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More backdoor charter school capital funding exposed in Delaware!

JFC discusses charter school funds By Randall Chase, Associated Press via WDEL

For the past several years, charter schools have been allowed to keep the money if their actual costs for student transportation are lower than their state allotment. The goal is to encourage charter schools, whose state share of transportation funding has decreased by about $1.3 million in recent years, to negotiate better contracts.

But Rep. John Kowalko, a Newark Democrat, says the budget provision violates state law and allows charter schools to spend money with no accountability.

Members of the Joint Finance Committee voted Tuesday to keep the provision, but they did add language to specify that any leftover money must be spent on educational purposes.

So shouldn’t the same provision apply to traditional public schools? As far as accountability, there can’t be any without transparency. Its just Markell sticking his ass in the faces of the taxpayers and sowing his seeds for life after the governorship! Markell sticks it to the taxpayers and Matt Denn locks the transparency doors and windows!