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More howling in the wind! Re: Jack Markell hijacking of Delaware’s public education #netDe #edude

Conservative groups bemoan lack of local education oversight; Conservative groups bemoan lack of local education oversight Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

MIDDLETOWN — A growing national debate over the use of Common Core State Standards in schools was on display Tuesday night during a panel discussion by conservative activists who said the standards are taking decisions about education out of the hands of parents and local school boards.

“If the decisions are being made far away, not even in your own state, how do you make sure the changes are in your children’s best interests?” said Nick Loffer of Americans for Prosperity, a national conservative group. “More of us need to be talking to our legislators. More of us need to talk to our legislators. We need to make this an issue.”

Talking to legislators in Delaware has it’s limits. Many Republican the so-called conservatives are in bed with Governor Markell on education reform. Markell get’s his way while to the delight of the Republicans unionized teachers are under a turning screw.  We seen what happened to House Bill 23 that will require all school district, votech district and charter school to record the public session of their board meetings and put online for all to hear! H.B. 23 was a bipartisan bill but the two main sponsors bowed-down to charter school reforms who feel charter schools need not operate in the public eye. Even Lt. Governor Matt Denn step-aside failing to stand for open government and political platform he ran his campaign on! The people’s voice in Dover is very limited!     

Speakers at Tuesday’s event said they hoped that debate would spread to Delaware, saying the standards were created by a small group of bureaucrats, interest groups and corporations without enough input from parents and school boards.

“While having one-size-fits all standards may lead to more kids in college, does it respect the rights of children? Does it respect the inalienable right of parents to educate their children as they see fit? No, it doesn’t,” said Evan Queitsch, a DERC member.

If anyone were to review “federal law” Title 1 Section 1118 the laws governing Title 1 parental involvement they’ll see they weren’t followed. It all became an indoctrination after the fact. And no with Obama’s NCLB waivers (Illegal)  Title 1 Section 1118 was kicked aside!

State leaders and Common Core supporters say they hosted public meetings on the standards and that the committees that created them featured many teachers. They also point out that Common Core started with a push by governors – with Delaware Gov. Jack Markell prominent among them.

Bullshit! The decision to join the Common Core Standard States was made and then the indoctrination public and parents began!   

There’s just a core group of people who are in charge of this. Parents, teachers and the school board are all left out of this,” said Karen White, a parent who recently joined DERC after reading about the standards. “If we don’t like what’s happening, who do we call? I don’t feel like my voice is being heard.”

The power of your voice will only be heard through the power of your wallet. Rodel made a political $$$ investment in Jack Markell and that is why they are having their way with education!

Some of the event’s speakers also called for public school vouchers, education savings accounts and other programs that would funnel state money to parents to send their children to private or charter schools or to home-school them.

Maybe it is time to give at-risk students school vouchers! A two party political system and to party education system, traditional and charter isn’t effectively meeting the equitable educational needs of all children. 

Congressman Carney wants Delaware’s higher education tuition cost more affordable ! LOL #netDe #edude

Del. Congressman addresses high costs of higher education

By Mark Fowser

Making higher education more affordable for Delaware families, that’s the subject of a telephone town hall Tuesday night, hosted by Congressman Carney. 

“At a time when higher education is probably more important than ever, costs are just skyrocketing, four times the rate of inflation and more than four times the growth in income,” he says. 

John let’s start addressing the cost of college tuition by making student loan interest rates the same as what the feds charge banks! Also, answer the question as to why banks and business can file bankruptcy walking away with no obligation when citizens with student loans filing bankruptcy can’t write off student loans? Yea  yea I know, everybody would get a student loan and then file bankruptcy! 

Now back to reality! There is nothing Congressman like Carney can do to order or regulate colleges and universities to control their tuition rates. Wait stop the presses !  

New York Times July 25, 2013 

College enrollment fell 2 percent in 2012-13, the first significant decline since the 1990s, but nearly all of that drop hit for-profit and community colleges; now, signs point to 2013-14 being the year when traditional four-year, nonprofit colleges begin a contraction that will last for several years. The college-age population is dropping after more than a decade of sharp growth, and many adults who opted out of a forbidding job market and went back to school during the recession have been drawn back to work by the economic recovery.

