Lizzie is bitch-slapping the News Journal OUCH

News Journal Editorial Board SPEWs utter NONSENSE! May 18, 2013 by Children and Educators First

I’m sorry, folks, but it take more than one teacher to raise a child up.  It takes a team – parents, multiple teachers, whole schools, and frequently specialists to create successful learners – and the DAMN TEST DOESN’T MEASURE THAT. Read more here>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  1. Markell is on Community Crossfire tonight – this is your chance to call in and ask him a question –


    • Verizon doesn’t carry the Wilmington Channel that airs Community Crossfire. I will sadly miss this opportunity as I would need to travel to a home that is serviced by Comcast. And, I refuse to give the Governor one minute of the time that has already been designated to spend with my family. They are hardly see me as it is. Sunday night is theirs.

      I do, however, encourage anyone who so desires to call in and ask the Gov. why his DOE continues to tell lies to the media about CSD.


  2. Greg MAZZOTTA


    Your comments are, indeed, correct.

    From my perspective, CSD was an adopter of systematic quality education and aligned their efforts to those of the ’94 NCCVT State Quality Award recipient as well those in Milford that were recognized by the (then) Lt. Gov. Carney.

    Here’s a link:

    In it’s most compelling and significant update, the Carnegie Foundation collaboration’s with the American Society For Quality/Education Division and targeted to deploying the resources, tools, and support for CQI – Continuous Quality Improvement.

    I have distributed the Carnegie Foundation’s White Paper (includes references to Delaware) to education leaders for consideration.

    As marketing chair (conferences) we continue to stress the value of
    process improvement and examples of 21st Century Learning will be presented at the National Quality Education Conference in Nov.

    Here’s the link:

    Delaware Education Leaders are welcome.

    For more information:


  3. Excuse me Kilroy. It is perfectly permissable to bitch slap when one has been cold-cocked.


  4. I don’t see any bitch-slapping or cold-cocking! CSD just said “No thank you” – after that it’s all just drama.

    I think it’s important to demonstrate that RTTT is not the core mission and is only a small part of overall funding. And even that funding is earmarked for questionable activities, not where it is most needed.


  5. Did the state ever give a reason for rejecting the CSD alternate bonus plan?


  6. John Kowalko

    John Kowalko

    With all due respect, I didn’t have to be awakened to the horrors of this poorly written and intended piece of legislation. I argued against it in the House Committee to no avail and spoke with some of the supporters, (DSEA), to attempt to alert them of its flaws.

    The reality of this is that the administration, through its DOE policy head, was not honest, (on the floor, or in any of discussions leading up to the bills disposition), about the support it had from “higher ed. institutes” in Delaware.

    The DSU Provost’s response (on the House floor, during debate) to the question “did your institution participate in crafting this legislation” was an unequivocal “NO” and my investigations lead to evidence that none of the institutions of higher learning participated in crafting this ill-conceived piece intended to reflect positively on the DOE and administrations abdication to RTTT compliance.
    If you paid close attention as to how the alleged support was phrased/explained you can see the reality of the situation. DOE implied/suggested that a lack of pronounced objection implied “full” acquiescence to DOE’s contrived policy and this is at the least “intellectually” dishonest. If you ask yourself why none of the higher ed institutions voiced any trepidation in the matter I advise you to look at The calendar and note that starting this week the Joint Finance Committee meets to rule on recommended and suggested budget money increases for these institutions and only a fool would feel confident in challenging anything that might put them at a disadvantage in that arena.

    As for the DSEA, I tried to make them understand that this legislation can and will be used as the first (and perhaps only) validation of “component 5″ test score evaluations of teacher effectiveness but I imagine I wasn’t convincing enough.
    So I am copying you and your readers some of the talking points raised in support of the Potter/Kowalko amendment and in opposition to the bill.
    Feel free to post or send this comment and content anywhere you please.
    rep. Kowalko

    SB 51 purports to be a method to set high completion requirements, high-quality teaching experiences and ongoing evaluation of teaching program participants and to prepare prospective elementary school teachers in age-appropriate literacy and mathematics instruction. The bill also requires new educators to pass both an approved content-readiness exam and performance assessment before receiving an initial license.

    While these ambitions are laudable, (and when we address the bill we can speak to its ability or lack thereof, to do that), this bill, as written intrudes into the arena of subjectively judging, with no verifiable proof or proven data, the ability of students to succeed in the programs of education studies. It contrives to prematurely eliminate students from entering into their chosen career path by legislating away their choices and options. All schools of higher education have relatively strict requirements and acceptance standards merely to be accepted as students and some have even more rigorous standards for acceptance to education pathway courses. We might presume that a quantifiable measure of success in the matters of teacher preparation and certification and educator evaluation can be achieved by this legislation but the chapters that prejudge and preclude individuals from participation in these programs should not be a matter of the imposition of laws that deny opportunity and access and violates the principles of individual rights. The schools are well positioned and qualified to make those judgements that best serve their own programs and those impositions should be removed from this bill before passage.

    The current system works. Between the entrance and exit requirements, Ud and DSU already winnow out over two-thirds of the students interested in teaching careers.


  7. Elizabeth, even if you can’t watch the show tonight, it will be posted on YouTube via Comm. Crossfire facebook (link on the DE Way post). What we can hold Markell to on live TV will be online for a long time.