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State Board voted down Murphy’s request to allow Moyer to lower it’s enrollment

Getting some state board intel and word has it DE Sec of Ed recommended allowing the “New” Moyer charter school to lower it’s enrollment levels agreed to in their “new” charter school application! However, state board of ed voted against Murphy’s requested and said “NO”! Word also has it heated conversations about Moyer!

Kilroy says Moyer needs to be put on review and the state auditor needs to investigate.

Witch or not; O’Donnel is an American citizen with rights

Christine O’Donnell told her tax records were breached Written by Jonathan Starkey The News Journal

An investigator for the U.S. Treasury Department notified 2010 Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell in January that her personal tax records may have been “compromised” and “misused” by an official working in Delaware state government

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Personally I don’t like Christine O’Donnell because I don’t feel her passion for the people and her style of rally the so-called grassroots seems out of a self-help playbook of Tony Robbins. However, O’Donnell is an American citizen with the rights to go with it! The U.S Treasury Department has a right to expose the “official working in Delaware state government.”  And the official needs to be charged with invasion of privacy and official misconduct!

Delaware State Board of Education buys Brooklyn Bridge #netDe #edude

Lizzie has been busy! Wake up Moyer PTO !

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