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More howling in the wind! Re: Jack Markell hijacking of Delaware’s public education #netDe #edude

Conservative groups bemoan lack of local education oversight; Conservative groups bemoan lack of local education oversight Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

MIDDLETOWN — A growing national debate over the use of Common Core State Standards in schools was on display Tuesday night during a panel discussion by conservative activists who said the standards are taking decisions about education out of the hands of parents and local school boards.

“If the decisions are being made far away, not even in your own state, how do you make sure the changes are in your children’s best interests?” said Nick Loffer of Americans for Prosperity, a national conservative group. “More of us need to be talking to our legislators. More of us need to talk to our legislators. We need to make this an issue.”

Talking to legislators in Delaware has it’s limits. Many Republican the so-called conservatives are in bed with Governor Markell on education reform. Markell get’s his way while to the delight of the Republicans unionized teachers are under a turning screw.  We seen what happened to House Bill 23 that will require all school district, votech district and charter school to record the public session of their board meetings and put online for all to hear! H.B. 23 was a bipartisan bill but the two main sponsors bowed-down to charter school reforms who feel charter schools need not operate in the public eye. Even Lt. Governor Matt Denn step-aside failing to stand for open government and political platform he ran his campaign on! The people’s voice in Dover is very limited!     

Speakers at Tuesday’s event said they hoped that debate would spread to Delaware, saying the standards were created by a small group of bureaucrats, interest groups and corporations without enough input from parents and school boards.

“While having one-size-fits all standards may lead to more kids in college, does it respect the rights of children? Does it respect the inalienable right of parents to educate their children as they see fit? No, it doesn’t,” said Evan Queitsch, a DERC member.

If anyone were to review “federal law” Title 1 Section 1118 the laws governing Title 1 parental involvement they’ll see they weren’t followed. It all became an indoctrination after the fact. And no with Obama’s NCLB waivers (Illegal)  Title 1 Section 1118 was kicked aside!

State leaders and Common Core supporters say they hosted public meetings on the standards and that the committees that created them featured many teachers. They also point out that Common Core started with a push by governors – with Delaware Gov. Jack Markell prominent among them.

Bullshit! The decision to join the Common Core Standard States was made and then the indoctrination public and parents began!   

There’s just a core group of people who are in charge of this. Parents, teachers and the school board are all left out of this,” said Karen White, a parent who recently joined DERC after reading about the standards. “If we don’t like what’s happening, who do we call? I don’t feel like my voice is being heard.”

The power of your voice will only be heard through the power of your wallet. Rodel made a political $$$ investment in Jack Markell and that is why they are having their way with education!

Some of the event’s speakers also called for public school vouchers, education savings accounts and other programs that would funnel state money to parents to send their children to private or charter schools or to home-school them.

Maybe it is time to give at-risk students school vouchers! A two party political system and to party education system, traditional and charter isn’t effectively meeting the equitable educational needs of all children.