Hardest hit are likely to be colleges that do not rank among the wealthiest or most prestigious, and are heavily dependent on tuition revenue, raising questions about their financial health — even their survival.

Looks like some colleges and universities might have to start a price discount war!

John, if you really want to address concerns involving education perhaps you can help deliver control of local schools back to their boards and expose Jack Markell’s role in the Wall Street Ponzi scheme called Race to The Top! 

Is News Journal editors protecting the New Moyer charter ?

Moyer school officials working to avoid closing; Officials recently rejected two changes to charter Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

As state education officials work to bring The New Moyer Academy charter school in Wilmington out of violation of its charter, school leaders say they’re making significant strides and arguing that concerns about its teaching and finances are being blown out of proportion.

“Moyer is no longer a school that is limping along,” said Keith Stephenson, a former Moyer principal and current vice president with K12 Inc., the management company responsible for turning the school around. “This is a school that is walking on our own two feet. And if you give us time, we’ll be sprinting soon.”

If Moyer can’t meet it’s approved charter application’s enrollment projections and needed to request a modification to lower it’s required enrollment then I say, Moyer is limping along. Remember when the New Moyer application was presented it was sold by Moyer as obtainable objectives.

As concerns to finances, Moyer last posted monthly financial report was for February 2013 and at best should reflect June 30, 2013!

Moyer has about 210 students enrolled for next year, school officials say, less than the 385 called for in its charter. The revised charter calls for 225 students.

And let’ see the preliminary fy2014 budget based on actual enrollment numbers! If Moyer wasn’t limping it would have met the approved charter enrollment number of 385

State financial monitors say Moyer can stay afloat with its current enrollment, but only with the infusion of financial support and staff from K12.

K12 is providing several staffers in the school’s front office, and has already staked more than $1 million there. State board members said they worry about what would happen if K12 pulled out.

“All K12 would need to do is not want to lose money anymore on this school,” said board member Pat Heffernan. “What happens then?”

Moyer officials say the school is on solid financial footing.

“If K12 pulled out today, this school would survive,” Curry said. “Yes, they’re providing some positions for us. But we would simply use the money we’re paying them right now to fund those positions.

K12 is Wall street listed for profit company and are obligated to it’s stockholders and odds are Governor Markell might be a stockholder. Why wasn’t the contract between the state and K12 made public when the state put K12 in charged? Heffernan needs to call for a state audit of Moyer to provided a real financial picture.

Did you see this from the “chairman’s report to the board on January 22, 2013 “He also advised that the building is in foreclosure, a legal issue. As soon as the foreclosure is complete we will submit an offer to purchase the building. K12 has agreed to finance the mortgage at a rate of 5.2% for 20 years. However if we terminate their contract for another management company the loan becomes payable within 30 days”.

Another part of Moyer’s financial puzzle is the ownership of its building on East 17th Street in the Eastlake neighborhood. The school is leasing the property from The Reinvestment Fund, a Philadelphia-based community development organization. The lease expires at the end of September, and Moyer’s board plans to purchase the building before then.

Did someone forget to mention the sheriff sale on 07/09/13? “AFTER SHERIFF SALE LIST 07/09/13 page 1MTG-(Attorney)-RHODUNDA & WILLIAMS LLP-(Plaintiff)-THE REINVESTMENT FUND 13-004642 7(Defendant) REINVESTMENT II LLCAddress 610 & 611 E. 17TH STREET WILMINGTON 19802 2602940027 & 2602940028(Sold to)  RHODUNDA & WILLIAMS  LLP $1,300,000.00”

Will the real owner please stand up! 

“There are too many ifs for me right now,” said state board President Teri Quinn Gray. “Until I see something in black and white saying they own the building, I can’t support this.”

Ask for a copy of the deed and get a top to bottom state audit! 

