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Kilroy celebrates 4th of July as a Libertarian

The time has come to face the truth about the Delaware Republican Party! It’s controlled by those on the extreme right and there is no room for the voice of the working-class. 

In the bigger picture America need another choice! The two-party system is corrupt. Backroom deals are all about power-sharing and maintaining political careers as elected officials! If choice is good in public education than more choice should be better among those claiming to represent the people. 

The love affair many Delaware Republican elected officials have with Jack Markell and the Wall Street education ponzi scheme is disheartening! Republicans claim to be for less intrusive federal intervention in our lives and more local control! It sees like that analogy applies to business not public education. Delaware’s charter school laws are discriminatory creating de fact segregation! A few Delaware Republicans have become more hands-on supporting charter schools that creates programs for whites and ones for black! Creating charter schools with preference for Title 1 creates racially identifiable schools. All public and charter schools should have open admission with programs such as AP, TAG, Honors and other enriched programming to deliver a fair and equatable education to all as a community not sorted by social classes.

Libertarians supports the elimination of the United States Department of Education as we know it! And as for Delaware we need an elected state board of education and a elected secretary of education not a puppet show controlled by the governor! As far as Title 1 parents, why did Arne Duncan and Jack Markell deface Title 1 section 1118 federal law?

My changing parties goes beyond public education issues! The federal government has become too intrusive in all aspect of our lives! The sad part of it all is people like Jack Markell selling out local control to satisfy is personal political aspirations and his little man-syndrome. We have a Lt. Governor who operates like a Vice President and cowards in the corner! He takes trips to Israel the land of his faith on the taxpayers dime with not transparency of expenditures.

The Libertarian views may be a little extreme when it comes to public education. However, compare to what we have now! Republicans and Democrats working together supporting charter schools undermining traditional public school and supporting Race to The Top nothing more than a Wall Street ponzi scheme. I don’t totally oppose school vouchers and feel we need a third choice to be an equalizer in the war between charters and traditional public schools. In an idea world we should only have one public school system! However, we’re long pass the America of yesterday!  I’ll get an earful from teachers and union leaders but I must ask, when is it time to hold Governor Markell accountable by name? Judas sold out teachers, parents and students!           

America is a mess and a two-party system is a complete failure ! The only way to break the political grind-lock is to add a third voice! The Republicans blame the Democrats for all the mess but plays the same old broken record! The middle-class is shrinking and the Delaware Republican party has loss touch with the struggles of the working class!

I carried the fight for transparency up the hill and was stabled in the back by the bill’s sponsor!

It’s don’t,  I went online and changed my party affiliation and signed form is in the mail!  

9 year old Chicago student calls out Rahm Emanuel

Kilroy clan is filled with patriots


                              Photo taken by Kilroy’s daughter 

Kilroy prepares for the 4th of July a beautiful day in American’s history



Photo is of baby Kilroy during a reenactment 2003 of the signing of the Leestown Resolutions on behalf of direct Virginia ancestors signers Jonathan Beckwith and William Brockenbrough. Baby Kilroy’s ancestor John James New England side of family fought in the Battle of Lexington and the Siege of Boston. Baby Kilroy has a responsibility to honor his ancestor who helped forge this nation.


The following articles prepared and offered by Richard Henry Lee were passed by the patriots of that day at Leedstown, Virginia, on the 27th of February 1766:

“Roused by danger and alarmed at attempts, foreign and domestic, to reduce the people of this country to a state of abject and detestable slavery by destroying that free and happy condition of government under which they have hitherto lived,

We, who subscribe this paper, have associated and do bind ourselves to each other, to God, and to our country, by the firmest ties that religion and virtue can frame, most sacredly and punctually to stand by and with our lives and fortunes, to support, maintain, and defend each other in the observance and execution of these following articles –

FIRST: We declare all due allegiance and obedience to our lawful Sovereign, George the Third, King of Great Britain. And we determine to the utmost of our power to preserve the laws, the peace and good order of this Colony, as far as is consistent with the preservation of our Constitutional rights and liberty,

SECONDLY: As we know it to be the Birthright privilege of every British subject (and of the people of Virginia as being such) founded on Reason, Law, and Compact; that he cannot be legally tried, but by his peers; that he cannot be taxed, but by consent of a Parliament, in which he is represented by persons chosen by the people, and who themselves pay a part of the tax they impose on others. If, therefore, any person or persons shall attempt, by any action, or proceeding, to deprive this Colony of these fundamental rights, we will immediately regard him or them, as the most dangerous enemy of the community; and we will go to any extremity, not only to prevent the success of such attempts, but to stigmatize and punish the offender.

THIRDLY: As the Stamp Act does absolutely direct the property of the people to be taken from them without their consent expressed by their representatives and as in many cases it deprives the British American Subject of his right to trial by jury; we do determine, at every hazard, and paying no regard to danger or to death, we will exert every faculty, to prevent the execution of the said Stamp Act in any instance whatsoever within this Colony. And every abandoned wretch, who shall be so lost to virtue and public good, as wickedly to contribute to the introduction or fixture of the Stamp Act in this Colony, by using stampt paper, or by any other means, we will, with the utmost expedition, convince all such profligates that immediate danger and disgrace shall attend their prostitute purposes.

