickinson model itself after Charter School of Wilmington? How can Newark High School model itself after Newark Charter School? Also, why did DE DOE approval a dual language charter school (Academia Antonia Alonso)  in Red Clay when Red Clay has a dual language school three blocks away? Red Clay’s Lewis school will be negatively impacted driving down enrollment.

Task Force, please visit each charter schools webpage and review their information such as school board information, meeting dates, minutes, financial reports required by law and try to find the IRS990 forms that are required to by law to be posted!

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and Lindsay O’Mara, Markell’s education policy adviser, will also sit on the panel, Rossi said.

I am confused, I thought Lindsay O’Mara was Secretary of DNREC? When did she move over to education policy adviser? 

The list for other panel members is still being finalized, but the law requires the group include a long list of members representing groups ranging from teachers unions to school superintendents to the state’s charter school network.

All but a representative from the Delaware PTA! Why weren’t parents invited to this table?

Defenders of traditional schools argue charters get an unfair advantage since they’re allowed more leeway to pick which students enroll. But charter school advocates say enrollment rules are necessary to keep their specialized missions intact.

Specialized mission!!!!!! LOL 🙂 Yea, creating de facto segregation keeping black children in their charter schools while ensuring white students can learn in an environment conforming to the social views of their parents! And why wouldn’t those concerned with social fairness be concern with cherry picking? Governor Markell was concerned with these issue when he first ran for governor! So why isn’t he concerned now? Why did it take legislative action to require this task force during Markell’s lame duck session?

You can bet charter capital funding will be a big topic during the task force meetings! Charter will cry, we can’t serve all student population because we don’t receive capital funding! 

I hope part of the next governor’s mission is make public schools and charters more transparent (yes audio recorded school board meetings) and install a DE DOE charter school unit that isn’t puppets of the business roundtable and the likes of Rodel. It’s doubtful the Republican’s can produce a quality candidate so we’re going to be stuck with Matt Denn who hid in a hole where real transparency initiatives were on the table. If you can’t count on Matt now you won’t when he is governor! He’ll do nothing but Jack you around! But, that’s the Delaware way! And the only person who can beat Matt is Beau Biden!   

Let’s talk affordable healthcare aka Obamacare

There are some many unanswered question that people need to know before considering enrolling for Obamacare.

If a spouse has healthcare through their employer that only covers the employee and to add their partner it would cost 100% premium rate, this is certainly not affordable healthcare if we’re talking 800.00 per month to add the partner. So if asked, technically the employer offers healthcare to the spouse but at full cost! I guess many spouses will come off of employers plan because Obamacare will be more affordable.

Here is a big question, many adult children are stuck at home because of the job market / economy. Are they consider part of the household income equation or do they stand alone as an adult? Same goes for parents living with their children or even grandparents? Are they to be factor in the household income equation?

What about that tax credit? How can someone who currently can’t afford healthcare afford to pay monthly Obamacare premiums and wait until they file their taxes to recoup their out of pocket expense for the premiums 

Then there is the marriage penalty where if the married individuals stand alone one’s income would allow more tax credit then the other or one could be eligible for medicaid. Perhaps we’ll see less marriages taking place for financial necessity  

Folks those of you who have employer healthcare provided coverage at a discount for spouses better get ready for change! Even teachers and other school employees may see an end to affordable premiums for spouses.

Real big question here, do you feel state and federal legislators should be required to apply for Obamacare ending near free rides on the public’s dollar? And maybe Obama should apply for his own healthcare! 

Did Obama piss in Newton’s Cornflakes?

Syria and DelawareThe Delaware Libertarian 

A vote for war in Syria is to spend the blood of Americans for no great cause, for no great gain, and for a guarantee that more flag-draped coffins will arrive at Dover Air Force Base, about which distraught moms, dads, husbands, wives, and children will sob and ask, “Tell me again, why was this death necessary?”

Well Steve once again the professor (you) and Gilligan (me) share the same thoughts. For me America (Obama) needs to stay the fuck out of Syria and let the men of Syria decide what cost they are willing to give for freedom in “their” civil war! And I agree there is no great cause for war in Syria! I’d rate see Obama fight the war on poverty in America or better, yet use some of that war money to help cities like Wilmington Delaware add more police to fight local crime! Add more state police to allow Delawareans to live in safety.

I am still baffled as to why Obama was award the Nobel Peace Prize  

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama’s vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.

Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts. The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations. Thanks to Obama’s initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the world is confronting. Democracy and human rights are to be strengthened.

Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world’s population.

For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world’s leading spokesman. The Committee endorses Obama’s appeal that “Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges.”

Oslo, October 9, 2009

So Obama was in office as president for less than a year and he accomplished all these amazing things? Don’t you think sending American forces into another sovereign country engaged in an internal civil war would make one wonder should Obama be required to return the Nobel Peace Prize? 

