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As Heffernan and other state school board members slip into a coma Moyer is morphing into Pencader #edude #netDe @destateboarded

The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Please see attached. There is an error in the expenditure budget under other local funds it should read  $692,000 and not $62,000 making the All Funds Total 3,000,896. A question was raised about why the actual cafeteria expenses are significantly below budget. Ms. Wongus will research and get back to us. Additionally for the next Board meeting we hope to have financial statements completed which show restricted dollars by grants.

Don’t you love it ! I’ll get back to you! With the DE DOE charter chief putting Heffernan in his place Moyer is morphing into Pencader! I can only hope Moyer’s PTO wakes up and demand more transparency such as recordings of public sessions on board meetings online! More red flags just like with Pencader. And where is future governor Matt Denn? I guess he is too busy watching first dog and Markell travels on the taxpayers’ dime!    

K12 Mafia type loan re: Moyer’s mortgage

The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chairman Remarks:

He also advised that the building is in foreclosure, a legal issue. As soon as the foreclosure is complete we will submit an offer to purchase the building. K12 has agreed to finance the mortgage at a rate of 5.2% for 20 years. However if we terminate their contract for another management company the loan becomes payable within 30 days.

So we’ll hold your mortgage for 2o years and if you cut us off re: management contract you gotta pay-up in 30 days! WTF right out of a Markell’s proud card-carrying capitalist playbook! So tell me, does Governor Jack Markell hold K12.Inc stock?

Well as you can see re: Sheriff sale of the building Moyer rents went to Was Moyer charter school building sold in sheriff sale? #netDe #edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed! I wonder who is behind the Oz curtain? Jack are there?

Chuck Baldwin steps-down as CSW President #netDE #edude

100 N. DuPont Road Wilmington, DE 19807
Board Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2013

Henry Clampitt announced that Chuck Baldwin had informed the board that for medical reasons he would be unable to serve as President after this school year. Henry Clampitt then made introductory comments regarding the actions which the board would take tonight.

Actions of the Board
Henry Clampitt moved to appoint Dr. Samuel D. Paoli as President of CSW effective July 1st  The motion was seconded and approved by unanimous vote.

Sen. Margaret Rose Henry fails to lead a community and a no show for Moyer’s children #netDE #edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed

Moyer Academy for at-risk students again fights to survive; Charter school for at-risk students coping with low scores, slim enrollmentWritten by Matthew Albright The News Journal Staff reporter Nichole Dobo contributed to this story.

“This is our school. This is our community and these are our children,” Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, D-Wilmington East, said at the event, held in Moyer’s lobby. “You see ministers, you see community leaders, and you see elected officials. We’re all here to pledge our support and our commitment to our young people. To pledge that we’re not going to let you fail, that we’re going to pick you up, advise you and help you along the way.”

Well here it is. DE DOE’s transcript of the public meeting in regards to the New Maurice J Moyer Academy (Notice DE DOE left out “New” on documentation and “New” is part of the proper legal name of Moyer), This has to be the shortest charter school public review meeting in the state history. Meeting starts 5:10 p.m. and ends 5:14 p.m. One speaker in defense of Moyer ( K12,inc rep). The only person on the sign-up sheet.

Senator Margaret Rose Henry failed to inspire the community or parents of Moyer Academy to step-up and defend Moyer! Also, not one Moyer board member or teacher stepped up to defend Moyer! Moyer’s board member didn’t even show up for the meeting! Apparently they had a retreat they didn’t even give public notice for.

Kilroy stands by his mission which is “greater transparency in public education”. I support school choice that includes charter schools. I pushed for legislation H.B.#23 requiring all public , votech and charter board to record their meetings and put online for all to hear! The state board of education does this by law (requested by Kilroy), Red Clay records their meeting as requested by Kilroy, and Christina and Capital school district records their meeting because brave board member jumped on board with this movement. Sadly to say, the sponsor and cosponsor of H.B.#23 coward-down on the legislation because of charter school push-back! After passing the House Education Committee H.B.#23 went into House Read List where a tactfully desk-drawer veto took place with the help of the bill’s sponsor , a Republican! This legislators didn’t have the decency to engage Kilory who requested  the legislation. Say what you want Publius re: Kilroy penning most of the legislation. However, there was plenty of time to address the “minor” issues that could have been addressed via bill amendments! Kilroy did “in fact” leave the Republican Party and joined the Libertarian Party! Foolish move? Don’t think so because Delaware “elected” Republican elected officials have become lairs when it comes to open government and transparency of  charter schools. Odds are they won’t fight for Moyer because Moyer isn’t white enough! Kilroy supports charter school as part of school choice!

As for Moyer, their is a civil rights violation taking place under the nose of the NAACP, Wilmington minorities and the self-proclaim civil rights leaders claim to have roots back to Dr. Martian Luther King! These critical charter school meetings need to take place at the charter school themselves or a public location as close to the charter schools as can be! Moyer is a Title 1 school with 97.8% poverty! Title 1 parents have rights established under federal “law” Title 1 Section 1118. Hey Rose, did you forget about Hick’s Anderson?  Sen. Margaret Rose Henry failed to push for the meeting to take place close to Moyer! However, Sen. Henry fails to demand transparency of Moyer’s governance. There can be no accountability without transparency! Sen. Henry should be outraged that not one Moyer board member attended the review meeting! Where was the PTO president? Where was the Charter Schools Network of Delaware’s queen?

What pisses me off is, minorities may protest or even riot in the streets if George Zimmerman goes free for killing Trayvon Martin! Yet their own children’s education in Wilmington Delaware is being murdered by capitalists like Governor Markell and the Wall Stree Ponzi scheme call Race to The Top and the Common Core Standards! Theses children are being slapped in the face by their own school board that couldn’t even show up for a critical meeting! They could has just missed the dinner and happy hour of their retreat! Trayvon Martins murder is an American tragedy (Zimmerman should have stayed in his fucking car and waited for the police). Face it , many high school dropouts in high poverty communities go on to crime and even murdering their own brothers and sisters! Sen, Henry and other local community leaders grandstanding for the media and not showing up for Moyer’s public review meeting was all about them and their political careers! The fail to demand transparency of Moyer and all public and charter schools! They drop to their knees for Jack Markell!

Little sister, the time to move is now! There is no need to close Moyer! However, without that transparency it will fall onto it’s self like Pencader! The board is the school’s foundation and when they close the windows the decay takes root!