FOURTHLY: That the last article may most surely and effectually be executed, we engage to each other, that whenever it shall be known to any of this association, that any person is so conducting himself as to favor the introduction of the Stamp Act, that immediate notice shall be given to as many of the association as possible; and that every individual so informed, shall, with expedition, repair to a place of meeting to be appointed as near the scene of action as may be.

FIFTHLY: Each associator shall do his true endeavor to obtain as many signers to this association, as he possibly can.

SIXTHLY: If any attempt shall be made on the liberty or property of any associator for any action or thing to be done in consequence of this agreement, we do most solemnly bind ourselves by the sacred engagements above entered into, at the risk of our lives and fortunes, to restore such associate to his liberty and to protect him in the enjoyment of his property.”

signed:  27th day of February 1766 in Virginia, put our hands and seals hereto.

Richard Henry Lee * Will. Robinson * Lewis Willis * Thos. Lud. Lee * Saml. Washington * Chas. Washington * Moore Fauntleroy * Francis Lightfoot Lee * Thomas Jones * Rodham Kenner * Spencer M. Ball * Richard Mitchell * Joseph Murdock * Richd. Parker * Spence Monroe * John Watts * Robt. Lovell * John Blagge * Charles Weeks * Willm. Booth * Geo. Turbeville * Alvin Moxley * Wm. Flood * John Ballatine, Jr. * William Lee * Thos. Chilton * Richard Buckner * Jos. Pierce * Will. Chilton * John Williams * William Sydnor * John Monroe * William Cocke * Willm. Grayson * Wm. Brockenbrough * Saml. Selden * Richd. Lee * Daniel Tibbs * Francis Thornton,Jr. * Peter Rust * John Lee Jr. * Francis Waring * John Upshau * Meriwether Smith * Thos. Roane * Jas. Edmondson * Jas. Webb. Jr. * John Edmondson * Jas. Banks * Smith Young * Laur. Washington * W . Roane * Richd. Hodges * Jas. Upshau * Jas. Booker * A . Montague * Richd. Jeffries * John Suggett * John S. Woodcock * Robt. Wormeley Carter * John Blackwell * Winder S. Kenner * Wm. Bronaugh * Wm. Peirce * John Berryman * John Dickson * John Browne * Edwd. Sanford * Charles Chilton * Edward Sanford * Jos. Lane * John Beale, Jr. * John Newton * Will. Beale, Jr. * Chs. Mortimer * Wm. Pierce * John Berryman * John Dickson * John Broone * Edwd, Sanford * Charles Chilton * Edward Sanford * Daniel McCarty * Jer. Rush * Edwd. Ransdell * Townshend Dade * John Ashton * W . Brent * Francis Foushee * John Smith, Jr. * Wm. Ball * Thos. Barnes * Jos. Blackwell * Reuben Meriwether * Edw. Mountjoy * Wm. J. Mountjoy * Thos. Mountjoy * Gilbt. Campbell * John Edmondsen, Jr. * Charles Beale * Peter Grant * Thompson Mason * Jona. Beckwith * Jas. Samford * John Belfield * W . Smith * John Augt. Washington * Thos. Belfield * Edgcomb Suggett * Henry Francks * John Bland, Jr. * Jas. Emerson * Thos. Logan * Jo. Milliken * Ebenezer Fisher * Hancock Eustace * John Richards * Thos. Jett * Thos. Douglas * Max Robinson * John Orr   

Markell takes another vacation on the taxpayer’s dime! Levin tags along with Polaroid ;)

Markell to travel to Israel By Amy Cherry

Governor Markell is heading to Israel for economic development.

The governor will be gone from July 5th through July 12th. During the week-long trip, he’ll meet with various high-tech research firms in an effort to get more of them to incorporate in Delaware to increase corporate franchise tax revenues.

Markell will also meet Israeli economic and government leaders in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Traveling with him will be Delaware Economic Development Director Alan Levin, the University of Delaware’s Vice Provost and the past president of the Delaware Bar Association.

No Publius I don’t want the trip recorded!!! 🙂 However, would like to see a detailed itemized expenses account! 

Delaware Republican elected officials advances federal intervention in Delaware’s public schools #netDe #edude @dedeptofed @destateboared @greg_Lavelle

As Delaware Republican elected officials kiss Jack Markell’s ass the Delaware Department of Education marches ahead with The Smarter Balanced Assessment due to replace DCAS and will be field tested school years 2013-2014. 

To future Republican State Committee Chairman Copeland; I ask, when did the Delaware state legislators approve replacing the DCAS with The Smarter Balanced Assessment? During this pilot year will Delaware students be required to participate in this nationalized standardized test and the DCAS? Will your charter school participate and in the spirit of transparent governor you claim to cherish will you be publishing your charter school results?

