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Obama rather continue the Wall Street education ponzi scheme re: NCLB

House votes to replace ‘No Child’ education law JIM ABRAMS, AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans voted Friday to dismantle the troubled No Child Left Behind law for evaluating America’s students and schools, saying states and local school districts rather than Washington should be setting rules for ensuring that kids are getting good educations.

The legislation would eliminate federally required testing of students, which has been controversial from the start. But the measure passed with no Democratic support and drew a veto threat from the Obama administration, which said it would be a “step backward” in efforts to better prepare children for colleges and careers and to bring improvements to low-performing schools.

Now is the time to end this social train wreck called ESEA /NCLB. 

Democrats in the Senate, where they hold the majority, are working on their own bill. It would also give states greater flexibility in designing school improvement standards. But it would maintain the authority of the federal education secretary to approve those plans. A Senate vote on that legislation is unlikely until autumn.

And there you have it, more kicking the can down the road

The GOP bill would eliminate more than 70 existing elementary and secondary education programs, replacing them with block grant money that states and school districts could use as they think best.

Block grants and local control are the right way to go! 18% of federal funding goes to compliance and could be better served adding more teachers and reducing class sizes.

I hope our teachers union support ending the social education nightmare!

DE DOE confirms no IRS 990 for Moyer and pretty much says no big deal!

The Moyer Hypothesis: Why didn’t Moyer buy its building at sheriff’s sale? By Children and Educators First.

Please go here and read entire blog post …………………

I am going to comment on this portion of Lizzie’s blog post

John Carwell of the DOE Charter Office has informed me that after speaking with the New Moyer Academy Board President, he understands that they do not have a current non-profit status with the IRS.  He also informed me that the Board president told him that they had not accepted any donations, thus no one had to be concerned about gifts or improper deductions.  Additionally, he stated that their attorneys have begun the necessary paperwork with the IRS to correct this matter.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! DE DOE says no big deal because there has been no donations to Moyer! So forget about the law! Hopefully now that state board of education has taken their heads out of their asses they can smell the DE DOE shit! Without a non profit-status Moyer the corporation is for-profit and should be required to file taxes! Whatever !!!!!!!!!!!! Laws are for the people in Delaware not the government. 

Make sure to go see Lizzie’s post here ……………………….. 

Message to Moyer Charter School Parents!

Moyer parents, charter school are public schools and you are the public! Moyer is “your” school! Demand a state audit! Demand to know how much $$$ K12 is receiving! Ask for the contract between Moyer and K12 to be placed on the school’s webpage! And please demand all public sessions of board of director meetings be recorded and put online! Just like the state board of education and some other schools districts do! Pencader parents who now have children in Moyer, PLEASE demand this transparency NOW! I am telling you, hear we go again!

Now is the time to take control of “your” school! Don’t support the profit takers and seekers! 

Is the Delaware State Board of Education waking-up from a Markell induced coma? RE: the New Moyer Charter #netde #edude

Department of Education denies charter school’s requests to make changes Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

State officials rejected The New Moyer Academy charter school’s request Thursday for two major changes and said the school is in violation of its charter.

Moyer has enrolled fewer students than required by its current charter, so it sought the state’s permission to modify that charter and set lower enrollment goals. Next year, for example, the school wants to lower its enrollment goal from 385 students to 225.

The school has 201 students enrolled for the coming year.

It’s hard to believe many Pencader parents enrolled their children in Moyer! The state board did the right thing! Hold the “New” Moyer to it’s original “New Moyer approved charter application”! They claimed to have save the world (Moyer) plan and now is back-peddling! Swim or sink!!!!!!!! The board didn’t even attend the DE DOE review committee’s public hearing! So sad!

Moyer also asked the state for permission to overhaul its curriculum. The school originally employed teaching centered around online learning with students moving through classes at their own pace while teachers acted as facilitators.

This makes sense, moving from a failed K12.Inc online plan to real live teachers! However, Moyer’s plan wasn’t sound and was rejected by Sec of Ed.

Moyer already made the curriculum changes during the past school year, but still sought DoE’s official approval. However, state officials rejected both requests Thursday.

Moyer made the changes without approval!

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy rejected the curriculum change. Murphy approved the enrollment changes, but the state board rejected them.

Looks like Sec of Ed Murphy got a wake up call the Delaware State Board of Education  who”might” be coming back re: integrity! You can bet Governor Markell will push for more legislation given Sec of Ed more mayoral control over the the state board! 

Board members who voted not to approve Moyer’s request to lower enrollment raised questions about whether the school can survive with such a low student count. State monitors say Moyer is financially solvent, but only with the continued support of K12, which is infusing money and personnel.

Remember this !


