Red Clay calls on Suckola and company in objection to H.B.165 #netDe #edude

Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2013 9:41 AM
To: McDowell Harris; ‘Henry Margaret Rose’; Marshall Robert; Lavelle Greg; Cloutier Catherine; Lopez Ernesto B; ‘Blevins Patricia’; Sokola David; Peterson Karen; Hall-Long Bethany; Townsend Bryan; Poore Nicole; McBride David; Ennis Bruce; Lawson Dave; ‘<>’; Bushweller Brian; ‘<>’; Pettyjohn Brian; Hocker Gerald; Venables Robert
Subject: HB #165 w/HA 3
Importance: High

This message is from Merv Daugherty, Superintendent- RCCSD, on behalf of the Board of Education.  At its regular session meeting on June 19, 2013, Board members passed the following resolution for consideration to this Bill:

The RCCSD Board of Education agrees that the original Charter Bill needs to be updated.  It is a seminal piece of legislation that needs thoughtful conversation and input from stakeholders including School Boards whose districts will be impacted by this bill. The Department of Education should be allowed to use the impact study alone in deciding a new charter application, especially if the study indicates a negative impact on a school.   We believe in making sure that all our students have access to innovative programs.  We also believe that funding to our traditional schools should be returned to the 2008 level before funding new Charter Schools.

RCCSD Board of Education


5 responses to “Red Clay calls on Suckola and company in objection to H.B.165 #netDe #edude

  1. The part about returning funding to 2008 levels, shouldn’t that have been sent to JFC- how is that pertinent to this bill? This bill can’t change those funding levels?
    So the school boards are mad that their association DSBA didn’t communicate more with them about discussions around changes to the charter law- we heard Rep. Williams say that the DSBA rep that was involved in those discussions didnt respond back to her request for information about the group discussions, again how is that the fault of the bill? Sounds like they need to have some talks with DSBA. And again other than their thought that impact should be a sole decision maker what are their exact proposed changes to the bill?
    Regarding impact, I can see both sides of that may/shall debate but answer this dilemma: an application from a high performing charter with a track record of success for high need students is filed and they propose to locate down the road from a traditional school that has been poor performing for over ten years, has been near or at the bottom of performance charts for schools throughout the state. The impact of this new school would clearly give families a choose at where their child went to school and potentially a better shot at being college and career ready than the current school in the area. The opening of this new school may drop the enrollment of the current traditional school to a level that would force the district to close it. This is impact and the district would say its negative impact and should be reason to deny the application, I would challenge that its impact and may I fact be positive for kids in that area, hard to not give parents the option to make that choice in my opinion.
    I believe that if an application has negative impact it would also probably have other approval criteria that would be deficient as a result, thus the option to use impact to inform the decision and generate conditions is preferred to impact dictating the outcome. I would rather have all the information inform the decision.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Yep I can also see both sides of the debate! However, how can Markell have new money to give out for new initiative when in fact he cut state funding to the districts and charter schools every year he was in office. As far as any increase associated with unit count funding , those funds are part of existing legislation? What about choice transportation for city kids caught in de facto segregation? 5 million can go a long way in provide choice transportation for these kids to reduce the impact of de fact segregation whereas many city kids don’t have soccer moms to transport them to their choice school or choice bus-stop! Also charter schools are corporation that run board of directors not elected by the public. .


  2. delawareway

    yup, Kilroy nailed it.


  3. Do kids have soap in their school bathrooms yet? or is that still on the chopping block?


    • lastDEconservative

      Soap for all or mental health counseling for the few not yet on Ritalin, pick one.
      Free lunch or reading classes, pick one.
      Common Core eye blinking data or the times three table, pick one.
      Computer testing questions taught or actual education, pick one.
      Bus rides from Rehoboth to CSW or cursive writing, pick one.

      Soulless and nasty,