“Moyer has been unable to submit a curriculum that is aligned to our standards and expecations,” Murphy said.

Moyer officials say they simply need more time to work with the state to figure out what the remaining problems are.

Moyer needs to be on formal review !

Smart Balance Comes Under Critical Review

Kavips makes it official! Kilroy wasn’t yelling fire re: The Smarter Balanced Assessment!


The Department of Education in April of this year, created two technical reviews to assess test development in the PARCC and Smart Balance Assessment Programs. (Delaware uses the Smart Balanced).  Essentially this is an internal review mid-process in its development.  It’s goal was to steer the second half of development towards its proper direction.

Here is what it found.

  • Smart Balanced developed a high number of items for field testing this Spring:  over 5000!  it will used lessons learned in future test development. (Could also explain Delaware’s drop in test scores, since answering these took time away better spent answering the questions used for the assessment).
  • It was recommended that Smart Balance run its test past content experts to insure the answers were correct.
  • They were questioned whether their list of 500 items was sufficient enough to train the field test question writers who would be the ones who would…

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Kilroy has a real fish story to tell

I’ve just return from some Outer Banks R & R where I spent many hours fishing and sleeping on the fishing pier that extends over the ocean. I find fishing very relaxing but have to admit, it must suck for the fish yanked out of the water with a hook in it’s mouth only to be thrown in a bucket to be used for live bait to catch bigger fish or a cooler where in will end up as someone’s meal.

As for those fish caught for live bait (not me), they would end up in a harness with large fish hooks through them supported by one fishing rod and another fishing rod with a guide-line with an anchored (sinker). The one guide-line keeps the fish on the water’s surface where the fish becomes helpless top water bait for larger fish.  About three years ago I witness a boy about 13 years old with an old-time crank meat-grinder attached to the rail of the pier and putting small (live) fish in it and grinding them up in to the water. I guess it was his way of chumming for sharks. It was quite sick and cruel. 

Over the years I’ve learned to be respectful of fish and take what I know I would actually eat. So I catch them and release them! This year I did catch and release 100% of what I caught. I caught nearly 100 fish and all were returned with the least amount of hook damage. But sadly one fish was hooked in the eye and the eye came out with the hook. About two minutes later the fish was floating on the surface dead! I caught one fish and it look as if it had about 5 healing fishhook injuries. That was one lucky fish!

Yep and I talk to the fish as I take the hook of them! The first thing I say is, “it’s your lucky day”! Then with much care as possible I remove the hook. Yep and some times I pet them before releasing! Actually the more I fish the less I enjoy it! Even catching and releasing puts unnecessary stress on fish. I am considering forgoing fishing next year.   

Well I am back and glad to see Publius was well behaved!  

What color is George Washington’s white horse?

Student weighs in on the education Kool-Aid fest

Your Delaware driver’s license and who has access to your photo

Facial Recognition and Driver Licenses: Identification or Data Collection? Submitted by Darren Smith, Guest Blogger JONATHAN TURLEY Res ipsa loquitur (“The thing itself speaks”)

Recently the FBI’s “Next Generation Identification” project was funded by congress to bring significantly enhanced identification and recognition capabilities to government agencies.  The system relies for the most part on individual data collected from local law enforcement and state departments of motor vehicles or licensing, that is fingerprint, booking photos, and most recently driver license photographs.

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Matt Denn has no money for digital recorders for school boards but plenty for Fisker

Delaware President Governor Markell refuses to take responsibility for the Fisker fiasco so it’s only fair to go after Delaware Vice President Lt. Governor Matt Denn cosigner of the Delaware / Fisker love affair. Delaware has no money to provide digital recorders to Delaware public and charter school to provide the public with enhanced communications and transparency but has plenty for Fisker! 

Matt Denn’s love and support for Jack Markell shouldn’t go unrewarded! Matt come out of the Markell’s shadow and face the world like a man! 


5 payments


Department Division Category Check Date Amount

Delaware charter schools snubs the governing laws

Here we go again! This time Academy of Dover!

