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The Delaware State Board of Education has no relevancy!

Mission Statement

In collaboration with community and stakeholders, the Delaware State Board of Education serves as the primary voice for Delaware citizens on education policy to create a world class education system for every student.

How can the state board of education be the public’s voice in regards to education if they are bound by an board agenda defined by the department of education? In respects to Moyer, the flags are up and the board is restricted to follow the agenda at the upcoming meeting, The proposed modification is to reduce the school’s authorized enrollment and change the high school educational program from online instruction to traditional instruction.  The Charter School Accountability Committee will issue its report on the application.  A public hearing is scheduled for July 11, 2013. If a state board member were to raise concerns such as Moyer’s IRS990 status they will be told it’s not on the agenda and within the scope of the Moyer’s charter modification request! Same goes for lease issue and Moyer’s concerning governance! The flags are flying high and the state board must wait until DE DOE charter office sees them! 

The board mission statement has no relevancy and if the board is the voice of the citizens our public and charter schools are doomed! The citizens did not elected the state board members! They were appointed by the governor to serve at the pleasure of the governor not the people!  

There are concerns with Moyer and just like Pencader, Moyer’s flow of information seems limited and a bit skewed!  

Lack of transparency = no accountability! No accountability = certain failure! Matt Denn needs to get his head out of Jack Markell’s ass and take a whiff of his future that is laced with DE DOE bullshit!