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Is Red Clay School Board brewing another batch of Kool-aid?

Laced in Red Clay’s Common Core presentation at June’s board meeting is reference to The Smarter Balanced Assessment. 

This presentation indicates there will be selective piloting of the Smarter Balanced Assessment in 2013-2014 and a shift to Smarter Balanced Assessment district-wide in 2014-2015. During the piloting stage students will be required to take the DCAS “and” The Smarter Balanced Assessment test. Will the district inform parents of this added “burden”? How will added test preparation impact learning time? 

A handful of involved parents understands that the Common Core Standards initiative was to be tied to a nationalized standardize assessment test now known as The Smarter Balanced Assessment. However, one would think the Delaware Legislators who approved DCAS as the state’s “mandated” standardized assessment test would also approve The Smarter Balanced Assessment as it’s replacement! Somehow, I have a hunch when Red Clay agreed to the RTTT MOU there was power of attorney slipped in-between the pages by Judas! However, RTTT will be in it’s last year nex school year 2013-2014 and one would think all the provision within expires! So when did the contract signed in blood obligated Red Clay to Common Core Standards and more importantly The Smarter Balanced Assessment? Also, since The Smarter Balanced Assessment impacts Title 1 students when were Title 1 parents parents involved in decision making as prescribed in federal law Title 1 Section 1118? O shit! I forgot! Red Clay took the NCLB wavier that allows them to ignore the laws regarding parental involvement. I wonder, how much Title 1 funding designated for SES will be applied to compliance with The Smarter Balanced Assessment? 

Fast forward to school years 2014-2015! Confusing sets-in as DCAS is replaced with the Smarter Balance Assessment! Parents and the community says WTF! Why didn’t anyone tell us? 

There is something Red Clay School Board isn’t communicating to the public! Anytime there is an new assessment test there is an impact on the alignment of standards, curriculum and test! Traditionally Delaware reviews and adjust cut-scores during the piloting transition period. However, Delaware is banking on being a part of the Common Core Standards whereas The Smarter Balanced Assessment is closely aligned and impact on data will be minimal. But keep in mind 25 states are part of The Smarter Balanced Consortium meaning all 25 will be taking the same identical test! Obviously there will be variations in the level of aligned of standards and curriculum across these states. It won’t be perfect and fining tuning will take place. So now that we are comfortable with DCAS and most of the bugs are worked out, here will go again! Three more years of adaptation to yet another test and this one a nationalized standardized test! One must ask, why did Utah withdraw form The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium?    Why did Alabama withdraw? Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, and Indiana question the Common Core Standards, Big question of the day? There are 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico in America public school system! Why hasn’t the other 25 states and D.C. and PR joined this consortium?  

There was no federal mandate for states to join the consortium or common cores! However, Arne Duncan did put $$$ on the end of the stick to bait cash strapped states into this tactful federal intervention. Federal funds are going and state funds are still dwindling! Lookout local taxpayers! 

Matt Denn you are one sorry clueless person! The Duncan / Markell house of shit will fall on you come 2016! But there is hope Matt! My former Republican friends have been silent partners in the reform game! They can’t blame Markell without expose the political star chamber! Pete and RePete will distance themselves from Markell! The public is not going to reward Jack Markell failures by elected you! As for Sokola and Belvins, those Markell ass-kissers need to get voted out of office! Debbie you have been a bad girl! Give Charlie a call perhaps he can use a delivery person for his printing press! Matt, you can play nice guys clueless person but you are failing the public and “children”! 

Meantime back on the Red Clay ranch! Red Clay School Board please don’t be  fool enough to play the game, “parents need to contract their elected officials”! You are our elected officials! SHAME ON YOU! You hold the cup and Merv pours the Kool-Aid Jack Markell and Arne Duncan mixed up! If we want to have an honest conversation about education we need to have school board members aligned with their elected responsibilities and not support the love affair the super has with Markell and Duncan! We can’t run public schools under the agenda one lie and the other swears to it!

Jea Street, NCLB waviers intruded on Title 1 Section 1118 and where were you! The race to the top is heading down the four-year race track and how many minorities are still in the starting blocks!

Shout out to old friend big guy in Wilmington! Your Wilmington kids are being screwed in the Wall Street ponzi scheme!