Law says all public schools and charters are to post their monthly financial reports! None for Academy of Dover for 2013

Board Minutes? Forget about them too!

Board agendas? Where’s Waldo?

Board members ? Some only has last names and no first name!

IRS990 forms? Pretty much kiss my as we’re above the IRS.

“Note: All Board meetings are open to the public and meeting dates are posted at the school”.  I followed the bread crumbs and no luck!

Required yearly audits ! Last one June 2011

Don’t you think before we ask teachers to be accountable we should ask the school leaders and board to lead by example?

Obama rather continue the Wall Street education ponzi scheme re: NCLB

House votes to replace ‘No Child’ education law JIM ABRAMS, AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans voted Friday to dismantle the troubled No Child Left Behind law for evaluating America’s students and schools, saying states and local school districts rather than Washington should be setting rules for ensuring that kids are getting good educations.

The legislation would eliminate federally required testing of students, which has been controversial from the start. But the measure passed with no Democratic support and drew a veto threat from the Obama administration, which said it would be a “step backward” in efforts to better prepare children for colleges and careers and to bring improvements to low-performing schools.

Now is the time to end this social train wreck called ESEA /NCLB. 

Democrats in the Senate, where they hold the majority, are working on their own bill. It would also give states greater flexibility in designing school improvement standards. But it would maintain the authority of the federal education secretary to approve those plans. A Senate vote on that legislation is unlikely until autumn.

And there you have it, more kicking the can down the road

The GOP bill would eliminate more than 70 existing elementary and secondary education programs, replacing them with block grant money that states and school districts could use as they think best.

Block grants and local control are the right way to go! 18% of federal funding goes to compliance and could be better served adding more teachers and reducing class sizes.

I hope our teachers union support ending the social education nightmare!

DE DOE confirms no IRS 990 for Moyer and pretty much says no big deal!

The Moyer Hypothesis: Why didn’t Moyer buy its building at sheriff’s sale? By Children and Educators First.

Please go here and read entire blog post …………………

I am going to comment on this portion of Lizzie’s blog post

John Carwell of the DOE Charter Office has informed me that after speaking with the New Moyer Academy Board President, he understands that they do not have a current non-profit status with the IRS.  He also informed me that the Board president told him that they had not accepted any donations, thus no one had to be concerned about gifts or improper deductions.  Additionally, he stated that their attorneys have begun the necessary paperwork with the IRS to correct this matter.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! DE DOE says no big deal because there has been no donations to Moyer! So forget about the law! Hopefully now that state board of education has taken their heads out of their asses they can smell the DE DOE shit! Without a non profit-status Moyer the corporation is for-profit and should be required to file taxes! Whatever !!!!!!!!!!!! Laws are for the people in Delaware not the government. 

Make sure to go see Lizzie’s post here ……………………….. 

Message to Moyer Charter School Parents!

Moyer parents, charter school are public schools and you are the public! Moyer is “your” school! Demand a state audit! Demand to know how much $$$ K12 is receiving! Ask for the contract between Moyer and K12 to be placed on the school’s webpage! And please demand all public sessions of board of director meetings be recorded and put online! Just like the state board of education and some other schools districts do! Pencader parents who now have children in Moyer, PLEASE demand this transparency NOW! I am telling you, hear we go again!

Now is the time to take control of “your” school! Don’t support the profit takers and seekers! 

Is the Delaware State Board of Education waking-up from a Markell induced coma? RE: the New Moyer Charter #netde #edude

Department of Education denies charter school’s requests to make changes Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

State officials rejected The New Moyer Academy charter school’s request Thursday for two major changes and said the school is in violation of its charter.

Moyer has enrolled fewer students than required by its current charter, so it sought the state’s permission to modify that charter and set lower enrollment goals. Next year, for example, the school wants to lower its enrollment goal from 385 students to 225.

The school has 201 students enrolled for the coming year.

It’s hard to believe many Pencader parents enrolled their children in Moyer! The state board did the right thing! Hold the “New” Moyer to it’s original “New Moyer approved charter application”! They claimed to have save the world (Moyer) plan and now is back-peddling! Swim or sink!!!!!!!! The board didn’t even attend the DE DOE review committee’s public hearing! So sad!

