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OMG! Somebody done pissed in Lizzie’s Cornflakes re: Moyer

K12 Incorporates in Delaware by Children and Educators First

Good, Bad, Indifferent?  Don’t know.  But, K12’s incorporation in Delaware is significant – K12 has been and is currently the only Charter Management Organization (CMO) operating a charter school in Delaware

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5 Kilroy Gold Stars for Delaware’s Aspira Academy

Kilroy has reviewed Las Americas Aspira Academy’s webpage and is very pleased to report this charter school is on the ball in regards to meaningful communication and engagement via the school’s webpage.

Check out the staff directory, each teacher has an E-mail and a unique webpage. Each office staff person has an E-mail.

Board webpage  is very current with board agendas and minutes are archived. Still waiting to see May’s board minutes as June’s meeting was 6/27/2012.

Financial Oversight AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!! Separate Monthly financial reports based on DOE template (substandard) “and” Appropriation & Account Codes, Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes, all current. And yes, I was looking for that IRS990 form and this is what I found under May’s meeting: “The 990 form has been completed by our accountant and was submitted to the IRS before the May 15th deadline.”

OMG, the financial oversight committee has detailed by-laws!


The purpose of the Committee shall be to provide an organized structure that will assist the Board of Directors of ADCO (the “Board”) with independent financial advice and ensure parental and community involvement in the budgetary process of Las Américas ASPIRA Academy Charter School (the “School”). The Committee will:

1. Monitor current budget and expenditures of the School and the overall financial health of the School which may include examination of historic, current and projected financial data;

2. Provide affirmation or verification of financial information to the Board which includes the development of a monthly financial report;

3. Provide a medium for the dissemination of financial information and materials to parents and the community relative to School and promote an understanding of the budget process; 

4. Provide independent consultation and guidance to the Board on matters relating to the School’s finances and perform other review and recommendation functions as directed by the Board

OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the Aspira Academy parents: Your school leaders have decided to go above and beyond in providing you with critical information and it’s a reflection of a “team” wanting to be successful. Children cannot be successful unless parents and school leaders are successful. Other charter schools now have a template and the Aspira Academy bar to aspire to achieve! Real success isn’t about reaching the bar! It’s exceeding the bar!