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Did Mike O open a can of radioactive charter school worms?

{Many don’t know this but Jack Markell is setting the stage for capital funding for charter schools}

I suspect the answer lies in the undocumented sessions of the Governor’s Working Group on Charters, which if you think about it was a complete bill-writing committee, well staffed to work out a capital funding deal. I could accept capital funding in exchange for radical charter reform, but I don’t think that was on the table.

Mike that work-group has been nothing but a front for an agenda to get capital funding for charter schools. Does anyone really think something is going to come out of this committee that will end the prejudice charter school law created by Publius’s social circle powers? The building blocks for charter school capital funding are being laid.

Publius’s DNA reveals failure and shame! Kind of like Matt Denn! #netDE #edude

Publius Claudius Pulcher (consul 249 BC)

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Publius Claudius Pulcher (d 249 BC/246 BC) (of the Claudii family) was a Roman general. His father was Gaius Claudius. He was the brother of the famous Roman politician Appius Claudius Caudex (consul in 264 BC). He was the first of the Claudii to be given the cognomen “Pulcher” (“handsome”).

He was curule aedile in 253 BC and consul in 249. As consul he was given command of the Roman fleet during the First Punic War. He lost the Battle of Drepana against the Carthaginians after ignoring a bad omen when the sacred chickens refused to eat. According to Valerius MaximusSuetonius[1] and Cicero, Claudius threw them into the sea, ut biberent, quando esse nollent (“so that they might drink, since they refused to eat”). He was recalled to Romeand ordered to appoint a dictator; his nomination of his subordinate Marcus Claudius Glicia was overruled. He was tried for incompetence and impiety and was fined, and died soon afterwards, possibly by suicide.

He was the father of Appius Claudius Pulcher, consul in 212 BC

Pike Creek Charter meeting tomorrow, Tuesday May 21

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The proposed Pike Creek Charter Middle School is hosting a public meeting tomorrow, Tuesday May 21 at 7:00 pm at the proposed school location, the current Delaware Swim and Fitness club in Pike Creek at 4905 Mermaid Blvd.

This is the second “town hall” meeting for Pike Creek Charter. The first meeting was on December 13 and was reported here. Tomorrow’s meeting flyer says:

Come join us for our second Town Hall meeting to learn more about Pike Creek Charter Middle School and receive first-hand updates on where we are in the approval process!

The Pike Creek Charter application is here: http://www.doe.k12.de.us/infosuites/schools/charterschools/applications.shtml.

The public hearing for the Pike Creek application (along with other charter issues) is on June 4:

What action to take relative from the Final Meetings of Kuumba Academy and MOT Charter modification applications; and the new application of Pike Creek Charter Middle School.


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The works of Publius on morals and government as related to education discovered

I’ve located handwritten documents by Publius on morals and government as related to education. Go here to read >>>>>>>>>>

The time has come for Delaware teacher unions (locals) to come clean on Gov. Jack Markell #netDE #edude

Schools to chop support staff in droves Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal May 20, 2013

Cuts in state and federal funding are causing school districts throughout Delaware to plan layoffs that could hit paraprofessionals and other support staff particularly hard.

 Go read entire article before it goes to NJ archives >>>>>>>

Like we didn’t see it coming! The Education Jobs Act funding was meant to “save’ or “create” jobs! And let’s not forget about this, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) had the same goal. ALSO make note, Race to The Top funding 4.5 billion dollars came out of the ARRA and it was used to re-engineer public education and create consultant jobs and non direct classroom positiions. The funding for those teacher incentive bonuses is ARRA money and could help defray the layoff of paraprofessionals. But the unions and school boards (one voting yes on the RTTT MOU) decided teacher bonuses were more important than paraprofessionals.

As Jack Markell was cutting state funding to Delaware public schools he was telling district superintendents to cover some of those cuts with ED Jobs Act funding.

It comes down to this, the $$$ party is over the “CRACK” is gone! Race to The Top is heading into it’s final year of federal “grant” funding. Now we must ask why Did Jack Markell forced change to Delaware education laws and regulations as if Race to The Top was a federal mandate aka law? Why in the FUCK did Markll hire so many RTTT people at DE DOE rather than give others within “added responsibility” like what was happened in the private sector? Private industries had to get meaner and leaner! Why did Jack Markell “create” a job for Judas? The $$$$$$ hurricane was coming and what was being done to prepare? WHY did Red Clay administrators get raises year after year during this recession? Why did Red Clay pay Teach for America $300,000.00 over and above paying TFA teachers salaries and benefits? Has the Delaware Transparency Czar Matt Denn publish a list of those being funding with RTTT grant money who “will” be terminate once funding expires at the end of school year 2013-2014? Matt, nice guys don’t always win and your downfall will follow that theory. Your not the vice president of Delaware! You were elected independent of Jack Markell but you allowed yourself to be his bitch! 

Now we’re down to extra curriculum activities and sports! Yea we all want well-rounded children but schools were made for academic learning and that’s where priorities need to be! EPER is costly! Parent will have to rely on community sports and activities! Hard to believe but yes Kilroy was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout!  Kilroy played little league baseball. 

Remember how I told you local tax-dollars will back-fill Markell’s budget cuts and Race to The Top! Still don’t believe me?

Many don’t know this but Jack Markell is setting the stage for capital funding for charter schools with a planned 5 million dollar start-up $$ pool! We already have Alan Levin brokering conduit bond deals. I don’t oppose conduit bonds for charter schools as they are not grants but rather loans with low interest. However, Markell little start-up $$ pool will be combined with hands on assistance re: conduit loans. 

Matt Denn’s refusal to support and fight for H.B. #23 demonstrates he doesn’t take transparency to heart! Matt, we need leaders not followers! No one is saying rock Markell’s boat to let all the fish out! Matt we’re Delaware remember! The people use to have great voice but Jack sold out to special interest! He has teacher unions eating out of his hands with younger members awestruck being in his presence. First thing they say is can I get a picture with you rather than, will you support the call for greater transparency? I am sure fellow union brothers and sisters all cheer when they see their leaders embracing Markell in photo.