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Was Moyer charter school building sold in sheriff sale? #netDe #edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed



(Plaintiff)-THEREINVESTMENT FUND 13-004642 7


Address 610 & 611 E. 17TH STREET WILMINGTON 19802 2602940027 & 2602940028

(Sold to)  RHODUNDA & WILLIAMS  LLP $1,300,000.00

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Interesting and I wonder why the News Journal didn’t report this? I am sure Moyer will remain tenant! I hope! But should something like this should be shared with the public as information item and to the state board of education?

Information on Sheriff sale provided to Kilroy by Darla Sham. Thanks for sharing Darla.

Moyer’s current monthly rent is: 


Update from January 2013 board meeting minutes 

Chairman Remarks:.

He also advised that the building is in foreclosure, a legal issue. As soon as the foreclosure is complete we will submit an offer to purchase the building. K12 has agreed to finance the mortgage at a rate of 5.2% for 20 years. However if we terminate their contract for another management company the loan becomes payable within 30 days.

Well it looks like Moyer’s offer didn’t cut it! Perhaps the new owner via sheriff sale will flip to Moyer for a profit?

2011-2012 Moyer’s dropout rate was 28.4%

Moyer charter school holds the worst high school dropout rate, 29 of the 102 Moyer “high school level” student enrollment dropped out! We’re not talking transfer out, we’re talking dropped out of high school. The Moyer school community should be outrage! However it looks like Senator Henry is preparing to play the civil rights card if Moyer is to be order closed! The writing has been on the wall for some time now and I wonder what Senator Henry’s engagement has been?

Looking back on Moyer’s history, Governor Markell pulled a power-play of Theo Gregory taking control of Moyer and hired K12.inc where the CEO was a former McKinsey consultant, yep the exact same firm Markell worked for, Moyer’s school rating was “Commendable” with a student population of 325. Though not good, under Gregory, Moyer’s suspension rate was 41% and now under Markell’s oversight last year 57%. 1 expulsion under Gregory and 5 under Markell’s oversight! This what Governor Markell said as he turned the keys to Moyer over to K12.Inc, “At times it seemed unlikely that we would be here,” Gov. Jack Markell said at the school Friday. “In fact,sometimes it seemed impossible. But we are herebecause we are ready to start a new chapter in the life of Moyer Academy.”

Moyer is far worst off now than when it was taken over by the state! The Delaware Department of Education lack the internal capacity to function as an organization let alone extension itself to oversee an external organization like Moyer. Governor Markell took it upon himself to be crowned Delaware’s education czar! The Delaware Secretary of Education and the state charter school chief came via Rodel’s good housekeeping seal! Rodel rather spend it’s money directing others on how to run public and charter schools than start their own charter school! They fear the risk of direct failure and rather have an backdoor exit when those they support fail!

Like Pencader, Moyer was given a second chance and like Pencader, Moyer needs to be closed!

The sad part of these failing schools is our want-to-be future governor Matt Denn thinks he is vice-president to Governor Markell. Denn was elected independently of Markell but his political posture seems to be Markell can walk on water! Denn’s lack of voice and support of holding back H.B.#23 makes him an enabler of failure and a disservice to open transparent government! We don’t need this kind of leadership! Matt, it’s not going to work, “it wasn’t me, it was Jack”. Just a state board member Heffernan speaks-out so can you!

Debbie, you surrendered H.B.#23 to those charter school advocates who “fear” real transparency! Schools will continue to fail as long as state legislators lack the courage to deliver real transparency to government and public education.

Moyer’s failure is a direct result of state legislators failure #NetDE #edude @Dedeptofed @destateboarded

Moyer Academy for at-risk students again fights to survive; Charter school for at-risk students coping with low scores, slim enrollment Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal Staff reporter Nichole Dobo contributed to this story.

Next year, the school wants to lower its enrollment goal from 385 students to 225.

A state Department of Education report on Moyer’s performance shows the school is also far below standards in virtually every academic area the state tracks. In the 2011-2012 academic year, the school didn’t meet a single academic performance goal, in most areas it rated “falls far below standard.”

Like Pencader’s failure bring it to closure, Moyer’s problems can be traced right back to the Delaware state legislators!

Delaware charter schools lack real transparency needed to hold them more accountable. Yes, I am going to refer to House Bill #23 that would have required  Moyer and all charter schools to digitally record their board meetings and place online for all to  hear! This legislation would apply to all traditional and votech school districts as well as charter schools. Someone may jump in here and say many poor Moyer parents don’t have computers or internet. But many citizens do in the community and they could be better advocates for children if they had the transparency tools.

If anyone were to visit Moyer’s webpage they’ll see a mess. Broken web-links to financial data and board meeting minutes with information (once you can connect) months behind. No published IRS990 form as required by law! From a public view, Moyer is operating in near dark! Key sponsors of H.B.#23 Rep Hudson and Sen, Peterson bailed on it bowing-down to charter school advocates who didn’t want such public oversight! It seems we need to make tough choices as long as it doesn’t upset special interest groups who own many state legislators. Then there is Lt. Governor Matt Denn! Hides in the dark and plays stupid!  

Only 22.6 percent of students were rated proficient in math on state exams, compared to the state average of 72 percent. And about half of students eligible in 2011-2012 graduated.

State officials say preliminary test results show the school may have improved those numbers over the past year, but final results are not yet available.

So 50% of the class of 2011-2012 weren’t eligible to graduate?  “State officials” who? The school failed to deliver the “promise”. State legislators can just turn a blind-eye and no speak because they’ll upset their special interest!

The school is also seeking state approval to ease away from its focus on online learning.

