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Congress Carney questions rising college tuition cost

Message from Congressman John Carney (received via E-mail)

Fellow Delawareans,

This fall, with my oldest son going off to college, my wife Tracey and I are joining the ranks of millions of parents who are helping put their kids through college. Unfortunately, the rising cost of college tuition is making this more and more of a struggle for many American families.

College costs today are six times higher than they were in the early 1980s. That means the price of college has increased four times faster than median household income, and twice as fast as health care costs. That is a staggering rate of increase — and one that most Americans simply can’t afford. With a global economy making higher education and training more important than ever, Congress needs to find ways to make college more affordable for average, hard-working American families.

That’s why, this summer, I’m meeting with colleges, administrators, recent college graduates, parents, high school guidance counselors, college students, and a host of other experts to learn more about ways we can keep college costs down. As part of my effort to find a solution to ballooning college costs, I want to hear from you.

Are you a high school senior worried about taking on mountains of debt to pay for college? Are you a college employee with ideas for reining in costs? Are you a recent college graduate struggling to pay your loans? A parent who’s shouldered the burden of college along with your child?

If you have a story to tell, submit it here, either in writing, or by making a YouTube video. Throughout the summer, I’ll be posting the stories you send me on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


So what are your thoughts ??

PISA not apples to apples re: China / United States

December  2010

Did China stack the PISA cards? Posted on December 8, 2010 by kilroysdelaware

This is the first year China participated  in the PISA test and with only 5000 15 year-old students from Shanghai. So China’s rounds up the best and brightest and moves them to Shanghai to take part if an inclusive system. Sounds like Charter School of Wilmington super-sized!  China results are skewed because the test wasn’t given to all Chinese 15 year-old students. Think about it , do you really trust the Chinese government? Why don’t we just make Arne Duncan Ambassador to China?