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Mixed feelings on new Delaware charter school funding

State budget panel adds $2M for charter schools By Randall Chase, Associated Press

Members of the legislature’s budget writing committee have approved $2 million in new spending for Delaware charter schools.

Wednesday’s vote by the Joint Finance Committee is aimed at helping high-performing charter schools with startup costs or funds to expand of programs.

Before I get started, I like to point out Publius will be commenting I am a charter  school hater. However, I am flexible on some funding issues and not on others. I don’t hate charter schools that are transparent and have board of directors who are good stewards of  the taxpayers money unlike Pencader’s board of directors.

Already charter schools are allow to keep surplus transportation funding whereas for traditional public schools money must be returned unused funding. HOWEVER,  I doubt if there is surplus on either side.  Here is the thing about this new charter school funding, it’sw they are high-performing prior to their existence ? 

The reality is, this new stream of funding actually represents an underfunded initiative. With the crumbing of the foundation of traditional public schools where labor hangs by a thread in any real shared decision-making process and are in the cross-hairs of if an teacher evaluation systems that equates to shifting education in Delaware to a right to work state aka fire at-will, we’ll see more new charter schools. Who knows, a charter school for capitalist named after Jack Markell! One for Matt Denn, charter school for open government when the mood is right! But you know I am 100% pro choice school and if charters is what parents and students are demanding then go for it! 2 million isn’t enough and we’ll need to see more to meet the growing demand. 

Governor Markell is riding high on the education czar role but when the Race to The Top wave comes crashing down, Matt Denn will pay the political cost! Without real open transparency new charter money will flow in the the hands of organizations like Innovative Schools and the Charter Schools of Delaware Network! And let’s not forget LAWYERS! Matt Denn you’re such a nice guy  but you are helping hold the door to real transparency closed! You seemed to be such a champion for open government and transparency but apparently tripped on Markell’s knee pads and fix right in! 

But all and all, it is what it is and this seed money for charter schools will benefit those parents and student who want more charter schools! Publius, for real, I can’t deny that choice option. As far as any board recording archiving, I am good for a 12 month rolling archive and just the public session of board meetings. It’s good that communities and parents hear the discussion on pending action items re: one meeting rule prior to voting. After all public schools belong to the public and charter schools are public schools! Right? Matt Denn wants to take part of the public sellout and you support that?

I hope this money isn’t used for capital expenditure!   


Delaware Governor is all out of love: No raise for you because RTTT Wall Street Ponzi Scheme needs me.

Markell: Do not expect pay hike State workers unlikely to see general raisesWritten by Doug Denison and Jonathan Starkey The News Journal

The governor said other priorities outrank a pay raise, and he’s looking ahead to discouraging budget projections for fiscal year 2015.

“I very much appreciate our state employees since it is their extra effort that has continued state government services the last few years while we have cut costs and reduced by attrition the number of state employees,” he said. “Unfortunately, given demands in education, health care, courthouse security and infrastructure improvements as well as the fact that we are facing a large gap in the FY15 budget between projected revenues and expenses, an employee raise isn’t responsible at this time.”

How about we address the “artificial” demands of education and return some of hard earned taxpayers dollar supporting the Wall Street ponzi scheme. 

Delaware H.B. #666 sponsored by Senator Publius

Lets have an honest debate on your blog.

Why not be a right to work state for teachers? Why not let s individual teachers decide, in private, whether or not they want to join the $800 per year ($1100 pretax) union? Why should state employees be require to pay the union vig? If the u ion offers value, then a voluntary arrangement will offer them the same membership. But maybe, just maybe, a bunch of teachers will say hellno and decide to go free agent rather pay the vig and In turn be pasted with the dim functional ideology of the unions.

Unions are great When they protect due process for members, Unions suck otherwise UNLESS they are truly voluntary. Which DE teachers unions are not, every teacher pays the vig whether or not they like the unions stand. Sounds wrong to me.