Moyer also asked the state for permission to overhaul its curriculum. The school originally employed teaching centered around online learning with students moving through classes at their own pace while teachers acted as facilitators.

This makes sense, moving from a failed K12.Inc online plan to real live teachers! However, Moyer’s plan wasn’t sound and was rejected by Sec of Ed.

Moyer already made the curriculum changes during the past school year, but still sought DoE’s official approval. However, state officials rejected both requests Thursday.

Moyer made the changes without approval!

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy rejected the curriculum change. Murphy approved the enrollment changes, but the state board rejected them.

Looks like Sec of Ed Murphy got a wake up call the Delaware State Board of Education  who”might” be coming back re: integrity! You can bet Governor Markell will push for more legislation given Sec of Ed more mayoral control over the the state board! 

Board members who voted not to approve Moyer’s request to lower enrollment raised questions about whether the school can survive with such a low student count. State monitors say Moyer is financially solvent, but only with the continued support of K12, which is infusing money and personnel.

Remember this !

The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chairman Remarks:

He also advised that the building is in foreclosure, a legal issue. As soon as the foreclosure is complete we will submit an offer to purchase the building. K12 has agreed to finance the mortgage at a rate of 5.2% for 20 years. However if we terminate their contract for another management company the loan becomes payable within 30 days.

I think the state board has every right to be concern and with Moyer wanting to shift from online to real-time learning. One would think K12 services would be reduce and that K12 $$$ support would be gone! Remember K12.Inc is a for profit organization  aka capitalist just like Jack Markell!

“All K12 would have to to do is not want to lose money anymore on this school and they would pull out,” said board member Pat Heffernan. “What happens then?”

OMG! Heffernan sees the light! Hef you know what will happen? Another fucking taxpayer bailout just like with Pencader!

Other board members said they were nervous about plans for Moyer to buy its building. The school’s board of directors and the The Reinvestment Fund, which currently owns the building, are working out plans for Moyer to buy the building it is currently leasing. The lease expires at the end of September.

Moyer can’t even afford a time-share overlooking the sewage treatment plant in Wilmington! 

But without a final signed agreement in hand, several board members said the arrangement wasn’t yet permanent enough to merit approval.

Well hopeful with the board’s denial of modification there won’t be a signed agreement!

“The only thing I’m certain about at this point is that they have a place until Sept. 30,” said Board President Teri Quinn Gray. “If something happens between now and then, we will have students in a building and, come Oct. 1, what’s going to happen?”

OMG! She can’t even figure out what’s going to happen? WTF ! 

Stephenson said the school is simply waiting for some procedural and bureaucratic hurdles to be cleared before signing a final document. And he said K12 was strongly committed to “standing by” Moyer.

Shit I foget! Markell and Levin were out of the country and Markell being a possible stockholder in K12, Markell would override the state board of education! 

“The thing about this is that K12 had already invested over $1 million into Moyer,” Stephenson said. “If K12 pulled out, it would have already pulled out. There was a break point for that to happen last July, and it didn’t happen. K12 is interested in seeing this thing through.”

Remember this:

Chairman Remarks: “He also advised that the building is in foreclosure, a legal issue. As soon as the foreclosure is complete we will submit an offer to purchase the building. K12 has agreed to finance the mortgage at a rate of 5.2% for 20 years. However if we terminate their contract for another management company the loan becomes payable within 30 days.”

Mortgage holder guaranteed service contract or else!

Department of Education Chief of Staff Mary Kate McLaughlin said the state has several options at this point. The most severe route would be for DoE to put Moyer in front of the state board for formal review, which could lead to closing the school or other harsh consequences.

Option? Can you spell obligation? We need a formal review with a state audit and who knows a DOJ review! 

Moyer’s request for modification reveals their original “New” charter application was full of ed babble and bullshit on the side! They made the commitment and are failing to adhere to it!