Originally, Moyer’s curriculum leaned heavily on online learning programs its leaders hoped would better engage students and allow them to learn at their own pace. But the school is asking to change to a “blended” model that would include more traditional classroom time while leaving some online learning for students who thrive on it.

 I wonder if we’re talking vendor K12.inc?

Department of Education Chief of Staff Mary Kate McLaughlin said whatever happens with the application, classes will start as scheduled for the coming school year.

And don’t worry if Moyer is ordered close, students and parents will be in the loving hands of the Delaware Department of Education

This isn’t the first time Moyer, which opened in 2006, has come under state scrutiny.

The state board voted not to renew Moyer’s charter in 2010 because of academic performance and other issues. But state leaders intervened after protests from students, parents and community leaders. In July 2010 Gov. Jack Markell, flanked by state and city officials, announced that Moyer would remain open.

So now we’re going to reward failure again? Where was DE DOE’s support all this time to keep Moyer from slipping backwards?

“This is our school. This is our community and these are our children,” Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, D-Wilmington East, said at the event, held in Moyer’s lobby. “You see ministers, you see community leaders, and you see elected officials. We’re all here to pledge our support and our commitment to our young people. To pledge that we’re not going to let you fail, that we’re going to pick you up, advise you and help you along the way.”

Sen Henry if you love your community school don’t you think it should be more transparent and adhere to professional standards within it governance? So now you’ll make keeping a failing school operating in the dark a civil rights issue! Amazing!  And no criticism of board members working in the dark or the Delaware Department of Education’s lack of capacity to be effective partners proving quality technical assistance. 

State officials selected K12 Inc., a private management company, to run the school, now named the New Moyer Academy.

Sounds like the News Journal is protecting Governor Markell and his stock portfolio!

The Department of Education is hosting a public meeting about the proposed changes at 5 p.m. Thursday in the Cabinet Room of the Townsend Building, 401 Federal Street in Dover. Anyone with opinions about the school and its suggested changes is invited to attend and speak.

So we’ll have a civil rights march type meeting to save a charter school that pretty much operates in the dark with the blessing of Sen Henry. You can bet no one will stand and demand transparency of the board of directors and requirement board meetings be recorded! 

Moyer’s application has already hit a possible roadblock. The Charter School Accountability Committee, a group of state education officials tasked with reviewing the application to make sure it meets state regulations, issued a final report recommending the application not be approved.

The report cites numerous technical flaws in the school’s application. Of the seven parts of the application addressed in the report, the school fulfilled only two.

And the good people will say, “We shall overcome”. DE DOE with a spineless puppet state board of education takes it’s marching orders from Jack Markell and just goes through the bullshit motions! None of this would be happening if there were real transparency! 

It’s possible Moyer could fix some of the issues raised by the review committee before the decision is made. Several new charter schools were approved last month under similar circumstances, though some state board members said they’d prefer to see such kinks worked out before the final committee report.

 Get the broom ready and start lifting the carpet! 

The decision on whether to approve the changes would next go to Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, who would choose either to deny the application or recommend it to the State Board of Education, which would then vote on the proposal.

Should Moyer’s application be denied, the school could be found in violation of its charter. That would trigger a formal review process that could lead to closure or other major actions.

My bet is on Jack Markell instructing Murphy to approve the application.

 McLaughlin said the department hasn’t decided whether it would initiate a formal review should the application fail.

Markell is out of the country and they must wait until he returns for directions.

The state Board of Education has discussed Moyer’s performance at several meetings over the past few months, and several board members have made clear they aren’t happy with how things are going.

And the dog chases it’s tail

At last month’s meeting, board member Patrick Heffernan pointed to the school’s performance report.

“There’s nothing that meets standards anywhere on that sheet for the past year,” Heffernan said.

The fox covers his scent! Heffernan talks a good game but it’s all about personal image! He is appointed to the board by the governor and seems to be putting on a show to convince the public the state board is relevant. 

John Carwell, who heads the department’s charter school office, told Heffernan it would be unwise to strictly judge schools like Moyer designed for at-risk students without giving them a chance to show improvement.

“It would be a disincentive for a school to serve an underserved population to have that expectation, which we did in the past,” Carwell told Heffernan.

Carwell throws in the “at-risk” to tell Heffernan you’re getting in over your head because this is a civil rights issues now! Hey McFly Carwell, how many chances do failing charter schools get! Also, I’d like to know why failing Moyer was sold by DE DOE as a good option for Pencader students

Carwell pointed to preliminary results that may show the school is improving. Those scores will be released at the same Board of Education meeting where the school’s application will be considered later this month.

Carwell said the school would be held accountable when its full charter is next up for renewal if it does not bring up its students’ test scores.

Seems to me we have serious fractures within DE DOE, the state board and the secretary of education! This network of Markell puppets have serious capacity issue!  

“I don’t know if this board feels that we can wait until renewal,” Heffernan said.

Heffernan was prevented from elaborating on that comment when board staff said the school’s renewal wasn’t related to the agenda item the board was discussing.

Heffernan doesn’t speak for the board! Yep, state board meetings are controlled by DE DOE whereas state board members must follow the Markell script! 

At the end of the day,failure of our public schools including charter schools are a direct result of failure within the state legislature. Markell owns the state legislators including the republican side. We need better transparency laws such as with H.B.#23 but can never achieve such transparency until the legislators respond to the people. When influential legislators like Rep, Hudson and Sen. Peterson stands-down on key transparency legislation there is no hope for real open government! Seems they are too busy pushing legislation allowing them to make a left turn across double yellow lines to get into their own driveways and ensuring political bedfellows get their say in requiring schools to start after Labor Day so that personal businesses owned by legislators don’t lose revenue. 

Once we get state legislators out of being part of charter school agendas and formation of charter schools back to the needs of all children we might be able to address real issues impacting charter and public schools!