The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chairman Remarks:

He also advised that the building is in foreclosure, a legal issue. As soon as the foreclosure is complete we will submit an offer to purchase the building. K12 has agreed to finance the mortgage at a rate of 5.2% for 20 years. However if we terminate their contract for another management company the loan becomes payable within 30 days.

I think the state board has every right to be concern and with Moyer wanting to shift from online to real-time learning. One would think K12 services would be reduce and that K12 $$$ support would be gone! Remember K12.Inc is a for profit organization  aka capitalist just like Jack Markell!

“All K12 would have to to do is not want to lose money anymore on this school and they would pull out,” said board member Pat Heffernan. “What happens then?”

OMG! Heffernan sees the light! Hef you know what will happen? Another fucking taxpayer bailout just like with Pencader!

Other board members said they were nervous about plans for Moyer to buy its building. The school’s board of directors and the The Reinvestment Fund, which currently owns the building, are working out plans for Moyer to buy the building it is currently leasing. The lease expires at the end of September.

Moyer can’t even afford a time-share overlooking the sewage treatment plant in Wilmington! 

But without a final signed agreement in hand, several board members said the arrangement wasn’t yet permanent enough to merit approval.

Well hopeful with the board’s denial of modification there won’t be a signed agreement!

“The only thing I’m certain about at this point is that they have a place until Sept. 30,” said Board President Teri Quinn Gray. “If something happens between now and then, we will have students in a building and, come Oct. 1, what’s going to happen?”

OMG! She can’t even figure out what’s going to happen? WTF ! 

Stephenson said the school is simply waiting for some procedural and bureaucratic hurdles to be cleared before signing a final document. And he said K12 was strongly committed to “standing by” Moyer.

Shit I foget! Markell and Levin were out of the country and Markell being a possible stockholder in K12, Markell would override the state board of education! 

“The thing about this is that K12 had already invested over $1 million into Moyer,” Stephenson said. “If K12 pulled out, it would have already pulled out. There was a break point for that to happen last July, and it didn’t happen. K12 is interested in seeing this thing through.”

Remember this:

Chairman Remarks: “He also advised that the building is in foreclosure, a legal issue. As soon as the foreclosure is complete we will submit an offer to purchase the building. K12 has agreed to finance the mortgage at a rate of 5.2% for 20 years. However if we terminate their contract for another management company the loan becomes payable within 30 days.”

Mortgage holder guaranteed service contract or else!

Department of Education Chief of Staff Mary Kate McLaughlin said the state has several options at this point. The most severe route would be for DoE to put Moyer in front of the state board for formal review, which could lead to closing the school or other harsh consequences.

Option? Can you spell obligation? We need a formal review with a state audit and who knows a DOJ review! 

Moyer’s request for modification reveals their original “New” charter application was full of ed babble and bullshit on the side! They made the commitment and are failing to adhere to it!

OMG !!! Did Moyer move ahead with academic changes without DE DOE approval? @greg_lavelle #netDE #edude

More state board meeting intel! It appears the “New” Moyer charter school has implemented critical academic changes prior to approval by the Delaware Secretary of Education and the Delaware State Board of Education! Get this, Secretary of Education said “no” to requested academic modification which didn’t need a vote from the state board (because Sec of Ed said no) and Moyer pretty much said FU we’re making the change! So now we’re down to a struggle for information between Secretary Murphy and the saw-dust heads of the Delaware State Board of Education! I am sure Governor Markell will call in his appointed saw-dust heads and tell them. tone it down or I’ll ask you to leave!

Debbie WTF ? I see a career move coming your way! –

Jack Markell’s K12 buddies refuses to provide $$$ data re: Moyer #netDE #edude @dedepofed @ greg_lavelle

Criterion Eight: Economic Viability (page 8 Publius)

Analysis of the response:
• If applicable, written confirmation from The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) of rent reduction (from $325,000 in FY13 to $144,000 in FY14). This document was not provided.
• Total funding provided by K12 – The requested information was not provided. Instead, a letter from K12’s legal department was supplied. The total costs to run the school are still not clear as K12 will not disclose this information and instead provided a written statement from its legal department.
• What happens to K12’s contract and the rent if enrollment is between 162 and 224 students? Are the termination/reductions only valid at 161 students?
• The contingency budget contains inconsistencies (i.e. worksheets did not appear to align with their staffing model, etc.).
• Corrected Federal revenue projections – The school submitted revised budget worksheets reflecting substantial Federal funding. However, no explanation of the calculations/estimates was provided so it is difficult to determine if these projections are reasonable. Additionally, it is unclear why the budget worksheets show sizable Federal surpluses at the end of each year.

The Accountability Committee concluded that Criterion Eight was not met.

WHERE IS THE STATE AUDITOR ????? Hey Debbie WTF! Another state bailout coming to cover Markell’s ass and relationship with K12 and still no real ongoing transparency! Hey Matt Denn, all this shit is going on on your watch!