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Red Clay charter school board meeting via conference call? WTF !

I was checking in on a few charter schools and visited Red Clay’s Delaware College Preparatory Academy charter school website. First I was shocked to see the last board meeting minutes posted was for February 2013 meeting. Then I notice March 2013,    “Our Mar 25, 2013 Board Meeting has been changed to a conference call. Please send a request toboardofdirectors@dcpacademy.org for the conference line number”. God forbid if I question the law and oppose such meeitngs! And for the required monthly financial report! Last one was for March 2013 and look at the reporting format  March 2012 ! Whata a Joke ! No board policies posted??? N0 IRS990 form posted as required by law! 

Failure starts at the top and DCPA failures start with the Red Clay Superintendent  and the board. Damn looks like Kilory is going to have to make a board meeting house call! 

Markell and Blevins should be impeached!

Treasurer: Markell appointees should go Flowers calls for some members’ resignations Written by Jonathan Starkey The News Journal

“We obviously have a situation in which the Treasurer is unwilling to follow the directions of his civilian overseers,” Marvin wrote in a May 28 email to Flynn that was subsequently forwarded to state officials, including Markell, and obtained by The News Journal. Marvin’s email said Adams was “very upset about the new allocation that [Wilmington Trust] had been given” in the state investment portfolio.

Marvin, who has been among the largest donors to Markell’s Committee for a Better Future PAC, did not respond to requests for comment.

So a major campaign donors of Markell’s appointed by Markell to serve on the Cash Management Policy Board isn’t happy with State Treasurer Chip Flower and calls on Jack Markell to pull a political power-play on Flowers!

With a single day left in the legislative session that ended June 30, Senate President Pro Tem Patricia Blevins, D-Elsmere, introduced legislation authored by Markell’s office to gut Flowers’ powers, giving the board total control over the state’s $2 billion portfolio.

In comes Senator Blevins with Markell’s marching orders to take-down Chip Flowers! Blevins as you know is another legislator who turned her back on enhancing school board transparency. So as you see with the Cash Management Policy Board Blevins hides the truth by creating legislation to allow Markell to bury the truth by reducing Chip Flowers “authority”. 

“I don’t believe we have a right to impose the governor’s will or even our own will on an independently elected office,” said Rep. John Kowalko, D-Newark. “The [Markell] administration has so far seemed to be too heavily weighted toward corporations and businesses and banks. I need independence. That’s what an elected office brings.

Come on John, Markell is a self-proclaimed proud card carrying capitalist who has no regards to the laws of Delaware and the rights of other elected officials. The sad part is, Matt Denn sits in the corner sucking on his toes ignoring the damage Markell is doing to Delaware! Markell is untouchable and Matt Denn should be rewarded for sitting by covering the lies! But good for John Kowalko for calling it as he sees it!