More of Delaware Libertarian’s post (Newton) “It is particularly important to stay grounded in that understanding of just how little we can trust our own government. We know from painful experience (remember Colin Powell at the UN) about those WMDs in Iraq. We recall (some of us) how the US not only stood idly by but appears to have clandestinely supported Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons in the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s.  And we know that the current administration has joined the pattern of lying its ass off regarding damn near anything to do with foreign policy or intelligence. 

Steve if the president can twist the guns law with were to allow citizens the right to bear arms I think at best we should question the law allowing the President to engage in war where there has been no direct attack on American! STOP the presses! President Obama and Vice President Biden once held radically different views on the use of military force without congressional authorization. During the 2008 presidential campaign, both made undeniably clear the president could not authorize a military strike without congressional except for a case of an “imminent threat.” Then-Senator Biden found the offense impeachable.” WOW I wonder if Biden will call for Obama’s impeachment?

If we help defeat Assad we can hope for no gratitude (nor any regional stability) from the installation of another Islamist regime in Damascus.

You got that right Steve ! Also, we can be assure to fuel the terrorists and more hatred towards America! America wants to instill it’s way and version of democracy and freedom on cultures of people more than ten times older than America itself, yet, American’s are enduring an erosion of freedoms on the home front and an increase in domestic violence. America needs to live in peace among itself before it can proclaim righteousness and engage in re-engineering other countries!

If children are dying in the streets of Syria it’s because their men coward in the corner refusing to protect them and other men in Assad’s regime turning a blind-eye! The bottom-line is Syria’s men are killing their own children at the same time they’ll spit on America for calling attention to the injustice!     

Delaware teachers are not responsible for dysfunctional familes

Behavioral health program at schools sets more ambitious goals in state rollout Written by Kelly April Tyrrell and Esteban Parra

This year, the state is looking to hire 30 licensed professionals, such as social workers and mental health counselors, to serve as middle school behavioral health consultants in each district. Some schools will get their own, and some will share.

A request for proposals to do the hiring is out now through Sept. 12, using part of the $2.8 million in funds made available to DSCYF by the General Assembly.

The project places behavioral health consultants in Delaware middle schools to provide everything from suicide risk assessment to substance abuse and trauma screening. They also refer families to agencies or organizations like Duffy’s Hope, which can provide a constructive outlet for youth.

FYI middle school intervention might be a little too late for many students. We need to get real with school guidance counselors and have two in schools with high frequencies of behavior issues! One trained counselor serving as a crisis interventionist and the other as an academic, career and college preparation counselor. However, “anything” that brings more mental-health professionals in our schools is welcomed! But please don’t put these people under the authority or direct supervision of school districts, charters and school principals. Also let’s not forget about the “Division of Child Mental Health Services”. And  then there is the “Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services”. When talking about collaboration these organizations need to collaborate with the schools and each other. If we’re going to get serious about “wraparound” services let’s do it!

The time to stop blaming teachers for failures within the family and community is now! Children from dysfunctional families and their parents aren’t singing praise the Lord, Race to The Top is here to save us or the Smarter Balanced Assessment will cure all! YOU CAN’T TEACH CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT WILLING TO LEARN AND WITH PARENTS WHO DON’T GIVE A RAT’s ASS!     

Did Delacrat call Delaware Military Academy war pigs ?

Delaware Military Academy has new school leader / commander

Posted on August 21, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

delacrat, on August 22, 2013 at 11:57 am said: 

The problem with DMA is that it grooms children for war.

Delacrat’s commment was made under another blog posted and you can go there to see further comments

Personally I don’t see Delaware Military Academy as a military indoctrination center for so-called children of war! 

DMA;s Mission Statement 

“The mission of the Delaware Military Academy is to prepare young men and women for their next level of education and to provide them with a foundation that leads to good citizenship.  In addition, we will furnish them with a healthy mental and physical environment with military training as a requisite for a better understanding of the obligations of citizenship and self-discipline and to afford them opportunities for proper social activities and exposure to moral ideas”

Also this “97% of graduates go on to higher education” and “Authorized to nominate eligible cadets for admissions to the U.S. Naval, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Military Academies” I am not sure what part of the 97% re: college are those students going to military academies. However, let’s say 95% go on to traditional college and perhaps some to college ROTC programs. What’s left to enlisted in the military after DMA graduation? In contrast to traditional and other charter schools what part of those graduates enlisted in the military?

FYI to all, if anything grooms children for war it’s video games. How many simulated kills are made via a video games in a child’s lifetime? What is the average age of a child when he makes his first simulated kill?

For the U.S. Military, Video Games Get Serious Jeremy Hsu

Today’s U.S. military recruits enjoy an arsenal of simulators and video games that sharpen their fighting skills and may even protect them from the mental stresses of combat. But experts caution that virtual reality could also help mask the reality of war.

That has not stopped the military from embracing video games to recruit and train a young generation of gamers who typically play commercial games such as “Modern Warfare 2,” which passed $1 billion in sales in January.