Rep Hudson; I am sure you don’t have the first clue as to what is going on with The Smarter Balanced Assessment a consortium of states creating a nationalized standardize assessment test! But question for you Debbie, will the Delaware Department of Education have the latitude to adjust “cut-scores” as they did with DSTP and DCAS? Also, Debbie as a Republican do you support federal intervention via grant money that requires Delaware to follow a prescription that allows the federal government a voice in setting standards impacting your school district Red Clay? Debbie you soon will be asked to address the Red Clay community on these upcoming changes and ramifications associated with The Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Senator Lavelle; As a leading and respected Delaware Republican are you going to call for an education impact assessment associated with The Smarter Balanced Assessment as to cost to the state and local taxpayers after the initial federal seed money runs dry? Senator Lavelle you soon will be asked to give you person views ans assessment on The Smarter Balanced Assessment.

To all Delaware Republican elected officials; please update yourself with the issue at hand! Election year 2014 and 2016 will once again be embroiled in education issues. You “will” be asked some hard question on this issue and your position of school reform.

To Delaware Republican citizens; forget about recapturing the governorship! It ain’t going to happen! Many Republican elected officials are aligned with Governor Makell’s education policies. Their involvement in charter schools goes deep! Don’t get me wrong charter schools are an option parents demand! However, the voices of affluent to build charter schools for whites and charter schools for blacks are being heard and supported! All public schools including charters should have open admission policies with no preferences! However, enrichment program like TAG, AP and Honors should be required in all schools including Title 1 schools! Building charter school with preferences for Title 1 students creates a racially identifiable school and de facto segregation. Delaware elected officials supported Markell / Denn legislation giving charter schools more capital funding. However, Markell and Denn refuse to give children living in the city of Wilmington Delaware preferential school Choice “with” provided preferential Choice Transportation. Markell and Denn seem to not have a problem with de facto segregation that appeases many affluent white parents. Delaware elected Republican officials look the other way and aren’t fighting for real “equity” when it comes to school choice and charter schools! Is this the party registered Delaware Republicans support! When do we as a party stop rounding up black people during election cycles to parade proclaiming we’re a part of all? And then there are gays membership within the Delaware Republican Party who work very hard supporting Republican candidates and current elected officials and not to forget the party itself! The gay community isn’t respected by the GOP and many view gays as freaks! No Publius I am not gay sticking up for friends! It’s about social justice being denied by many Republicans!

Kilroy may have not won this round re: enhanced transparency of school board. But it really flushed out Republicans who shout from the bleachers, federal intervention is intruding on local control and government needs to be transparent while they look the other way when called to legislative task.

So back to The Smarter Balanced Assessment! It appears our Delaware Republican elected officials are holding the door open for this intrusion and patting Governor Markell on the back, job well done!   

Just a little tag-on post relevant to concerns with The Smarter Balanced Assessment:    

To: Mike Matthews President of Red Clay teachers union aka association! Mike, you have your opinions about Race to The Top, The Smarter Balanced Assessment and many issues impacting Delaware’s public school students, parents and students. You  throw darts at these programs but fail to hold Governor Markell accountable! Stop running around collecting photos of you and elected officials trying to build an image! You membership needs a leader not one who is a follower! Delaware teachers handed over their right to strike long ago and the promises made are eroding! Partisan politics is no place for tomorrow’s leaders! Personally I feel you should run for political office under a third party and give us the Mike Matthews we loved and respected for being straight-up! Don’t be seduced into being a patsy for Markell and Denn!  

Lizzie turns into a Christina pumpkins and bids farewll

Dear Christina, Thank You! By Elizabeth Scheinberg

Well, here we are.  X marks the spot.  At midnight I become a private citizen again and you will continue to soldier forward, educating our children, despite a network of leaders who are hellbent on seeing you and your sister districts fail.  I know you won’t. But, you have to believe it, too.

Read the entire post here

Christina’s board member Elizabeth Scheninberg serves last board meeting. As many know Scheinberg withdrew from the board race. Harrie-Ellen Minnehan went on to beat other opponents.

Minnehan has some deep shoes to fill as Scheninberg cut across the grain of the good old boy network and made many views public! Scheinberg is one of a few school board member across the state who mixed it up with the blog world and it’s no secret she was a blogger herself! Stop !!! Do you hear that??? Publius just tripped over about 6 empty bottles of scotch! He’ll be here soon with his attacks on Scheninberg, John Young, Kilroy and others who dare demand transparency!

Lizzie good luck with life after the board and I hope you continue to support the fight for transparency and advocacy for our special needs kids. The voices our children needs should come from main street Delaware not Wall Street and it’s local puppets like Markell and his Rodel circus! Publius feels our deaf parents don’t need full word for word transcripts of school board meetings! How sad! 

Those of us who dares to question a system bought and paid for by the Rodels of  the world can at best hope to move forward an inch at a time! But it’s still forward progress! Big Bill would be nothing without his money and Markell wouldn’t give him the time of day! The advances Elizabeth and others made in the fight for transparency came as a gift of love for the community and sense of social justice. Bill, all the money in the world won’t fill that void inside you! Like Skipper you’ll fade and become irrelevant! The world was blessed with Elizabeth and cursed with you Bill! Don’t worry Publius will come to your rescue and stroke your little man ego! So sad!