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News Journal’s Jimmy Olsen missed a story within a story re: Red Clay

Red Clay kicks off $120M in spending Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

The plan’s first phase will take place at A.I. du Pont High School, where detached trailers are used as classrooms. Those will be replaced when a new addition to the main building is completed in 2014.

“This will make one continuous school building, so students don’t have to walk outside to get from class to class,” said Superintendent Mervin Daugherty. “That makes things nicer and more convenient, but it also makes them safer.

“If there’s a lockdown, we don’t want students to be vulnerable,” he added.

Students are vulnerable in those portable classroom and now the district superintendent has acknowledged it!  OMG the super’s statement could be grounds for lawsuits or support for any potential lawsuits! Also, might even be criminal charges knowing students are at greater risk! OUCH!! A.I. never needed those portable classrooms or the building expansion! If all choice students were sent back to their feeder school or school district A.I. would be under capacity and wouldn’t need those portable classrooms OR building expansion! Thank God Red Clay doesn’t have elementary children in vulnerable portable classrooms.

Jimmy Olsen let this story slip through his hands!

Breaking News! @GovernorMarkell ‘s super-secret, ultra-elite, non-public, FOIA-proof charter workgroup star chamber with no intent to re-write the law offers it’s work product in a completely predictable way: a 15 page polished charter reform legislation draft document with a ridiculous synopsis! #hypocrisy