“The Army has really taken a hold of gaming technology,” said Marsha Berry, executive producer for the game “America’s Army 3.”

Perhaps DMA might educate their cadets that real war ins’t like video games and in real war death is real not simulated! So if they enlisted they won’t be clueless sheep! So it’s down to being brave like the generations before them !

As to the question of modern ware-fare / war we do have a question irrelevant to DMA. Trying to change tribal societies  in  the middle-east that have been tribal since the begin of their existence for 1000’s of years by a country 227 years old (America) may be a fools journey and provokes hatred towards America and Americans and fuels terrorism may be consider war mongers. Engaging in other’s civil war when not directly attacked is not the responsibility of America. For every action there is a reaction and Syria would be a big mistake!       

DMA does not groom children of war but perhaps Washington does by selling all wars as just when in fact some may not be! 

What gives with Appoquinimink High teacher exodus ?

What gives with 12 teachers resigning Appoquinimink high school with 5 being from the math department?

I was doing my review of school district webpages and notice 12 teachers turned in their resignations and we’re not talking VTs, they quit! 

Also what gives with holding back on the investigation Appoquinimink Education Association possible embezzlement?  Another scandal swept under the rug? 

Rumor spinning CSD to limit out of school suspensions

Hey Big john, help separate fact or fiction! Rumor has it Christina School District is limiting it’s out of school suspension to the most serious infractions where felonies would apply? I know some districts use in-school suspension but what I am being told is concerning to teacher classroom control. The SRO’s and school principals will determining consequence. However, I am it’s always been  the principal calling the shots for suspension and teacher can only assign detention without principal’s permission.      

OCR CASE NO. 03-10-5001

The Board of Education of the Christina School District(District) enters into the following

Agreement to resolve Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Case No. 03-10-5001 to ensure compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), 42 U.S.C. § 2000 d et seq., and its implementing regulation at 34 C.F.R. Part 100.

Most us know about the civil rights complaint Jea Street filed and the above agreement was the result of that complaint.

Keep and eye on Publius who’ll swoop in here to attack CSD and John Young, But God forbid if we raise concerns about some of charter schools discipline issues. Publius will say complaints and concerns are falsie and it’s just charter naysayers stirring the pot.  

Regardless if the rumor is true or false, do you believe Christina should move into a direction of more in-school suspensions with students receiving behavior management intervention and have CSD utilize crisis intervention with a goal of positive behavior modification? Do we need a new approach in addressing student discipline? 

As far as charter schools, do you support charter schools kicking out disruptive students lacking criminal behavior! Why should the district be required to take charter schools misfits?

Delaware Military Academy has new school leader / commander

Per Red Clay’s July 10, 2013, board minutes, “Hugh Broomall, Deputy Superintendent, reported that Delaware Military Academy (DMA) has a new leader and has hired a business manager.  Administrators will attend our administrative workshops throughout the year.

Obvious the change in command and business end was a results of this state audit

Red Clay poised to put DMA on review

Posted on February 20, 2013 by kilroysdelaware 

Word has it a state auditor’s report on DMA is due out today #netDE #edude @dedeptofed

Posted on February 19, 2013 by kilroysdelaware

The new Commandant is Anthony Pullella. Good luck Commandant and let’s see better transparency! Your webpage re: board minutes and monthly financial reports are lacking! Where is your required IRS990 form required to be posted on the schools website? Get your ship in order or Red Clay Captain’s Mast.

DE Sec Ed Murphy becomes treasurer of school funding

Innovation in the classroom awarded grant money By Amy Cherry

Murphy says they’re not just handing out money and walking away.

“We give funding to people who we think are going to do great work for kids, and then we make a real commitment to learn from it, and frankly, hold ourselves accountable to outcomes,” says Murphy.

So where is the publish framework for this competitive grant? Who determines the winners and losers?

Other winners have developed innovative initiatives centering around the state’s implementation of the Common Core standards. 

So drop to your common core knees and hold you hand out! 

OMG !!!!! Is this a DE DOE charter data snafu ?

Go to this DE DOE website and review this excel spreadsheet 

2013 Across and Within District Choice (Excel)

Go under “Home District Detail”

See “District Enrollment” for Newark Charter School! Notice the number of students coming from “Home District”

If I am reading this correct, Newark Charter School has a total of 1,347 students per this spreadsheet “Total Enrollment”! I checked the school profiles and this is correct.  So here we go, according to the data / spreadsheet, the follow Newark Charter students come from these ” Home Districts”, Appo 23, Brandywine 4, Christina 1278, Colonial 16, Red Clay 22 and Smyrna 4. Add the all up and yep! 1,347 students. That’s one big ass 5 mile radius! 

I am pretty sure I see the data entry errors! But you know, you’d think those making the big money in Dover could see this obvious error and correct it before publishing. As for Newark Charter School there still are questions re: 5 mile radius even with correct alignment of the data.  

OK here it is !!! Double click image for full view