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A gift from Kilroy’s daughter Aimee Starrs


Delaware public schools cannot be effectively reform without “real” transparency

As technology expands so should the flow of information regarding the governance of public education. There is a committee for everything in education (see Mike O for some in Red Clay) from DE DOE. state legislators, school district and even school level. Relying on the News Journal for meaningful information that engages parents and the community is a fool’s journey! The bottom-line is, there is information on the governance of public education the people and the taxpayers have every right to see or hear. 

Red Clay posts contract bid notices and even change orders on their website via board meeting information. They don’t do this by law but as a result of a community who demands such transparency. Publius feels if the information and recording of board meetings doesn’t interest the majority they are useless and a waste. Publius has some valid points such as archiving information presented to the public. However, John Young’s rebuttal that labor archiving information is minimal. Red Clay doesn’t have a problem and their information is archive online  for 5 years

http://www.redclay.k12.de.us/board/boardarchives.shtml. I’ll admit 5 years is a longtime. Publius points out H.B. #23 makes no stipulation on archiving recording of board meetings and if you take a close look at some charter schools monthly financial reports only the current report is available and removed when the next month report comes available. That’s how some charters play $$$ shell games.

I can rant on for hours about this but it comes down to this, public schools including charter schools receive taxpayer funding and even Lt. Governor Matt Denn has concerns with school spending. “On September 6, 2012, Lt. Governor Matt Denn released his third annual report on how Delaware’s public schools spend their funds on direct educational services for students”.  However, when it comes to real transparency Matt Denn is a no show! Matt Denn is well aware of the desk drawer veto of H.B. #23 by the Speaker of the Delaware House of Representative. You’d think he stand up and fight for such transparency! But he is a political obstructionist helping keep real public education reform in the dark to justify and an artificial need for radical reform of Delaware public schools based on unproven means. 

Today, Memorial Day where honor those who gave their lives to support of freedoms promised by our founders. Lt. Gov. Matt Denn will honor war dead today but tomorrow its back to work supporting the speaker of the house who has a house bill that cleared the House Education Committee in the Ready List waiting to be present to the house for a full house vote. Publius will spout off the bill was written by an amateur but only after he found out Kilroy presented a draft to sponsoring legislators. He knows amendments can be made on the house or senate floor. His big beef is, recording school board meetings is a waste of time intrudes on charter school self autonomy. I am cool with Publius and protectionism if charter schools. However, in the case of Matt Denn our elected state official and one who wants to be Delaware’s next governor, I must say he is an obstructionist to open government and real education reform! Government is not and can not be an effective body to monitor itself out of public view. The people are the most effective watchdogs and Matt Denn refuses to support open government! Red Clay stepped up, Christina stepped up, Capital stepped up as volunteer models and by legislation the Delaware State Board of Education stepped up! So when does the governor want-to-be step up?


Way too many men and women gave of themselves for American since that shot that was heard around the world at the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Baby Kilroy’s way back great grandfather was part of that battle fighting for our freedom and a government for the people and by the people! When obstructionist like Matt Denn stands in the way of transparency it rallies the spirits of us who believe in America!