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Smart Balance Comes Under Critical Review

Kavips makes it official! Kilroy wasn’t yelling fire re: The Smarter Balanced Assessment!


The Department of Education in April of this year, created two technical reviews to assess test development in the PARCC and Smart Balance Assessment Programs. (Delaware uses the Smart Balanced).  Essentially this is an internal review mid-process in its development.  It’s goal was to steer the second half of development towards its proper direction.

Here is what it found.

  • Smart Balanced developed a high number of items for field testing this Spring:  over 5000!  it will used lessons learned in future test development. (Could also explain Delaware’s drop in test scores, since answering these took time away better spent answering the questions used for the assessment).
  • It was recommended that Smart Balance run its test past content experts to insure the answers were correct.
  • They were questioned whether their list of 500 items was sufficient enough to train the field test question writers who would be the ones who would…

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Kilroy has a real fish story to tell

I’ve just return from some Outer Banks R & R where I spent many hours fishing and sleeping on the fishing pier that extends over the ocean. I find fishing very relaxing but have to admit, it must suck for the fish yanked out of the water with a hook in it’s mouth only to be thrown in a bucket to be used for live bait to catch bigger fish or a cooler where in will end up as someone’s meal.

As for those fish caught for live bait (not me), they would end up in a harness with large fish hooks through them supported by one fishing rod and another fishing rod with a guide-line with an anchored (sinker). The one guide-line keeps the fish on the water’s surface where the fish becomes helpless top water bait for larger fish.  About three years ago I witness a boy about 13 years old with an old-time crank meat-grinder attached to the rail of the pier and putting small (live) fish in it and grinding them up in to the water. I guess it was his way of chumming for sharks. It was quite sick and cruel. 

Over the years I’ve learned to be respectful of fish and take what I know I would actually eat. So I catch them and release them! This year I did catch and release 100% of what I caught. I caught nearly 100 fish and all were returned with the least amount of hook damage. But sadly one fish was hooked in the eye and the eye came out with the hook. About two minutes later the fish was floating on the surface dead! I caught one fish and it look as if it had about 5 healing fishhook injuries. That was one lucky fish!

Yep and I talk to the fish as I take the hook of them! The first thing I say is, “it’s your lucky day”! Then with much care as possible I remove the hook. Yep and some times I pet them before releasing! Actually the more I fish the less I enjoy it! Even catching and releasing puts unnecessary stress on fish. I am considering forgoing fishing next year.   

Well I am back and glad to see Publius was well behaved!