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Did Publius just school Transparent Christina’s blog master?


As for whether or not charter school capital ” screws” the “public school system”, consider this: charter schools ARE public schools under the law. It s official. You need to check you ideology at the door, the decision is a matter of law. If charter schools now seek to claim a reasonable share of public funds dedicated to school capital, that is a logical consequence of the fact that they ARE public schools first and foremost. Get over it. Traditional school governance has many failures, and the alternatives (charters) have legal standing. And wide public support. Your brand of school governance is not the only game in town, charters are a viable and attractive alternative deserving of commensurate public support.


The counter attack:

Charter schools are public schools, under the law!

They are also CORPORATIONS, under that same law. They are public in one way only: we finance them because a group of misguided legislators wrote a horrific law in 1995 and have walked away from it.

Hence the current morass. Witness PCHS, et al.

Get over it yourself there, Publius.

Markell & Denn’s mentor comes under fire!

Lizzie is bitch-slapping the News Journal OUCH

News Journal Editorial Board SPEWs utter NONSENSE! May 18, 2013 by Children and Educators First

I’m sorry, folks, but it take more than one teacher to raise a child up.  It takes a team – parents, multiple teachers, whole schools, and frequently specialists to create successful learners – and the DAMN TEST DOESN’T MEASURE THAT. Read more here>>>>>>>>>>>>

Delaware Gov. Markell and Lt. Gov Denn help whitewash the truth about Delaware’s charter schools #netde #edude

Charter schools are my family’s best education choice; Letters  to The Editor News Journal by  Darlene O’Neill

While many schools lack the ability to foster a student like this because they are focused on students who are struggling, at the Odyssey Charter School my daughter’s gift is recognized and her growth is encouraged.

The writer’s comment “many schools ” seems to suggest she isn’t talking about Odyssey but rather schools in general and it’s not clear if she is referring to traditional public schools and/or other charter schools. However, she notes, “because they are focused on students who are struggling”. Regardless, she does raise a valid point, Schools faced with a large population of “struggling” students have a fight on their hands and that fight can impact resources needed for high achieving students. 

Rather than having the entire class work through the curriculum at once, the school groups students together who are on the same level, so my daughter and others like her can move forward when they are ready to, rather than having to wait.

Well here is an ideal that should be replicated back into traditional public schools. Honors / Tag programs for every grade level from K to 12. Also, here is something many may not know. You’ve heard the term school-wide Title 1 programming were all students benefit from Title 1 designed to serve high poverty students. The school must have at-least 50% student poverty population (pretty sure on that number) So this means funding meant for 50% can be used for 100%. The other method of serving Title 1 students is Targeted Assistance via a pullout programng. Some say this would end-up being a racially identifiable program. Meaning black kids in one reading class and whites in another. So now we label entire schools Title 1 creating a stigmatizes school community which project failure and a flag for many whites to stay clear. Tile 1 many be going undercover and be transformed into “college and career” type name. No poor kids will be served by a “college and Career” pathway program. God forbid we have honors and tag programs in Title 1 school “for” real Title 1 students. However, I see the letter writers point and respect it.

Charter schools instill a love of learning in their students from the very beginning which translates to future success in school. 

Does that mean traditional schools don’t? For charter school students, that so-called love starts with parents completing an application. Naturally students who have engaged parents have a leg-up towards academic success. So my point here is, parents have a greater role in instilling the love of learning. Charter schools might just be a system meant for parents with that capacity of love.

Both my younger daughter and my older daughter who attends the Charter School of Wilmington understand they are being given the opportunity of lifetime.

The opportunity of a lifetime shouldn’t be defined by gaining a seat in a charter school. And sometimes that “opportunity of a lifetime” can end up as a nightmare . Such as in the case with Pencader and other failed charter and failing charter schools. Charter advocates like the queen rack it up to the bumps along the way.

They don’t complain about the extra homework or other commitments because they are seeing how these things are helping them fulfill their goals and get ahead.

Because engaged parents educate their children on commitment to excellence by perseverance and personal commitment. This can apply to any student in any school.

 Charter schools are setting the bar in education.  

Highly successful charter schools in Delaware manipulate with full blessing of Gov. Jack Markell and Lt. Matt Denn admission preferences that were crafted by racist education reformers. So generous of them to allow charter schools to be set up to serve black at-risk students. They sleep in slave quarters while white children sleep in the main house full of food and warm heat. To top it off we have Uncle Toms in the community kissing Master Markell and Denn’s hand saying, “thank you boss”. History recorded the fact that black men helped roundup other blacks in African for the slave trade in America. The snake still run loose in the gardens in our communities. Let’s not sugarcoat the truth about charter schools and by no means I am suggesting the letter writer did. Call that the Kool-aid effect! Markell and Denn help whitewash the truth! 

They encourage autonomy, exercise accountability, and the quality of the education they provide is excellent. 

Delaware has racially skewed charter school law giving that autonomy and as far as accountability. why does Greg Meece cowardly fear recording public session of charter school board meetings? I don’t know of any school in Delaware that discourages quality education.