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Kilroy’s cuzzin Lilroy signs onto Kilroy’s Delaware #netDE #edude @ed_in_de @dedeptofed @greg_lavelle

Folks, I was hoping (praying) H.B. #23 would have made it to law! Kilroy was prepared to pull the plug on Kilroy’s Delaware because “mission accomplished” (would have) I’ve worked for many years pushing for recording school board meetings and very thankful for Red Clay, Christina and Capital school district supporting my efforts! Also, with the help of Rep Hudson and other state legislators we were able to make it law for the state board of education to record their meetings. I can’t go into detail on H.B.#23’s failure because of confidentiality agreements I have with those I sidebar with and a few in Dover! However, I can say previous supporters stuck it to me and Kilroy has set sights on a new mission! That mission being to help purge career politicians out of Dover and pay back a few Republican friends for pretending to be for open government and transparency but helped protect their charter school interest by back-peddling on H.B.#23! And then there is Lt. Governor Matt Denn who had his hand in the desk draw veto of H.B.#23! So now the game has changed and Kilroy is taking on a new mission!  Matt Denn cannot be rewarded with the governorship for standing by Jack Markell  Matt is a real nice guy and I am sure Markell will find him a job in the private sector! Maybe Senator Blevins ( X senator) can be his secretary and Debbie fetch his morning coffee!  

So now I want to introduce Lilroy who will be dropping by with some blog post!

Dear Cuzzin Kilroy,

Mama says she has it all wurked out with you for my visit.  I sure preciate you and your best girl letting me stay.  I know I can’t get a job at Fisker now, but maybe there is some of that Race To the Top money left.  Mama says if you hit it right, you can get lots.  I heard one school district even gave some back, because there was so much, and they were inclined to share.  Well, I can help them share.  Just show me around Kilroy.

You are Heaven sent Kilroy.  The beauty parlor is holding my account from the sheriff, knowing you have stepped in.  I just got so behind in covering my upkeep.  And the color and rinse went up.  Mama was right to send me to you.  I don’t want to be seen around town without my upkeep, as I pay back Miss Effie.

It’s gonna be a fun summer Kilroy.  I can just feel it.  Everybody talks at the beauty parlor, and we all get along.  Now I get to talk to you and your Best Girl and we have a bunch of catchin up to do.  In fact, I heard Matty Denn grew up to be Lt. Gubner.  And Miss Jenner is now President of sumpting.  Well, wool catch up.

Preeshuate you picking me up at the bus stashun.  I don’t know the local bus roots anymore to transfer and ride out.  One more thing.  Can Best Girl show me to a good hair operator that can tease and stack?  Just in case I run into Matty?