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Congressman Carney wants Delaware’s higher education tuition cost more affordable ! LOL #netDe #edude

Del. Congressman addresses high costs of higher education

By Mark Fowser

Making higher education more affordable for Delaware families, that’s the subject of a telephone town hall Tuesday night, hosted by Congressman Carney. 

“At a time when higher education is probably more important than ever, costs are just skyrocketing, four times the rate of inflation and more than four times the growth in income,” he says. 

John let’s start addressing the cost of college tuition by making student loan interest rates the same as what the feds charge banks! Also, answer the question as to why banks and business can file bankruptcy walking away with no obligation when citizens with student loans filing bankruptcy can’t write off student loans? Yea  yea I know, everybody would get a student loan and then file bankruptcy! 

Now back to reality! There is nothing Congressman like Carney can do to order or regulate colleges and universities to control their tuition rates. Wait stop the presses !  

New York Times July 25, 2013 

College enrollment fell 2 percent in 2012-13, the first significant decline since the 1990s, but nearly all of that drop hit for-profit and community colleges; now, signs point to 2013-14 being the year when traditional four-year, nonprofit colleges begin a contraction that will last for several years. The college-age population is dropping after more than a decade of sharp growth, and many adults who opted out of a forbidding job market and went back to school during the recession have been drawn back to work by the economic recovery.

Hardest hit are likely to be colleges that do not rank among the wealthiest or most prestigious, and are heavily dependent on tuition revenue, raising questions about their financial health — even their survival.

Looks like some colleges and universities might have to start a price discount war!

John, if you really want to address concerns involving education perhaps you can help deliver control of local schools back to their boards and expose Jack Markell’s role in the Wall Street Ponzi scheme called Race to The Top!